Status Of The Translation

If you’ve been following our translation efforts since April, you may have noticed that everything pertaining to the main story, sidequests, and all of the other map text has been translated.

However, our work is not quite finished yet.

Currently Translated:

  • All Part 1 and Part 2 main story of the game is completly translated.
  • All the H-scenes and Pocket Castle of both parts.
  • All the Side Quests/Extra Missions.

Translation Of The Collab:

  • Main story for the collab translated from Prologue to Chapter 12.
  • All H-scenes.
  • Some Sidequests.

Translation Of The Time Loop Event:

  • Main story for the time loop completly translated.
  • Some H-scenes.

Here’s what still needs to be translated.

  • Labyrnth of Chaos gear enchant effects.  A lot of them are already translated, but some still are still in Japanese.  There’s also some untranslated boss text.  Soul is supposedly working on these.  Aside from those, the entire LoC is translated.
  • Giving Presents in the Pocket Castle.  We’ve actually begun work on this, though progress will be slow until the story translation is done being polished.
  • Skill Words (AKA, what characters say in combat upon using skills).  This hasn’t been started yet, I imagine this is going to be the last wall we climb before our work is truly complete.
  • H-scenes of the Time loop event.

    Here a progress file of the translation:

Here is the link to the tutorial of how to patch the game with the recent translations:


13 thoughts on “Status Of The Translation

    1. yeah, like I said, everything else is translated minus the things posted here. But I will do a quick update to this post in a few minutes to inform that the story and side quests are done.


  1. Hi, i have an Error after replace the translatet Files and start the Translator. I don’t know what i can do.

    Loading data files…
    Processing Classes.txt
    Building Classes.rvdata2
    ERROR: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
    System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinst
    anz festgelegt.
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.DataFile_Classes.BuildDataFile[St
    reamType](RubyObjectBindingMap objectBindingMap, List`1 textFileLines, StreamTyp
    e resultStream)
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.SimpleGameDataFile`1.BuildDataFiles[StreamTy
    pe](RubyObjectBindingMap objectBindingMap, Dictionary`2 textFileLines, Dictionar
    y`2 resultStreams)
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Translator.Run(Boolean runExportPhase, Boole
    an runImportPhase)
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.Program.b__0()
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Run(Action fn)
    bei Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Initialize.Init(String[] args, Action fn)
    Press any key to continue


  2. It’s been years since I’ve thought about this game I remember playing a bit of it way back when only part of 1 was translated. How does the time fly eh?


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