Introducing Myself

My name is Arzor-X (aka Luis to my closest friends), I’m from Venezuela, so Spanish in my native languague. I studied english since I was a child and taught myself Japanese (by force) and I have some knowledge of Portuguese. I like JRPG (SMT and Tales Of are my favorites), Tactical RPG (FF Tactics is one of my favorite games along with Fire Emblem), and of course monster girl games. I joined this project thanks to my love to MGQ and well, thanks to Alice and Alma (especially Alma) and since then I helped in the translation of this project along with the creation of the well known (and hated by many) Doku Doku repository as one of the only two members that created the team. Along the way with some backlashes here, I’m ready to post any news about the project and some other news about Toro Toro games and maybe post some other things here. Who knows? You are the ones to choose at this point what I will post here so once again, welcome to my blog. I hope you like it and have fun here. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Introducing Myself

  1. ojala no te pase nada malo men, gracias por la pega de traducir varias cosas del juego y mantenernos informados es un labor que se aprecia realmente.
    P.D: soy de chile


  2. Gracias por todo tu trabajo. Y esperamos que el país mejores(soy de Mérida XD)
    Ademas que método usaste para aprender el japo? siempre e querido aprenderlo pero nunca entente seriamente.


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