New TRT Blog Entry

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about his recent doujins that were announced a few weeks ago, with the price and the pages of them.

But the important thing for us is the last part of his blog that reads: “In September updates about MGQ will continue, probably introducing a new girl”. So let’s wait and see what surprises TTR has in store for us and that’s all for today, have a nice week and wait for the next blog post.


TTR blog post:

Doujin blog post entries

The status of the translations is still the same, but yesterday a new member join our forces to help us finish the remaining files, Gemini is working on fixing typos and some display problems and Shade is still working in the proofreading of all the files.


2 thoughts on “New TRT Blog Entry

  1. Sick, don’t really care about the doujins but thanks for the update on the tl hopefully the new guy doesn’t burn out too quick


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