Introducing Kanade

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about one of the Six Ancestos; the slime, Kanade. This post can be found here:

Here is the Translation of the post:

Since within Kanade’s body countless lives reside, their maintenance requires an enormous supply of energy.

So, Kanade is exceedingly greedy, constantly demanding human’s semen and flesh and blood.

Nonetheless, that won’t fly as an excuse to consume her territory’s whole population; her semen intake is handled by milking the men of the slave caste, and her meat intake (that is to say, her predation) is targeted only upon criminals.

For this reason, in Grand Noah what’s done to criminals is extremely severe, and applies even to minor offences.

An arrested subject brought to stand before Kanade, there to be her prey, is the prevalent state of affairs, it is said.

Once enveloped in Kanade’s viscosity, any kind of man will taste pleasure that makes his reason abandon him.

If his penis is swallowed by her slime, all the semen he has is offered up to Kanade.
And even while embraced with euphoria, she will envelope and dissolve him, digesting him so not even his bones remain.

  • The Rebel Army in Hell *
    In the Great Holy War long ago, the armies of the Dark Goddess defeated the Heavenly Army led by the Goddess Ilias.

But the remnants of the angels have survived until this day, leading a rebel army that wages a resistance to the bitter end.

Seeking to free those angels enslaved or imprisoned for experimentation, they’ve launched attacks on cities ruled by the monsters many times, but they don’t have any results to show for it.

In this world dominated by the Dark Goddess and the Six Ancestors, under overwhelming disadvantage, just continuing this resistance itself, is proof of the rebel army’s strength of spirit and the leadership of their commanders, you could say.

The leader of the rebel army is an angel once of the highest rank.
Just before the Goddess Ilias was destroyed, believing in the prophecy she left behind, “A certain fallen angel shall guide the light,”
She continues to throw herself into the resistance desperately into the rebellion, as she leads the surviving angels.
(Translation by bjblack)

Barring typo fixes, the status of the translation is the same as last time.