Information regarding the staff recruitment

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the staff recruitment. This post can be found here: (translated by bjblack)

A supplement regarding the staff recruitment

(B.J. – I’m glossing over the non-MGQP stuff really quick. It’s not a thorough translation.)

We’d like to answer some common questions about our staff recruitment.

*What productions will we be involved in?

The illustrations are for our next product. Aside from the firearms, you’ll be drawing “creature-type” stuff.
The maps are for Monmusu Quest Paradox, but we need you for fine-tuning maps, not making new maps (primarily).

*Can foreigners participate?

Basically, it’s all right. But we only speak Japanese, so only people who can converse in Japanese, please.

*I don’t want compensation, but I want to help.

We fundamentally can’t NOT compensate you.
As a responsible workplace, we must ask you to accept payment for your work.
But if your primary job disallows side jobs, let us know and we’ll try to work something out.

That’s all for that.
We’ve received a lot of applicants for illustrations, so we plan on concluding recruitment soon.
Selection will take some time, so please be patient.
(B.J. – Now it’s MGQP. I certify this is complete and accurate, as far as my fluency allows.)

So then, a few things about the final chapter of Monmusu RPG’s final chapter.
As it has been implied up to now, in the first half there is a big decision.
As a result of that decision, the story will be greatly changed, and the game will diverge toward two endings.
Of course, we think a lot of players will want to play both routes.
For that reason, after clearing it and opting to play again, aside from choosing, “start from the beginning,”
You’ll have the additional option to “start from just before the big decision.”
Then you’ll be able to start from immediately prior to the divergence.

Also, about the powerful equipment you can acquire in the Middle Chapter’s difficult Labyrinth of Chaos,
It’s being made that you can’t equip them during the final chapter’s story progression.
At the beginning of the chapter, it will all be automatically unequipped,
So please, Labyrinth players, don’t forget to prepare some normal equipment.
This restriction will be lifted when the story is cleared.
After clearing the game once, in your New Game Pluses, you can make use of Labyrinth equipment.
But, one last thing to warn you about.
In the final chapter, the adventure will become cutthroat, and there will be allies deserting and dying.
If you rely too much on a single character in your adventure, but that character is lost,
Consider that this could ruin your general fighting power.
As much as possible, if you take care and prepare many allies, you should be safe.
After the end, you can New Game Plus with the lost allies restored to you.

(Translation by BJBlack)

Also, since my last update, the following companions had their present dialogue translated by Gemini Sunfall:
Jaid, Liru, Harem, San, Morrigan

(Post edited by The Noble Shade)


3 thoughts on “Information regarding the staff recruitment

  1. “In the final chapter, the adventure will become cutthroat, and there will be allies deserting and dying.”
    Interesting. I wonder if we’ll get a choice between characters when it happens or if it just happens because of a decision made 20 hours earlier.


  2. Hey, ArzorX, do you know a Dieselmine game called Your Sweet House: Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion. It’s a very good one, do you intend to translate it?


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