Map Editor Recruitment

There have been a few updates on TTR’s blog over the past week, but they’ve all been relating to their contributor recruitments.
There was another update today, with some new content and release date info.
(Translation by by bj black)

Map Editor Recruitment

With regard to the Map Editor applicants, we’ve just about gotten to the end.
On November 30, we’ll stop the recruitment, so be warned.
We’re awaiting your participation.

  • Introducing a little new feature

In the Battle Commands, an unfamiliar “Tactical Action”!
If you choose this…

[In the graphic, there are:
Normal Battle
Don’t Use MP
Attacks Only]

You can choose from tactics like the above.
On that turn, your party members will move in accordance with the tactic.
When you’re fighting with the lower ranks, you can make battles go smoothly.
In the final chapter, we plan on implementing several useful features aside from this.

Now, as to the publishing date of the final chapter… it’s still a good ways off.
Production speed itself hasn’t changed from the Beginning and Middle Chapters,
But the Final Chapter’s volume is expansive, so we’re going to use a lot of time.
There are a lot of image resources we need, and tuning and adjusting will take time, too.
Monmusu Quest is, no matter how you slice it, a product made by a small-scale operation.
Please understand.

Also, on our 18+ light novel site, Monster Girl Tales,
We plan to soon publish a new full-length novel.
This product has enough contents to fill out one or two paperbacks,
So, fans of that work, please look forward to it.
Rather than a continuation of the existing works, it will be completely new.


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