The Four Major Spirits

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about The Four Major Spirits. This post can be found here:

Christmas update.
Today we introduce the four major spirits in the world dominated by the Dark God Alipheese.
The four major spirits of the Makai seem to be slightly different from what is known.

・ Ambrosia – Wind Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of blustering winds, who materializes in the form of an elf. She constantly wears a sneering expression on her face and never uses words to speak. Her only voice is the sounds of her squalls.

・ Loa – Earth Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of surging earth, materialized in the form of a clay doll. Able to freely manipulate mud to the extent that she could cover the entire world in it, she is also capable of enlarging or dividing herself. Innocent and friendly, she loves chatting and mischief.

・ Gatanozoa – Water Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of turbulent waters, who materializes in the form of an aquatic dragon. She has the personality of a raging stream, and speaks with rough mannerisms. She is incredibly competitive, and is supposedly familiar with every known martial art.

・ Grimoire – Fire Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of silent flames, who materializes in the form of a ghost. While she has a very cool-headed personality, she can incinerate anything with her merciless flames. She prefers quiet and solitude, and gets along very poorly with Gatanozoa.

In addition, there will be no update in January.
See you again in February.

post translated by Gemini Sunfall and edited by The Noble Shade.

And with that I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone.


15 thoughts on “The Four Major Spirits

  1. Does anyone know how to get Promestein to inject Luka with vampire blood? I’ve already done Gigi and Lucia’s quests, and the Vampire Pub is up and running, but it’s not triggering for me.


    1. Have you checked the sign with the requests and afterwards talked to promestein/robot promestein(the one in the lobby)?
      Also, you need luka to be Human lv10.


  2. New problem popped up, anyone know what this error message is about:

    “Monster Girl Quest Paradox! RPG
    Verv2. 23. 00-save lost message
    [System] failed to load
    | Please restart your PC immediately
    The environment of the PC is the cause, and if it is re-started ( likely will not occur

    First time I’ve ever gotten it, and it’s not like my saves are gone, they’re still in my folder.


    1. If I remember right, that errror just happen when one of your save files got corrupted or the auto save is corrupted. Try to open the game without any save file in it to see what happen, then copy back all the other files minus the auto save one and see if the game opens normally.


  3. I’m surprised the dark world would have different spirits since their plan kinda hinges on most people being the same across worlds. The holy world I would expect seeing as she always saw the spirits we know as monsters and would have likely killed them. Interesting, but I don’t like the art as much.

    Unfortunately, it seems part 3 won’t be out until at least september now, if the posts are basically a countdown.


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