You thought I was gone HA! THINK! AGAIN!

(Well unless I get dryfish by this beauty maybe…)

For those who were worried about my absence this past month, don’t worry I’m fine. Just some problems with my internet connection (freaking internet company of this country) Nothing bad to report, so next time I dissapear like that, just remember I have problems with my internet connection and I’m back with some good news (well maybe for some).

Thanks to a friend that gifted me Monster Girl Quest Delicious!: Full Course, I started to work on the translation of this compilation that was launched yesterday while we wait for more news on Part 3 of Paradox. I have five scenes translated already. For all you vorefans, all Alma scenes and Alice scenes (my waifus) are completly translated and ready to go. Here you find the link to the repository with the files of this translation and a link to buy the game too. And with that I say goodbye for now but stay tuned for new updates in this repository.

Link to buy the game:

Repository Of Full Course Translation:

Proofreading By The Noble Shade.


5 thoughts on “You thought I was gone HA! THINK! AGAIN!

  1. glad to see you are doing well. been waiting for the 100 percent translation (mostly because my computer is 10 years old and going through the translation steps takes over an hour) but good to see I’ll have something else to try. to you, and all the others that are helping with all of this; thank you for everything and keep up the great work!


    1. Unless you really want English battlecries, you’re better off getting the translation now. We basically only have one person working on those at moment, and with how many there are, it’ll take awhile.


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