Hype Time!

There was an update today on the dev blog, with these CGs for part 3.

(why trt, why did you do this to me… I need more of my queen Alma Elma)


13 thoughts on “Hype Time!

  1. “(why trt, why did you do this to me… I need more of my queen Alma Elma)”

    Cooome ooon, who wants to be drained to death, to die(probably. . .) in agonizing pleasure in the hands of the queen succubus right ? high-five ?


      1. Sign you up!?
        What would your ‘waifu’ on your avatar say about this !
        Also who will do the sacred quest of translating MGQP P3 then ?!
        I’d love to help but I’m punished for 20 000 years of tight pleasure by Victoria (the valkyrie) so…


  2. ArzorX u are doing gods work.

    Heaven will surely find a place for you together with your favorite mgq waifu.


    1. well who knows, but there is a little secret if you datamine all the files of the game, you can find some imgs of the old Alma’s design, but there are never used in the game. So maybe there a possibility to see two Almas.


  3. May I ask for your opinion, do you see paradox part 3 being released around august, september, or 2020 ?


  4. I will wait TRT post to give you a proper answer he should be posting either tomorrow or sunday or in the course of the week after that post. After that I will think about it because who knows if the next post is a trailer and a launch date or just a new info about the remaining ancestors or the archangels.


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