Important Update

I’m pleased to announce a major update for our translation. We’ve recently been in correspondence with the Russian Paradox translation team after we noticed their use of element icons in skill descriptions. As of an udpate a few weeks ago, element icons were removed from our skill descriptions because they were causing display issues, and we were hoping to extrapolate the Russain translation’s icon use. While we ultimately did not figure that out, they have graciously given us use of their plug-ins. Similiar to plugins and modifications that already existed in the translation, such as the extended skill description box, the syntax that enables the nameboxes (aka nameplates), and the affinity display, we’ve introduced some plug-ins that provide quality-of-life improvements.

•A bugfix that removes the lag incurred by damaging tiles (lava, poison swamps, etc.)

•An extension for the Monster Library that adds a status chance page, similar to the one used in your party status menu. In addition, enemy stats will now reflect the current difficulty you’re playing on.

•New Config menu options that allow you to display HP gauges+status markers on your enemies, as well as scrolling status markers that allow you to see more than 3 efffects on your party members. In addition to this, all skillwords for White Magic have been translated, and the info in the LoC Weapon/Skill manual has been expanded.

Example screenshots:

Translation and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


6 thoughts on “Important Update

  1. This is awesome! Thank you guys for the update. Love the QoL improvements. I’m genuinely happy about the damaging tile bugfix. It was so annoying.


  2. This is very nice. It is a pity that it only stays in the translation and that when the final part comes out we have to shoot ourselves playing it with a manual translator and without this advantage or change.

    By the way, you will not know of any translation tool that, as the dialogue appears, translates it at the same time?
    It is because in principle I used the combination of ITH and the translation aggregator, but since I updated to win10, the translation aggregator doesn´t take what the ITH is copying from the game dialog unless I select it one by one and although, this isn´t a problem for short dialogues, when going to big scenes it becomes very slow and heavy work.


    1. No idea man, it’s been a while since I used machine translation to play games. But I’m on windows 10, so I can try a few and see which ones works and tell you if I find something.


      1. Thank you very much, it´s that I don´t know much about these things and how (in the best case) part 3 will come out by the end of this year most likely, I want to be able to play it even if it is not in the best quality .


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