Important Update Part 2.

I’m pleased to announce another update to our translation.
We were recently told that the Paradox Russian Translation team had deprecated the scrolling icon script as it was causing stack overflow issues. Basically a memory crash if you were in a battle for too long.
So while icons will persist on HP guages, they won’t scroll. Instead, we’ve implemented a scanner. In the battle menu, there’s a [Status] option, that will allow you to examine the status of any ally or enemy, positive or negative.

In addition to that, we’ve implemented expanded skill descriptions. When not in a battle, while you have a skill highlighted in the Skills menu, pushing [A] will bring up another window showing all the properties of that skill.

To enable this, go into your Config menu and toggle the “Skill Descriptions+” setting to “On” (It may appear on, but if you’re continuing from a save game, it’s actually off–toggle it off then on again. It’s on by default in a new game).
Note: you’ll need to enable it again every time the translator is run. So in the future, if it seems to not work, just turn it off and on again in the Config menu.

Using this, it’s confirmed something I’ve wondered about for the longest time.
Slug Vore is a skill that doesn’t work. TTR forgot to put predation conditions on it.

Compare to something like this.

Screenshots and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


9 thoughts on “Important Update Part 2.

  1. Is there a public discord for the translation efforts? As I’m doing a play through right now, I’d love to be able to report any typos, or possibly even submit corrections to the repository myself.

    Also, do yall have a patreon or anything?


  2. I have a question because I have lost, in the deposit which of the files should I download to be updated with the game’s translation?
    Is that all the files say that they are from 2018 or 2019 and, in turn, which of them includes the new that the Russian translation team brought with the cooperation?

    In advance, I apologize if this had been clarified previously, but it has been so long since I updated the translation that I forgot the procedure, in terms of downloading the newest files.


      1. Thank you, for the rest I already have always kept a copy of the process prior to creating the translated game, I only needed the most updated Sript.


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