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I haven’t posted anything recently because I was waiting for a full confirmation of what this is all about, but now here it is.
Toro Toro Resistance made 3 posts about a future collaboration with other erogames and finally he announced today this will be a an update for part 2.
We will work in the translation of this new content. So have a nice day and remember stay home and protect yourselves from this virus.

Here is the description of how the collaboration will be:

・Some guest characters (guest heroines and such; the characters that the guest protagonists are strongly tied to) won’t have H scenes.
・This collab story begins after clearing Chapter 2, so you’ll need a finished save in Chapter 2 to play. Also, you’ll need to clear some side events (like the Succubus Village quest) before playing.
・During the collab scenario, it will be impossible to equip the Chaos Labyrinth’s special equipment (outside of the white-named equipment).


Through a mistake on the part of the White Rabbit, with gates connecting to other worlds,
In the world of Monmusu Quest, a mighty dream monster called the Lord of Dreams appears.
The Land of Dreams begins erosion, and the world begins to sink into a dream of pleasure.
Furthermore, the Lord of Dreams summons powerful comrades from seven alternate worlds.
These various fearsome entities from other worlds spread across the globe, menacing all the land.
In opposition to that, heroes from seven worlds gather.
Now, a world-transcending battle between the seven heroes and the Lord of Dreams begins—

Translation by BJBlack.


Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Here is the list of games:


The Three Charms

Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~



Succubus Rhapsodia

Parade Buster

Succubus Quest