Everyone is here!

I haven’t posted anything recently because I was waiting for a full confirmation of what this is all about, but now here it is.
Toro Toro Resistance made 3 posts about a future collaboration with other erogames and finally he announced today this will be a an update for part 2.
We will work in the translation of this new content. So have a nice day and remember stay home and protect yourselves from this virus.

Here is the description of how the collaboration will be:

・Some guest characters (guest heroines and such; the characters that the guest protagonists are strongly tied to) won’t have H scenes.
・This collab story begins after clearing Chapter 2, so you’ll need a finished save in Chapter 2 to play. Also, you’ll need to clear some side events (like the Succubus Village quest) before playing.
・During the collab scenario, it will be impossible to equip the Chaos Labyrinth’s special equipment (outside of the white-named equipment).


Through a mistake on the part of the White Rabbit, with gates connecting to other worlds,
In the world of Monmusu Quest, a mighty dream monster called the Lord of Dreams appears.
The Land of Dreams begins erosion, and the world begins to sink into a dream of pleasure.
Furthermore, the Lord of Dreams summons powerful comrades from seven alternate worlds.
These various fearsome entities from other worlds spread across the globe, menacing all the land.
In opposition to that, heroes from seven worlds gather.
Now, a world-transcending battle between the seven heroes and the Lord of Dreams begins—

Translation by BJBlack.


Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Here is the list of games:


The Three Charms

Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~



Succubus Rhapsodia

Parade Buster

Succubus Quest


11 thoughts on “Everyone is here!

  1. Yes, yes … everything is fine and beautiful. But that doesn´t mean that they completely skipped the seraph or data entry (since there are no ancestors left except Alphina I) from part 3.

    Although and it has to be said, among this extra content that they add, the complexity as immensity that will be (LITERALLY) of part 3 being the base map of the game 2 times more possible endings (to have) if that when they said that with MGQP wanted to say goodbye to long complex projects like MGQ in style, if it didn´t remain in a want but in a being.

    The only bad thing is that, sadly, this story will never receive an animation both for its H theme and for how long it is.
    Which makes one miss the times in which the AniH were not only 3 minutes of history and the other 16 of pure H without more. Rather, there was a reason to see the entire 21 min, instead of just skipping to H.


  2. So it will be a (free?) addon for part 2 with crossover characters from other h-games? That’s neat. I’ve played the The Three Charms recently and it wasn’t bad, shame the sequels aren’t translated.

    And I wouldn’t trust anyone to adapt MGQ to another medium. Maybe a manga, but even that would have to be insanely long if you consider the original and paradox. Let it stay a cult classic for weirdos on the internet.


  3. Wow that’s very nice havent even played some of these games yet, guess i’m gonna have to work on that. Even Shrift is in here damn ( maybe at some point even my shrift sphinx waifu may return, though lampas is fine as well ) Thanks for the new blog post.


  4. Hey I heard you’re translating MGQ delicious Full course – I got bored one night and translated all the text of the final scene, would it be any help to you?


    1. that’s correct, I retranslated and translated all the scenes of full course along with my friend RandomMage.

      Any help is appreciate my man, but which scene did you translate?
      Because now there are only 2 left for translation the Queen Lamia scene and the new Ilias scene for translation.

      Send me your file to my discord Arzorx#4916 or to my email arzorxtranslations@gmail.com to check the file and in advance I’m really grateful for your help.


      1. Might be worth mentioning that Shrift has a crossover together with MGQ and Super monsters n girls. Both Luka and the MC from Super monster n girls will appear in a bonus chapter in Shrift.


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