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Regarding the progress of the collab scenario

With regard to the release date of the collab scenario, it seems we’ll need to take a little more time.
There are many matters that we’ve never seen before coming up, and the encyclopedia checks have increased,
We’re using more time than we did up to this point in testing.
Things such as trying every way to die in every location, and bug checks;
there are many things to do in verifying all the matters at hand.
Soon, we’re moving into the stage where we can give the scenario to outside test players,
so we estimate that completion is not far off now.

The total playtime of the collab scenario should be about 12-15 hours.
If you’re particularly thorough, it might take a bit longer, though.
It’s becoming a scenario that’s densely packed with contents.
Please look forward to it as you wait.

In this scenario, several characters with the Nightmare characteristics appear.
Nightmare characters are unaffected by non-Pleasure attacks, and also use only Pleasure attacks.
And, a Nightmare’s attacks cannot be reduced by Pleasure Resistance.
With this specialization of Pleasure, they become extraordinarily fearsome opponents.
It might be a good idea to assemble a party that is skillful in Pleasure attacks.
One way of doing this, if you have Nightmare element users amongst your allies, is to bring them along.

・Scenario Start Conditions
At the start of the collab scenario, you’ll need to fulfill the following conditions:

*Clear Monster Girl Quest! Paradox Chapter 2 (either the Alice route or the Ilias route)
*Clear the Grandeur Sidequest (recruiting Saki as an ally)
*Clear the Yamatai Shrine Troubles Sidequest
*Clear the Succubus Village Sidequest

If you’re starting from a save where these conditions are met,
The White Rabbit will appear in the Pocket Castle, and the collab scenario will commence.

We’ve fixed some bugs, such as a case where your allies’ Dodge chance fails to apply.
Also, your Sexcraft skill are powered up with equipped with a fan or whip (just like sex toys),
dealing more damage to Horny enemies.
and similar changes to the details of the system are being added.


Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.