Everyone is here! status

Regarding the progress of the collab scenario

With regard to the release date of the collab scenario, it seems we’ll need to take a little more time.
There are many matters that we’ve never seen before coming up, and the encyclopedia checks have increased,
We’re using more time than we did up to this point in testing.
Things such as trying every way to die in every location, and bug checks;
there are many things to do in verifying all the matters at hand.
Soon, we’re moving into the stage where we can give the scenario to outside test players,
so we estimate that completion is not far off now.

The total playtime of the collab scenario should be about 12-15 hours.
If you’re particularly thorough, it might take a bit longer, though.
It’s becoming a scenario that’s densely packed with contents.
Please look forward to it as you wait.

In this scenario, several characters with the Nightmare characteristics appear.
Nightmare characters are unaffected by non-Pleasure attacks, and also use only Pleasure attacks.
And, a Nightmare’s attacks cannot be reduced by Pleasure Resistance.
With this specialization of Pleasure, they become extraordinarily fearsome opponents.
It might be a good idea to assemble a party that is skillful in Pleasure attacks.
One way of doing this, if you have Nightmare element users amongst your allies, is to bring them along.

・Scenario Start Conditions
At the start of the collab scenario, you’ll need to fulfill the following conditions:

*Clear Monster Girl Quest! Paradox Chapter 2 (either the Alice route or the Ilias route)
*Clear the Grandeur Sidequest (recruiting Saki as an ally)
*Clear the Yamatai Shrine Troubles Sidequest
*Clear the Succubus Village Sidequest

If you’re starting from a save where these conditions are met,
The White Rabbit will appear in the Pocket Castle, and the collab scenario will commence.

We’ve fixed some bugs, such as a case where your allies’ Dodge chance fails to apply.
Also, your Sexcraft skill are powered up with equipped with a fan or whip (just like sex toys),
dealing more damage to Horny enemies.
and similar changes to the details of the system are being added.


Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


9 thoughts on “Everyone is here! status

  1. At this point, I no longer know why they inflict more damage on themselves. Isn’t it supposed that part 3 was already killing them to the point that they said they would not do such a big job again and that with the end of the saga, they would only dedicate themselves to small things?

    Also (which is not bad) between the minimum 20-30 hours that it will take to fully complete the two minimum routes that are in part 3, these extra hours of the new content already practically make the 3 parts to make them a minimum of following alone a route takes an average of 20-40 hours, which is crazy.

    Oh they want to go in style and consecrate themselves as the best of the best or because of the current world situation, to kill time they decided to do this or in the worst case, they do this in the way of buying another year for the part 3, which if that is the case, how bad … given that no matter how good the content is, it cannot match the long-awaited part 3 with its answers to so many questions.


    1. If they were to release part 3 instead, we may never have gotten this.

      But hey, we’ve waited a pretty long time already, what’s another half a year.


  2. “We’ve fixed some bugs, such as a case where your allies’ Dodge chance fails to apply.”
    It’s been like that for so long I thought it was an intentional change in part 2, that the base hit chance for monsters is so high that dodge doesn’t work for most of the game. Or are they talking about some other “bug”?


  3. I agree with most people here. A collab is neat, though personally only 1 of those other games looks even remotely interesting. The issue is that the time between Part 2 and Part 3 has been REALLY long, and still no word on any ETA at all.
    So when they suddenly start working on side-projects, while in mid-development of Part 3 that we’ve waited so long for, it leaves a bad taste.

    Reminds me of (not exactly the same, but feels similar) when Mighty No 9’s kickstarter had finishes, and the game was being developed, and they started kickstarters for other projects long before the game was finished. Just feels like their priorities aren’t where they should be.
    (I get this is very different because no money is really involved, but as I said, it has the same bad taste.)

    As someone who has a big problem finishing projects before starting a new one, I might not be one to talk, but I have learned what a terrible idea it is.
    Finish one thing, then do another.

    Or maybe they are worried that once Part 3 is out, and fans have the end of the story, people will stop caring about them.


  4. No idea what you guys are complaining about. They are dropping a 15+h update on us and its literally for free if you have bought Part 1/2. A update like this (15+ hours) is usually considered as a rather big DLC or maybe even standalone game… And we get it for free.

    So instead of complaining, how about being thankful. I know we all want Part 3 to release, but I would rather have them take as much time as they need, than have a game that is not fully finished. No to mention that we get all of this during Corona… Even big companies like Bungie and Blizzard had to postpone their games due to it and Torotoro is like nowhere close to that size.


    1. “I would rather have them take as much time as they need, than have a game that is not fully finished. ”

      No one is arguing that. What people are annoyed about is that rather than take the time to do that, they use that time for side-projects.
      I’m not saying free updates aren’t nice. Personally only one of those games hold any appeal at all to me, but I get that some folks might like more of them. However it does feel to me that they should have released Part 3, THEN done crossover stuff.
      Finish one project before you do another, you know?

      Anyway, that seems to be what people are upset about (me included), hope that answers your question.


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