Merge process completed

After much toil and trouble, I have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.31)! You can access all of these scripts here at ArzorX’s new bitbucket branch.

by GeminiSunfall.

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.31.
I’m updating the patch guide with the new link for the rest, the proccess is the same just follow the guide here or the video and everything will work fine.


Update bugfix

(TBH I knew this was coming. I knew a huge update like that won’t come without any bugs.)

Bugfix version published

In the collab scenario, we’ve discovered a bug (infrequently occurring) that stops progress.
We’ve uploaded an urgent bugfix version (v2.31) to DLsite.
Those of you who have the previous version (v2.30),
it’s a bother, but please download again from DLsite.

We plan to soon have the little update that ups the max Rare Points and
adds Rare Powers in the Labyrinth of Chaos.
Also, it seems there will be a service by way of apology from the White Rabbit.
Please wait just a little while longer.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

The update is finally HERE!

(Nemea HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Below, these are the main contents of update version 2.30.

・Added the ability to delete skills. Done by talking to Reaper in Hades.

・Added a function to register a party at the Pocket Castle maids
You can instantly call out registered parties (up to 3)

・Fixed bugs relating to physical evasion

・Changed the way that you recover SP from regular attacks and defense
It won’t be a fixed point recovery; you’ll recover a fraction of your max SP
Regular attacks go from 1 SP to 20% of Max; Defense goes from 2 SP to 40% of max

・Your Sexcraft skills’ power will be increased while you equip a fan or whip (like equipping sex toys up to now)

・Pleasure damage is added to all Whip Skills. It feels good to be whipped, you know?

・Pleasure skills can now critically hit

・The Rod Mastery effect now also applies to Magic Swords

・The Horny status effect now also causes the afflicted to inflict more pleasure damage

・A portion of the bosses come with the power to dodge critical hits
・Where jobs have “Holy” and “Dark” sides (like the Monster Swordsman, or the Dark Fist ), the Advanced job on the darkness side
also gets the unified benefits of Mastery and Dual Wield, like the Holy side already did.
・Adjusted the multiplication of bonus damage (ie, Plant skills on Poisoned or Paralyzed enemies, as well as related traits)
There was a mistake in the damage calculations up to now.

There’s also a little thing fixing the internal calculations of Species Slayer damage multiplication.
Up to now, it was handled in with other attributes, but now the calculations will be separate.
Elemental weaknesses and status-leveraging attacks still compound, so it’s still possible to really heighten your damage.
Because the Species Slayer abilities’ effectiveness has been raised all around, they now require more AP

Our plan of action:

I suppose now’s the time for us to remind you all of the roadmap we’re following for the now-released 2.30 collab update for Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

First and foremost, we are in the process of carrying over the translation into 2.30. I’ve already extracted the old 2.23 script and will be running a comparison check between those and the new 2.30 script. This will tell us exactly what has been changed in the existing script to help smooth out the process of merging as cleanly as possible.

For the time being, 2.30 scripts are not going to be available on the DokuDoku bitbucket. We will be making a new repository directory for 2.30 scripts that will be available once the script merge is complete. In the meantime, DO NOT TRY TO PATCH THE 2.23 SCRIPTS! You will just end up with game crashes.

We will update you all on when we’re done merging the scripts before we move on to the next big step of Patch 2.30 translation.

Translation by BJBlack, GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Arcangel Raphaela

The Seven Arcangels: Raphaela

A saint lacking in impurity, even amongst Heaven’s elite battle force, the Seven Arcangels.
Priding in her extremely high magic power, it’s said her spell level is on a level with the Six Ancestors’ Tamamo.
The height of her knowledge is also the best within the Seven Arcangels; she is known as an extraordinary strategist.
By the standards of the Seven Arcangels and the Six Ancestors, her physical capabilities are not very high,
but with her colossal magic power and prodigious sorceries, her universal knowledge allows her to cover for it.
Also, it is said that her purity can even purify any kind of darkness.

In Heaven, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted her with the administration of San Ilia.
San Ilia being made the cleanest and purest city in Heaven,
only those selected as the highest class of godly citizens are allowed to live there.
To live in that city is the greatest honor there is in Heaven.
That Raphaela is entrusted with this administration, too, shows Ilias’s trust in her.

Raphaela is the most pure and innocent angel in all of Heaven.
Consequently, it certainly cannot be that she would do such a thing as violate a man capriciously—

On the collaboration side as well, production is progressing earnestly.
Please wait just a while more until completion.
Besides those bugfixes we mentioned in the blog earlier,
we plan to include useful functions, such as eliminating skills that you’ve acquired.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.