Another update…

Regarding the release of v2.32

Although it’s just a little update to the Labyrinth of Chaos,
because there are many bugs to fix, we’ll need you to wait a bit.
We’re thinking we’d like to release it within a week’s time.
We’ll do the preparations for a simultaneous v2.32 on DMM (Fanza) as well.
It’s hard to fix a definite time due to the host’s review, but we’ll certainly release it.
We apologize for the time we have taken.

・Fixes for bugs of all kinds
・Labyrinth of Chaos, maximum rare points upped a little
・Labyrinth of Chaos, collab bosses can appear as bosses on every floor
・Labyrinth of Chaos, artifact equipment can get several new rare abilities
・Labyrinth of Chaos, a new way to use the White Rabbit’s UPs is added

Further, as decided before, we’re ceasing the blog’s comment section.
Bug reports: if we can receive reports through the bug page (and such)
of the wiki made by supporters, we’ll lurk there and consult it.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


7 thoughts on “Another update…

  1. So I have downloaded the new version of the game from DLsite, as well as the bitbucket files for translation. After copying the updated games, I followed with the translated script.

    When I run the translator, it hits ERROR: Object reference no set to an instance of an object. This line happens right below Building States.rvdata2

    After a few more lines, it says Press any key to continue.

    Is there an error in the files? Or did I do the steps wrong?


    1. Could be both or you are using old version of the files or the new version you download from the site isn’t 2.31 is 2.32 the new version if that’s the case, the translator won’t work until we do the merge process to version 2.32 to check the version of your game, open the game and see number that pop up in the tittle screen.


  2. I was just wondering if any of the collab patch has been translated yet due to me still getting Japanese text at Chapter 1 even after I downloaded the translated repository


    1. yeah, we are currently working on that, so far here is the progress:

      Current Chapter 5 progress
      Map852 (Succubus Village – Outdoors) – Done
      Map853 (Succubus Village – Indoors) – In Progress
      Map854 (Gold Volcano) – Not started
      Map920(Overworld Ch.5 portion) – Mostly done
      CommonEvent0511 – Not started

      From chapter 1 to 4 are translated minus some missing lines and some h-scenes has been translated as well.

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