Another buggy update…


Yesterday, the newest update, v2.32, was released on DLsite.
The update’s contents are as recorded in the previous blog.
Below are the additional marks for Relic Weapons.

・ Ame-no-Uzume’s mark
Magic, Magic Defense 10% up
Speed, Dexterity 30% up
Fan skill, Dancing, Singing power 50% up

・ Prometheus’s mark
Magic Defense 10% up
Magic, SP 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Magic science, Alchemy, Magic book power 50% up

・ Zamiel’s Mark
SP 10% up
Defense, Speed 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Gun, Makina power 50% up

・ Gilgamesh’s mark
Attack, Defense, HP, SP 30% up
Hero skill, Royal skill, Hero skill power 50% up

・ Seimei’s mark
Magic, Speed, Dexterity 30% up
Yin-Yang, Ninjutsu power 50% up

・ Drake’s mark
Defense, Dexterity, HP, SP 20% up
Attack 30% up
Gun technique, pirate technique power 50% up

・ Nightingale’s mark
SP 10% up
Magic Defense, Speed 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Medical technique, Service power 50% up

As of now, we’ve confirmed that a portion of the Rare Abilities are not working.
We’ll deal with it with all haste, so please wait just a little while.
On the DMM side, too, we plan on a forthcoming update.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


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