Merge process completed… Again…

But if you see my previous blog post here, you already know this files will be obsolete as soon as 2.33 or 2.3X comes out, but well here it is these files will work on version 2.32 of the game with the current progess of the translation so far.

Current progress:

Chapter 5
Map852 (Succubus Village – Outdoors) – Done
Map853 (Succubus Village – Indoors) – In Progress
Map854 (Gold Volcano) – Not started
Map920(Overworld Ch.5 portion) – Mostly done
CommonEvent0511 – Not started

From chapter 1 to 4 are translated minus some missing lines and some h-scenes has been translated as well. here a file with the current progress so far.

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


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