Regarding the latest version v2.35

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the latest update.

Currently, the newest version, v2.35, is published on DLsite.
Because it’s mainly bugfixes, though it’s a bother, please update.

On the other hand with Fanza (DMM),
due to their review, a need to fix some images has arisen again;
we are truly sorry, but we’ll be taking a little more time.
In effect, the mosaics in the Fanza 2.35 version will need to be
thicker than the same version for DLsite.
Please be understanding about that.
We, for our part, find this outcome undesirable, but this isn’t up to my discretion.
Those of you purchasing from Fanza, we are truly sorry.
Now, for Monmusu RPG’s Chapter 3, We plan on selling only on DLsite.

As to this update to Chapter 2, we think v2.35 is a mostly bug-free condition.
After taking a little more time, we’ll release v2.36 with some gameplay adjustments and the Chaos Equipment updates,
and with that, we’re considering that it will be the final version of Chapter 2.

Now then, if it’s possible, our circle is planning to put out a doujinshi during this year.
The theme this time is “Semen-wringing Lifeform Collection,” so, it’s extremely niche/fetishistic, but we’re proud to say that those into this niche will find the contents wonderful.
It’s a doujinshi that only a rather small portion of people have requested, but those who are interested, please look forward to it.

We’re doing this semen-wringer collection after the succubus collection, but we’re thinking that we’d like to more interest-focused doujinshi hereafter.
Next time might be the “Kunoichi Collection” or the “Battle Fuck Collection”; something like that.
So that being how things are, please continue to patronize our circle.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


Progress report 4-12-2020

Praise my trinity of sneks!

Just to inform that all the current files of the translations works in the recent version 2.35 at the date I post this blog entry, the files work in either 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34. But I will strongly recomend to wait a little bit more before updating, since there are still some old bugs hasn’t been corrected so far and one of the member of the team found a new bug that hans’t been noticed in the jap wiki so another update will come at this rate.

Chapter 6 Translation Progress: Started

Chapter 7 Translation Progress:
Map855 – In Progress
Map871 – Not Started
Map872 – Not Started
Map910(?) – Not Started
Map941 – Done

In my case I will work on the h-scenes of Mysteltainn, Fulbeua and Magatsu next week.

Progress file by Woenix:

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.