Progress report 4-12-2020

Praise my trinity of sneks!

Just to inform that all the current files of the translations works in the recent version 2.35 at the date I post this blog entry, the files work in either 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34. But I will strongly recomend to wait a little bit more before updating, since there are still some old bugs hasn’t been corrected so far and one of the member of the team found a new bug that hans’t been noticed in the jap wiki so another update will come at this rate.

Chapter 6 Translation Progress: Started

Chapter 7 Translation Progress:
Map855 – In Progress
Map871 – Not Started
Map872 – Not Started
Map910(?) – Not Started
Map941 – Done

In my case I will work on the h-scenes of Mysteltainn, Fulbeua and Magatsu next week.

Progress file by Woenix:

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


4 thoughts on “Progress report 4-12-2020

  1. I heard MGQPD has a collar with The Three Charm, do you happen to know which character are they?
    Also what happen to Dargoth, I waited from 2018 and never heard anything from him again? Now I visit the site again and nothing new at all.
    Are you continue his work or begin anew ? If the latter, thank you very much for doing this for the community with your own time and effort, do you happen to have patreon or something similiar ?
    A bit late but happy new year.


  2. How is the progress of the translation going, as far as history is concerned? (I don’t care so much about LoC or Skils)
    In the bitbucket I have seen that chapter 12 was translated but I don’t remember seeing chapter 10 and I don’t want the translation to end in the middle of the gameplay.


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