Lancubus & Liicubus

・Lancubus & Liicubus

A pair of succubi who existed in ancient times.
They were incredibly powerful and lascivious, but were supposedly killed in the Great Monster Wars.
But in another world where the Dark Goddess won the Great Monster Wars, they never perished and they live all around the Monster Realm.
In Succubus Village, human men are traded around as sex slaves.
They are supposedly treated worse than livestock and consumed like food.

Raichi will be in charge of the sketchbook. He has already drawn illustrations of the Demi-Nightmare from the collaboration, and will be responsible for the illustration of multiple characters in Part 3 as well.
The next line is just a reminder about the Skeb event.
Shiki, Setouchi, and Raichi are currently participating.
Shiki has temporarily suspended commissions, and will resume them soon

Additionally, there is mentioning of the following:
There is a reminders of the comission rules from last time
Another reminder that 2.36 will be released alongside the SHRIFT and Three Charms collab updates.
New chaos equipment and abilities will be added, along with a revamp of the emblem random enchants. (This is for LoC)
Also planning to add a new convenience system that was intended to be released for Part 3. (though no mention of what it is)
New cut-in+H-scenes from the aforementioned Skeb event participants.
They have a lot of other things to do and are fixing the existing bugs as well.

And about the development.
Of course, the development of the final chapter is also progressing steadily.
Some have been saying the development of this chapter is taking too long…
The development of Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG’s first chapter began around the middle of Monster Girl Quest (the VN)’s production, and has been worked on simultaneously.
We did not start developing the RPG after the VN’s final chapter.
So the development of the RPG’s first and middle chapter have taken quite a long time.
The final chapter in particular has a lot of work to do specifically regarding the ■■■■ situation.
So please be patient for the long term.
Even after the completion of Monmusu RPG, we have so many more ideas for games than we can count on two hands, some of which are already moving forward behind the scenes.
Monmusu RPG has become too large of a game, and there’s a feeling that the workload has become too heavy.
We’d like to put out more light-to-mediumweight games in the future.
Of course, we’ve also scheduled various themes for a hobby joint-magazine and have already begun production for it.
That is why we’d like to thank you for your continued support.

Translation by GeminiSunfall, BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


Slime Month

Regarding the next update to Monster Girl Quest Paradox! Chapter 2 (v2.36),
as we stated before, it will come after the publication of the collab scenarios with “The Three Charms” and “SHRIFT”.
We’ll be releasing new Legend Equips for the Labyrinth of Chaos and a reform to the system for “Mark of ————”.
We’re working various other things into the Labyrinth of Chaos, besides that.
What we’re saying here will only be useful to a subset of power players, but…
those going for completionism in the Labyrinth who collect equips bearing “Mark of ————” may find they gain various benefits after the update.
Also, there’s (a new job/new jobs) added, and little supplementary events.
Furthermore, we’re experimentally rolling out some useful functions planned for Chapter 3, such as the new berserk system.
Of course, we plan to fix the bugs about which we’ve received reports.

You might feel lonely with just an update about Chapter 2, so below we introduce a new (?) character for Chapter 3.
Now then, we’re going to be taking a bit of a break until the next blog update.

・Erubetie Kanade
This is the form of Erubetie, having taken in cells that she received from one of the Six Ancestors, Kanade.
Though she was a colony lifeform to begin with, the number of lives residing within her body has further increased,
and she now contains in that body a lifeform count of a planetary level.
That burden is extremely heavy, and she sometimes falls into a state where she is incapable of maintaining control.
It is said she’s shouldering a very critical role in the “World Unity Plan” that the Dark Goddess is implementing.

Also, regarding projects afterward, we are doing some additional recruitment.

***Work contents
・Creating animations for use in RPG Maker
We prepare assets for you to work with, so skill in asset creation is unnecessary.

***Application conditions
・Those who can send and receive emails with data of around 3MB.
・Men or women 18 years of age or older.
・We won’t ask for experience or background in this, but the experienced would be warmly welcome.

・This will be based on experience and ability.
・As much as possible, we will consult with you regarding what you need.
・Once assigned projects are completed, we’ll transfer money to your bank account.

Those who think, “This is for me!”, having put “Recruitment” into the title,
please contact us at the above address.
At the same time, please attach a sample of your work.
We’re waiting for your application.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.