New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event

In preparation for the Skeb event, there will be irregular updates.
This time, we’re introducing a new Apoptosis that will appear in the final chapter.

・Amunario [Shade Note: Name might also be Amnalio; all names we give are subject to change]
A high-ranking Apoptosis that appears where chaosization has progressed drastically. It possesses immense power and ruthlessly eliminates foreign entities. If the target of her elimination is a male however, she will harvest their genes before erasing them. How she uses the collected genetic information is not known.
  *  *  *
Mizukuchi, who we’re introducing for the first time, created this illustration.
He is also in charge of several of the apoptosis appearing in the final chapter.
However, he will also be participating in the Skeb event as of his introduction.
In addition, Stealth-Changing Line will also be participating along with the following:

-Stealth-Changing Line

When making Skeb requests, please follow each artist’s rules.
In the near-future, we are looking for testers for the lastest version of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox RPG Middle Chapter (read: not the final chapter!)
The middle chapter version update introduces some new systems that will be included in the final chapter, and if we can get these thoroughly tested now, it will simplify the testing process for the final chapter’s release.
This time, we are planning to check and adjust the difficulty balance of Labyrinth of Chaos, so we ideally want our testers to be dedicated players.
We will also be asking for your feedback on the systems and balance, so if you think you can help, please wait for our recruitment later on.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.