New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event

In preparation for the Skeb event, there will be irregular updates.
This time, we’re introducing a new Apoptosis that will appear in the final chapter.

・Amunario [Shade Note: Name might also be Amnalio; all names we give are subject to change]
A high-ranking Apoptosis that appears where chaosization has progressed drastically. It possesses immense power and ruthlessly eliminates foreign entities. If the target of her elimination is a male however, she will harvest their genes before erasing them. How she uses the collected genetic information is not known.
  *  *  *
Mizukuchi, who we’re introducing for the first time, created this illustration.
He is also in charge of several of the apoptosis appearing in the final chapter.
However, he will also be participating in the Skeb event as of his introduction.
In addition, Stealth-Changing Line will also be participating along with the following:

-Stealth-Changing Line

When making Skeb requests, please follow each artist’s rules.
In the near-future, we are looking for testers for the lastest version of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox RPG Middle Chapter (read: not the final chapter!)
The middle chapter version update introduces some new systems that will be included in the final chapter, and if we can get these thoroughly tested now, it will simplify the testing process for the final chapter’s release.
This time, we are planning to check and adjust the difficulty balance of Labyrinth of Chaos, so we ideally want our testers to be dedicated players.
We will also be asking for your feedback on the systems and balance, so if you think you can help, please wait for our recruitment later on.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


7 thoughts on “New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event

  1. Well, that’s something, whether or not he’s better than Xelvy, only time will time.
    Sometimes I need to be reminded that the game is an story rich-eroge JRPG not some Lovecraftian Horror RPG.


    1. A lot of people seem to dislike Xelvy, but I don’t have a problem with his art, and would argue that Delphinus makes art that’s much more disturbing. Delphinus is responsible for most of the angels, a majority of whom look more disturbing than most of the Apoptosis made by Xelvy. Plus even the non Angels made by Delphinus look gross.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Delphinus, that name triggered my lost memories, Part 3 I went from oh” these little angels are damn cute to these are as correctly described as in the Bible.”
    No matter how we all have different taste, fetish, preference, I think whole MGQ femdom can agree that Delphinus makes you wanna finish the game in no death run like in Doom Slayer’s style.


  3. Thank all the Gods and devils, the art at least SEEM good. Delphinus and Xelvy are just instant nope for me.
    Sure, to each their own, I think the line between “monster girl” and “monster” gets crossed a bit too often there.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Most of Xelvy’s characters are too grotesque for me, but I like a few of them, and in general I think Xelvy’s a good artists, he just draws weird shit.
    Delphinus draws weird shit and his drawing style is weird/bad, even his characters that aren’t unholy abominations give me an uncanny vibe.
    But even worse than Delphinus is the new guy in paradox who drew some of the students at the magic academy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, but it’s not just the design with those, the whole art-style of that person just doesn’t sit right with me. They felt VERY out of place next to the others.

      Liked by 1 person

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