New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event 2

SMT intensifies

We said there would be news updates on an irregular basis because of preparations for the next update and the Skeb event and as a result, this has become a regular news update. This time, we are introducing a new apoptosis (+ the new artist responsible) for Part 3.

A high-ranking apoptosis that appears in regions where chaosization has progressed drastically. It appears to be a gene harvesting type, which solely focuses on collects genetic information from lifeforms. How it uses this massive amount of genetic information is entirely unknown. The emergence of an apoptosis of this level signifies the collapse of that world.

Ozawayoshi, who we are introducing for the first time, was responsible for the illustration. In addition, Ozawayoshi will also be participating in the Skeb event.

・Stealth Changing Line

Regarding the Skeb event, it’s as we’ve explained before. As for characters appearing in Part 3 (including those whose appear before Part 3 and become active therein), please understand that the Skeb images will be implemented in Part 3. Additionally, if you would like an illustration drawn before the Skeb event to be used in the main part of Monster Girl Quest RPG, please contact the artist.

We’ve mentioned that the next Part 2 update is 2.36, but because there are going to be so many additions, we will be calling this 2.40. In addition to the content we’ve mentioned prior, we are planning to implement a big new event. The release date will be after the collab scenarios for SHRIFT and The Three Charms have been publically released.

The following illustration takes place when Karen (Sonya’s mother) was adventuring. Is it true that this priestess’s lewd attire surprised the people she met…?

She is planned to appear only briefly in recollection, even during Part 3.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


6 thoughts on “New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event 2

  1. Thanks for the update and the team’s translation as always my man.
    “The following illustration takes place when Karen (Sonya’s mother) was adventuring. Is it true that this priestess’s lewd attire surprised the people she met…?”
    I don’t see her CG anywhere on the post ? a bug ?
    The new artist tbh not bad for Apoptosis type monsters, I’m interested in what news this artist will bring..


  2. The CF of Karen is now appearing but the second Apoptosis CG is also not showing for some reason.


    1. Ah, that’s because I don’t post that nfsw CGs in case I trigger something that could cause a ban, remember we are talking about Shotas/Lolis territory, so I tend to not upload that ones, that’s why I always left the link to the original post in Japanase.


    1. Yeah, with other games like in Shirft Prom makes a cameo, in Succubus Academia I think that’s the name Alma Elma makes a cameo and so on with the other games featured in the collab event.


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