End of Recruitment Notice for Part 2 Playtesting


We are grateful for all of the applications we have received.
Thanks to everyone, we have received more than 40 applications.
We never thought we’d get so many people applying that we’d have to think about a selection process.
We have already notified the recruiter by e-mail, so any applicants who have not received an e-mail from us will be rejected.
We are truly sorry, but you must understand.
After this, we will cancel any further applications for Part 2 playtesting.

***Version 2.40 Additions
For the next version update, we will introduce some of the new additions

・Added new H-scene for Wing Harpy and Morrigan+Michaela-chan+Lucifina-chan (simultaneous torture)
・Collab characters from ROBF (Tarsa, Exectuioner, Ogretooth, Mysteltainn)
Their H-scenes will be rewritten and artwork redone.
・Nightmare(SQ), Nightmare(SR), and Demi-Nightmare
H-scenes will have rewritten dialog. Artwork will remain as-is.
・New “Scene Recall” function added
If you wanted to replay requests and rape scenes up to this point, the places to do so were scattered around and troublesome to browse through. With this new mode, all H-scene recollections, including requests and BFs, will be centralized in the Monster Library, so finding them should be much easier now.
・Added new “Sorcerer” Job
A concept introduced from the world of the collaboration work “The Three Charms”, it is a job that wields techniques used by monsters. By observing the skills used by monsters in battle, they are able to acquire (learn) them. In short, it is very similar to the Blue Mage job from the Final Fantasy series. There are over 108 various enemy skills that can be learned currently in Part 2. Some are very rare, and only used by bosses.
・Other details
Mimic Girls have learned a new skill, “Everyone’s Grudge”. This is a terrifying skill that strikes with the resentment of her fallen allies. The more that monster has been defeated, the greater its power will be. Players who have been bullying Mimic Girls might find themselves taking huge damage… Additionally, “Everyone’s Grudge” can be learned by the aforementioned Sorcerer.

Part 2 v2.40 Additional Event

Yahoo (^O^)
How are you doing, Kazuya-kun? (^w^)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


4 thoughts on “End of Recruitment Notice for Part 2 Playtesting

  1. S O O N

    yea youjitsukai is pretty hard to translate without an english equivalent and lexicon infrastructure for concepts of yokai and youjitsu, so i suppose “sorceror” is pretty good compromise, what with the DnD connotations of power derived from non-human blood etc.

    gg for anyone bullying mimic girls for levels lol. imagine with the shield meta if they made it auto-hit, ignore shields, removes buffs and ignore def/wil.


  2. I’m kind of scared of that “everyone’s grudge”, makes me wonder if it will take into account NG+ and labyrinth, imagine how many mimic you must have killed at that point xD I’m like at my 4th or 5th ng+ so yeah… scared


    1. Surely its like a high labyrinth level attack. Anything ur not immune to or shielded is 1hko or endured.

      And loc doesnt have much mimics. Only danger for those training on the mimic island


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