Regarding the 2.4 update

Sequential development is ongoing as we are developing an update for Part 2. Since the collaborations for “SHRIFT” and “The Three Charms” have been released, we speculate that this update will be ready about a month later. Please note that there are many additional contents in this update, so there is a possibility we might delay it.

Regarding Additional Events
In addition to the additional items mentioned last time, multiple sub-events will be added.
Also, the event of “Time Loop Incident” which is the highlight of this update is very long.
Multiple new H scenes are also included.

・Amabie Arises
Amabie finally sets out to save the people of the world. However, she’s getting cold stares from the people she meets…

Why are people giving me the social distancing treatment…? There’s no need to constrain ourselves, we can have high-risk contact…

・Cassandra Strikes Back
Cassandra finally causes trouble. What will Luka and the others do now that Cassandra has regained her former powers…?

My power got taken away… That Cassandra…

・A Girl Band is Formed?!
To get a prize from a certain tournament, you organize a girl band. What will the results be…?

We’re in the middle of practicing, so don’t go up on stage.

・Time Loop Incident
Luka is caught in an anomaly that is causing time to repeat itself. If he can’t find the cause, he’ll never escape from the space-time loop.

This is…exactly what happened last time?!
Repeating the same time…? Could something strange have occured in the soul network?
Delicious! This salty flavor!

(Editor’s Note: This sleepy portrait for Giga currently does not exist in the 2.35 files, it is indeed a new addition)

New Jobs and Races

9 new jobs and 10 new races will be added.

・Sorcerer -> Advanced Sorcerer job (TL note: this name seems like a placeholder or TTR doesn’t want to reveal what its called)
Was explained in detail in the previous blog post. It’s capable of learning certain enemy skills.

・フ???ー → フ??? (TL note: フ is the “fu” kana, so the name of this job will likely start with an “F”)
A job for weapon experts. We believe there are many people who have longed for this one.

・エ??? → エ??? Intermediate Job → エ??? Advanced Job ((TL note: エ is the “e” kana)
A job that appears to have been sealed in the past. Its style of fighting is in line with a certain character that does not fit well with the existing jobs, as you can probably imagine.

・シ?????? → シ?????? Advanced Job (TL note: シ is the “shi” kana)
A job for defense and support. We expect it will be useful even in the labyrinth of chaos.

・Roid race line, consisting of seven races including Advanced.
Certain Doll and Chimera companions that currently exist will now be separated into their own Roid race. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Chimeraroid race will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

・Giant race, including three advanced sub-races.
Monsters who take pride in having a huge body will be given a race called “Giant”. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Golem subrace of Dolls will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

Reaper Battle Challenge
Fight against the Reaper and see how much damage you can inflict in 3 turns! The defenseless Reaper will then tally the total amount of damage you dealt in those 3 turns. You may even get extravagant prizes based on how much damage you inflicted…?

Labyrnth of Chaos – Carnage Addition
“Carnage Labyrnth of Chaos” will be added for players seeking a challenge. It is fundamentally the same as the standard Labyrnth of Chaos, but its difficulty increases drastically. Accordingly, you will obtain more extravagant items the deeper inside you dive.

Secret Equipment Seals – New System
The seals system that has been used for secret equipment thus far will be reworked. Various seals have a chance of appearing on all secret weapons, armor, and accessories. By wearing multiple equipments with the same seal, the effects of that seal will be enhanced.
For example, if you equip a weapon and a helmet with “Seal of Gnome”, the effects of the one- and two-piece set bonuses for the Seal of Gnome will be obtained. If you arm yourself with a weapon, armor, headgear, shield, and accessory bearing the same seal, you can gain tremendous additional effects…

(1-set: Max SP/Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%, Activate “Gnome” at the start of battle.)
(2-set: Attack +30%, Critical Rate +50%, Critical Damage +100%)
(3-set: Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%)
(4-set: Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Strike)
(5-set: Converts Earth damage to Terra, Terra Booster 100%)

Currently, there is a bug in the H-scene data in the pubicly distributed version on the official website. The H-Scene viewing function will be renewed in the Part 2.40 version update, and will be possible to easily release in its entirety. Please wait a little while longer for the version update to be released.
{Editor note: we have no idea what this could be referring to.}

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


4 thoughts on “Regarding the 2.4 update

  1. Thanks again for the translation guys.
    The wait is starting to get to me, I was getting more and more impatient for Chapter 3, But seeing how long it takes them for a simple patch for Part 2, It’s gonna be a mega long time before part 3 drops…
    Not trying to be mean but it’s getting unbearable, I would like to farm some Labyrinth to keep busy and maybe get better gear, but it’s gonna be so obsolete with the new patch I don’t really wanna waste my time. I have a question if any of you guys know. Cause I’m not sure I understood, does the patch drop in a month (or close)? The sentence is a bit weird.

    Thanks for reading through my rant 😀


    1. They say one month if everything goes well. Things never go well.
      So we’ll wait about two/three months until 2.40 comes out and then another month until it gets translated.


      1. Yeah… that’s what I assumed, I know the game has a lot, and I mean a lot of content, but there are so many other RPG maker games that give much progress each month, sometimes I wonder if Torotoro is just lazy =/ (We passed the 4 year development on part 3 BTW, Part 2 came out 06/23/2017)


    2. I understand your feeling, I´m also the same, but we must remember that the next chapter, if we only take into account that at least there will be 2 (yes, redesigns) complete world maps (if not 3 because they allow us to see the Luka’s original world or in conjunction 3 with the above and a world or scenario of God Black Alice for his final battle) with at least 3 possible endings (if not more for reasons of other factors such as the behavior of luka paradox or with whom luka stays) and at least (even if it is filler) 100 – 200 new companion characters (not counting those who are the main characters of the story), plus all this the verification of bugs, size, etc., the game doesn´t surprise that this taking so much time and even more so when Totoro in comments has already declared that this will be the last huge story line work he will do, being his final work obviously, they will seek to set the bar high.

      Of course, it may not matter in the end, but it doesn´t take away the effort that they are marking, especially if one takes into account the noble origins of everything.


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