Vote on the next update’s dating event

The link was removed so you can’t vote anymore.
The reason is still unknown maybe TRR will post something explained what happen soon.
There will be a dating event in the coming Part 2 update. The characters you can choose from as your dating partner will include Alice, Ilias, and Sonya, but in addition to them, whoever places first in this user poll will also be selectable in this event as a dating partner. Please read the following points carefully before voting.”
-Only characters who are companions in Part 2 can be voted for.
-Alice, Ilias, and Sonya are already date options
-Voting deadline will be August 15th.
-You may vote once per day.
Any votes that ignore the above will be considered invalid. The character that places first will be included in the dating event. If we have time, there is a possibiity we might include the character who got the second-most votes. Please vote right away!
(To vote, just click the blue link provided in the post or this one

Here’s who is on the list you can select.
Miranda (Lizard Boss)
Lippy (Little Bug)
Lucretia (Queen Harpy)
Victoria (Valkyrie)
Soapy (Crab Girl)
Spider Princess
Melk (Slug Girl)
Cupi (Cupid)
Elisabeth (High Slug)
Alra Priestess
Sofia (Lamia Nun)
Black Alice
Cow Demon Queen
Alma Elma
Ratty (Rat Girl)
Witch Succubus
Reina (Harpy)
Odette (Misstauros)
Jellil (Jelly Girl)
Carol (High Minotaruos)
Angel Soldier
Haruka (Bestial Kitsune)
Izuna (Four-tailed Samurai)
Amara (Wolf Girl)

Lamiaroid and Archangel Mariel were also listed for some reason, despite not being recruitable in Part 2.
(EDIT: A lot of the character I named were “added” by people who voted Other. I suspect Mariel and Lamiaroid will be invalid votes)
There’s another option to vote for “other”, and vote for someone who’s not on this list–just know that if it doesn’t comply with the above rules your vote won’t count.

MOVE YOUR ASSES AND VOTE FOR MY QUEEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


15 thoughts on “Vote on the next update’s dating event

  1. As expected, new fast and small content instead of a release date. Soooo basically a ”hey guys, we will delay the update” post.


    1. Don’t actively wait for part 3.. Unfortunately you have to forget about the game for now and just check in on it every few months.. or even better yearly.

      I don’t think they’ve made any progress towards part 3 or its story.. They’ve only given us some character concepts and few gameplay mechanics updates this past year or two..

      So.. Yea.. I don’t know why I really like this game tbh, despite it being a random hentai game, I still wish part 3 was finished when I got into it. Oh well.


  2. I wish this poll was ranked-choice. It is possible ranked-choice voting may not change the winner, but it would make sure that everyone was fine with it.

    As of me writing this comment, the current winner only has 13% of the vote, meaning there’s a very real chance a majority of people would prefer someone else as the winner.


  3. Why do you like Alma Elma so much?
    Isn’t she the only one of the 4 knights that has no romance and canon fucks other dudes in the coliseum?


    1. Why I like her so much well that’s easy, I like her design since purple is my favorite color and I got a thing for purple haired girls plus her carefree style since she does what she wants. But she is the 2nd my favorite girl of all time is Alice, but since she got her date event well time to vote for the 2nd place then.


      1. I’m going to be legitimately honest.
        I didn’t think character design would decide it so much. Alma Elma’s hot, but the whole, “not having any romantic interest” thing puts her below so many of the monsters for me.

        I really thought personality and character would be the most important by far.

        But you know, characters like Naccubus voting so high makes me feel like an idiot in that regard XD

        Votes really surprised me… Nobody with any romance got high on that list except maybe Saki.


      2. Well remember something, that poll is targetting the jap fans (they are the main target of this game) and for what I saw in many forums, websites, other erogames. They like ntr (netorare) and well the most common vore and of course the main one Fendom, so with my reply think about it Alma fits all of them don’t you think?

        Well to each their own that’s my motto. I get your point so I understand why you don’t like her. But that’s what I can tell you why she is so high in the poll (well before they delete it that is) she is very popular in japan.


  4. I would be over the moon if Lippy won. If not, I hope it can be modded into the game.Shouldn’t be too difficult (but is probably a pain to do).


  5. Unpopular opinion I think, But my top 10 favorite characters in order are:
    1. Eden 2. Elias 3. Lucifina 4. Erubetie 5. Alice 6. Black Alice 7. Hild 8. Alma 9. Awawa 10. Sonya

    I seem to like all the characters you normally shouldn’t like..
    Not sure why I like Eden the most, but I guess I’m into hot naked loyal thicc angel girls.
    I always liked elias a lil more than alice for some reason.
    Lucifina is mommy, why wouldn’t I like her. (Non-Incestual Love I swear! She’s just so cute)
    I want more development in luka’s relationship with Black alice.. That would be nice.
    Awawa is ahh.. creepy but cute at the same time. (Some of the other experiments have good designs too)

    My list is most likely gonna change after part 3.
    Also if you guys wana share your lists and elaborate a little that would be interesting.


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