Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update.

Well, Morrigan gets a new scene, so braces yourselves bois.

Today, we have submitted the update for the 2.40 version of the Middle Chapter (Part 2) to DLSite.
If it passes review without any problems, it should be available in the next few days.
The contents on the update are as we have posted on the blog thus far.

・Various new events have been added
→You can start these from Amira’s bulletin board in the Pocket Castle

・Reaper Battle Challenge (with extravagant prizes)
→Talk to the Reaper in Hades

・New H-scenes (including from the skeb event) have been added
→Includes new events, requests, etc

・New jobs and race added
The new jobs will be available following events.
The new races will be added to the corresponding companions

・Various new functions
Improved auto-combat, H-scene recollection, etc.

・Companion affection uniformity between saves
Affection of companions will be unified across all save data
If you have more than one save, the highest affection values will be applied across them

・Carnage Chaos Mode added
A high-difficulty version of the Labyrinth of Chaos has been added
The higher the difficulty level, the greater the rewards you can gain
Nothing beyond the 100th floor has been reported by our playtesters

・Changes to the Seals System
Changes have been made to the seals that can be found on secret equipment
If you equip multiple pieces of gear with the same seal in multiple slots, you will gain additional effects
Additionally, every seal will increase all stats by 10%

・New Chaos equipment and bosses
New equipment and bosses have been added to the Labyrinth of Chaos

・Various adjustments and bugfixes

Several new events have been added.
In addition, the time loop event, which is argubly the centerpiece of this update, is quite lengthy and elaborate
Make sure you don’t forget to save before starting this event, just in case.

A consiberable number of adjustments have been made to The Labyrinth of Chaos based on the feedback of our playtesters.
Enemy stat values have been adjusted considerably for balance, so that when taking them head-on, you should be able to tell they are considerably less unfair compared to before,
Conversely, their resistances to status ailments has been increased.

Additionally, the tactics and characteristics of bosses have been made more elaborate.
Some bosses may even use blatantly underhanded tricks.
However, the bosses will also have more weaknesses, so by knowing your opponent, you will be able to fight them more effectively than before.

***H-Scene Recollection Full Unlock

An H-Scene recolleciton funciton (which can be accessed through the title screen) has been added, but it is also possible to unlock all scenes through a simple process.

(You’ve found a secret switch! Do you want to enable Full Unlock Mode for Scene Recollection? (options are “Keep Normal Setting” and “Enable Full Unlock Mode”)

Go to the back of the first floor in the Iliasville Inn (AKA Luka’s House), and there will be a switch that unlocks the entire collection in the location shown in the image.
Since this is a place you can access within the first minute of gameplay, even new players will have no problems.
There are no particular penalties for fully unlocking the scenes like this, and it’s also possible to flip the switch again to undo it.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


18 thoughts on “Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update

  1. If you buy the game from the officlal site next time you download the game you will download the recent version, but like the post says.

    >If it passes review without any problems, it should be available in the next few days.

    So wait a few days and well wait a little more since we need to test all the files to transfer all the current translation and make sure everything works fine.


    1. It’s already on dlsite, but since you are always on top of things, I’m assuming you already know 😉
      Good luck for the translation, we are counting on you.


      1. Well, when I posted this it wasn’t, I just woke up and I got the notification that is already, but I will inform as soon the translation is tested and good to go.


  2. arzor, u always have some great backgrounds, any chance of showing the whole pic without having the post itself cut it in half?

    soon my min-max pretties, soon we shall feast on even greater LoC gear and become even more powerful…


      1. lol, not the hora pic, the background, with luka alice 4 knights on right, black alice, shirome, eden ilias on left


  3. Does anyone here by any chance already know how to enter the Carnage mode of Labyrinth? I have over 200h in the normal labyrinth on the previous patch, but I don’t understand Jap at all, and can’t find anything new to access it. Would be nice if I could start farming it before having to wait for a translation. Thank you in advance 🙂

    PS : ArzorX You wrote “Carange Chaos” Little typo 😀


  4. I tried running the translator or step 5 in the guide. but I got an error.
    “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
    when “Building MapInfos.rvdata2”.

    how can I fix this or will it be patched?


    1. Read my previous comment please… but here is the answer the patch won’t work in version 2.40 because we haven’t merge the files to the latest translation so you need to wait a bit before updating.


  5. Hey so I have a question, it’s technically related to the translation but also this update. I’ve been pretty excited about the new update, so when it came out I put the new version into Ytnasni myself and tried to translate the new H scenes using hand-corrected DeepL. At first, everything was fine and dandy, but after I translated the second h scene, ran the translator exe(not game selector, just so you know I’m doing that right) I went into the game, only to discover that the originally translated hscene was now back to being Japanese. So I did repeated tests, deleted blobs, redownloaded the translator, and cleared the script folders. After doing this multiple times, it still refused to work. Despite this, modifications to any of the other script files work. It’s as if the translator is explicitly ignoring the Common events folder. Despite this, the console shows no errors and even says that it builds CommonEvents.rvdata2 when I run the translator. I never ran into this issue on v2.35, which makes me think it has something to do with the update, although I can’t figure out how that’s possible.

    Thanks for reading


  6. So, Arzor-senpai, hypothetically speaking, is there anything a person that doesn’t know Japanese could do to speed up how fast part 3 gets translated when it eventually comes out, or even just to make things easier for the translators? If there’s any way a pleb like me could contribute I would love to help out when the time comes but I don’t know any Japanese or anything useful about programming.


    1. Well there is a way to do that with 2 things:
      1) rpg maker vx ace with this one you can access all the game data and modify the game without need to use the patch, but I will admit is a little troublesome to deal with the lines to copy them.

      2) Use the files of the patch. If you follow the tutorial of how to patch the game, you will see the folder in the repository contains a script folder right? well, there is your answer that folder contains all the files of the game so if you modify one there you are translating the game but you have to follow the rest of the steps to get it work.

      If you need more info my discord and email are in the contact me section.


  7. Hey sorry to ask here again, but since I get ignored pretty much on all other sites like f95, and ulmf, maybe you know the problem, but I can’t access the time loop event, I had to redo the entire collab to access the Amabi quest. So I did that one. And I finished all the requests on the board, and the amira “quests”, but she gives me nothing else. I saw something on F95 about her giving you a quest to go to the colosseum, but she gives me nothing. Since I’ve had to replay collab, despite having the chars unlocked already, I hope it’s not some kinda BS where I have to replay the whole game for the new code to kick in. That would be super frustrating. Cause I literally replayed the game before the patch came out.

    In short can’t access time loop, Cassandra event, and the date.
    Thank you in advance if anyone might have a possible answer.


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