Finally the Patch is out

“After several days of toil, I am pleased to announce the translation has been successfully merged with 2.40!
You will now be able to use our translation with Version 2.40 of Paradox through the Ytinasni GameSelector+Translator method.

NOTE THAT MOST OF THE NEW CONTENT IS NOT TRANSLATED YET. This is mainly for people who don’t want to be constantly navigating Japanese menus all the time.
The translations will come gradually, so be patient.

Also, I should point out that the following plug-ins are currently disabled due to incompatability with 2.40.
-Skill Descriptions+
-Combat Log
-Status Analyzer
They will still be shown in the Config menu, but won’t do anything even if enabled. These features will be enabled again as soon as we can find fixes for these.

You can find the 2.40 compatable translation at the same Arzorx repository as before–just note that it will no longer work for 2.35 as of this writing.

― GeminiSunfall

But there is still chance you will find some bugs during your gameplay report them as soon as possible.


38 thoughts on “Finally the Patch is out

  1. Hey might have a bug, the game keeps crashing now when I try to do the reaper challenge.

    Something about “Floatdomainerror” and then 20 lines of mumbo jumbo code I can’t really explain xD

    Regardless game worked fine in Jap, I reinstalled the patch on a freshly downloaded part 2 to make sure I did not make a mistake, so I believe it’s the patch who causes this 🙂


  2. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but selecting a girl in the libary causes an error that says “Exception : NoMethodError
    undefined method `enemy_id=’ for nil:NilClass”
    And then the game crashes.


  3. Hey I found something else, although I’m not sure if it’s the 2.40 bug or if it’s English patch bug.

    Anyway here it is, when your characters stats are too high they don’t show. for example my Luka has “4.000.000 attack”, but it shows up as “4, attack” basically all the numbers are replaced with “,”.

    Also in fights when you do over 9 numbers of damage, like full buffs I hit 680.000.000.000 per hit in Carnage mode 🙂
    Well it show only 680,000,000,
    Same as with stats the rest of the numbers are replaced with “,”


      1. Okay, so I was running a 2.40 version of the game after checking and got confused, but I spent a while and eventually figured out I’d accidentally combined Part 1 and 2 incorrectly (accidentally dragged over more than the Graphics folder, whoops) and it was acting funky because of it. I redid that and it worked fine, thanks and sorry for being a dumbass.


    1. Maybe I shoulda waited for 2.41, seems 2.4 is a bit buggier than I thought it’d be. The Promestein-Saki/Land-Dweller pocket side quests are a bit messed up. Saki’s can’t be done, and the Land Dweller one keeps looping no matter how many times it’s completed.


  4. Is it possible these new story bits were to be in the 3rd game but since they will take so long they are releasing it in the second to keep us waiting OR …… 3rd part got even bigger and needs a bit more setup in which case GOOD FUCKING GOD HOW MASSIVE AN EXPANSSION ARE WELOOKING AT .

    I mean …. the setup in the second to broaden the game was already expertly done and hinted at at least 4 other realm we could explore being , Angel dominant / monster dominant , what I think is the IN BETWEEN , like a collection of of chunks from broken worlds … or maybe this is just the labyrinth and then ……. because hell would be a understatement , BLACK ALICE SEX DUNGEON Ou O …..

    I mean i say that but i am one of the sick fck that love the xelvy stuff ; YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT I AM THE PROBLEM .

    But yes, your though ?


  5. Just decided to start over from the beginning due to how long it’s been since I played and noticed that the boomerang dance for the slime enemies in the first zone is either not translated or got bugged. Either way thank you all for keeping this alive, and here’s to hoping for some news on part 3 showing up soonish


      1. Sorry for the rough description, tried to get screenshots to explain better but hadn’t realized wordpress doesn’t easily allow pictures in replies. Essentially when fighting the slimes in the first zone when they go to use their boomerang dance skill a line of still Japanese text pops up first, then the next combat notification states they used their boomerang dance followed by the effects (slime, dmg, etc). At the same time its definately minor, and probably more flavor textish, but seemed strange to see something so early in the game not translated so wasn’t sure if it had just stayed very low on the priority list or if it was something translated already and the new patch caused chaos.


  6. Gotcha, the curse of having stepped away for so long that I didn’t know what used to be in game and what wasn’t. Well thanks for the info and again thanks for everyone who’s kept this effort alive


  7. So I re-downloaded the game for 2.4, and after installing the translation, my game seems to be stuck in an oddly half-translated state. Re-copying the script folder and re-running the translator just gets me a screen showing the time elapsed and press any key to continue.
    It’s been a while since I’ve done this from scratch so I might have missed something while following the directions, any idea what I’m doing wrong?


      1. hmmmm that’s weird did you enter antoher area and reenter again. If that don’t work my only conclusion is that you are not replacing the correct files.


      2. Just re-tried it again from the beginning by re-downloading all the files and it worked without an issue. I can only assume something didn’t download right the first time.


  8. Just randomly decided to try out scene recollection with my new start game, arrow keys work fine on the main menu but once you go into scene selection nothing moves. Can still use z and X to select/back out but the up and down arrows are useless. Still have not encountered enough to fill up page 1 if it makes a difference


      1. Quick update, I just tried again and can actually move the cursor to select different characters. Only blatant difference I can see is I now have a 2nd column even if it’s only page 1 still. Dunno if the issue before was due to the single column or just bad luck when booting the game.


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