There was a post after all…

(ok TRT you got my attention with this one)

This is being reported after the fact, but the 2.41 version of Monmusu Quest Paradox has been published on DLSite.
The contents of the update are as follows.

・Alma Elma can be selected for the Night Festival dating event.
・The Night Festival dating event can be replayed by talking to Reaper.
・Illustrations added to the new Myusca and Nemea H-scenes.
・Additional tweaks and bugfixes

The FANZA mirror is also scheduled to be updated soon.

In addition, we are also introducing two new joint magazines.

・Violated by Monster Girls in Card Battles Joint Magazine 1: Fierce Battle Compilation
・Boys Become Prey to Squeezing Creatures Joint Magazine 3: Ecstasy Compilation

We have submitted both books to DLSite tody, and should the review process proceed smoothly, they should be available at the same time in about a week.
They will be priced at 1900 yen (excluding taxes), which is on the higher side compared to past joint magazines, but understand this is due to the significant increase in page count.

Summon monster girls in card battles!
Endure the pleasure attacks of the monster girls summoned by your opponent!
If you give in to the pleasure and climax, life points will get taken away!

The first edition of a joint magazine where card battlers get violated by monster girls, and both semen and cards are taken away!
This is a large volume featuring fifteen works of manga, an illustrated card list, and spans over 265 pages.

The third installment of the joint magazine where boys are violated by tentacle creatures and semen-squeezing organisms.

Contains 14 manga works, three novel works, and spans 353 pages.

If you want to check the link to all the artists just check the link of the official post.

Warning: I’m not responsible of what you are going to see in the previews of that doujins lmao.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


Merge process completed to 2.41

After much toil and trouble, we have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.41)!

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.41.

And before you ask yes we got 2.41 with no trt blog post to notify us about so it really came by surprise when we check the official dslite site and see 2.41 was already out. Anyways just follow the tutorial as always and everything should work fine.