Merge process completed to 2.41

After much toil and trouble, we have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.41)!

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.41.

And before you ask yes we got 2.41 with no trt blog post to notify us about so it really came by surprise when we check the official dslite site and see 2.41 was already out. Anyways just follow the tutorial as always and everything should work fine.


8 thoughts on “Merge process completed to 2.41

  1. I found a few errors/consistency issues on the translation that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys. Any place I can share them?


  2. Yes, highly atypical for an update without a Torotoro blog post. Thanks for the notice; I’ll add this version to my archives.

    (Also, thanks for the Minelli link.)


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