The sister model of Brynhildr believed to be her older sister, but further details are unknown. She acknowledges herself to be more capable than her sister model Hild, and has a more aggressive personality than her carefree younger sister. Her combat cabilities are extremely high, and she appears to have been designed to battle Apoptosis.

She has a sadistic personality and revels in sexually tormenting men. If raped by Sigurdriva, he will be wrung dry in no time by her intense waist movements.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


13 thoughts on “Sigrdrífa

  1. Am I the only one who worry Part 3 is in development hell? Between Part 1 and 2 was a 2 year gap. It’s will soon be 5 years since Part 2 came out. I know Part 3 is supposed to be big, but this is still kinda conserning.
    I know we get these little updates now and then, but never really anything substantial.


    1. Nah, last update on the translation was Feb 16 on the Bitbucket. There are only updates about the translation here when they reach big milestones I think.


      1. Speaking about the translation, has the groundhog day event been translated yet? Last time i checked the common events for it were translated but the map events were untranslated


  2. So I have heard that Torotoro has been having trouble contacting Xelvy, and it seems he has deleted his Twitter and Pixiv


      1. I hope it’s nothing serious. As much as I can’t deal with Xelvy’s art personally, it’s always a scary thing when someone deletes their online pressense like that.
        Hope everything is okey.


    1. I also hope he is okay. For the game’s development this could have a few implications, in case that it was a falling out.
      Like having to redraw Xelvy’s art, when you take into account he has a lot of the important ones (Sonya for instance) it makes sense it could increase dev time.

      On the other hand dev time for part 3 would make sense to be this long depending on how long they want it to be. How much do they want to flesh out the Archangels and especially the Six Ancestors and the differences between the dark and light world.


      1. Does Xelvy only provide art, or is he involved in other aspects of the game as well? For example if he helped with story and such, that is a HUGE blow to lose.


  3. So far as I know, he was just an artist, however he has been there since the original…
    And he draws many important monsters…


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