April Update


Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the latest update.

“We are currently focusing on development, and are sorry for the delay on updating the blog. The workload is enormous, we are spending a lot of time on production, and are steadly moving towards completion.”

[Alipheese the 15th]
At the very least, I shall let you rest in peace upon my bosom…!
[Queen Roach]
There’s no more point in arguing, a Queen does not surrender! Any further talk shall be done with our blades!
Lady Tamamo often rummages through the shrine’s donation box. What in the world could she be doing…?
You are not my goddess, Lady Ilias. My goddess struggled painfully, and her being has since perished.
But now there are three Edens here! Coming all the way out here was definitely worth it!

Regarding the translation of the time loop event, I am happy to announce that the tanslation is already done only remains to translate the h-scenes of the time loop only (the h-scenes of the main game were done long ago) and the skillwords, skills, etc.

(I am not dead is just that I started to work since january and I do not have enough free time to reply to the comments and update some stuff, but do not worry I will try to do it on weekends from now on)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

14 thoughts on “April Update

    1. If you mean a translation for all the time loop event thanks for remind to put that in this post.
      But yeah the translation of the Time loop is completed the only thing that reminds is the h-scenes and well the other stuff from before (skillwrods, skills, etc).


  1. Gratz on getting the job. Working for new work myself. Also thanks for translation, praying we get this before Summer 2024


  2. Queen Roach is looking great! I may have to make room in my main team for her – which already has a lot of contenders for.


  3. “At the very least, I shall let you rest in peace upon my bosom…!”

    Insert JoJo meme of “Yes yes yes yes yes…. YES!!!”

    Also congrats on the job!


  4. okay, just need to cough out 2 years and we will get full paradox that I will binged it in one go. (5 years of suffering makes this worth it)


  5. No worries, Arzor! I appreciate all the time you and your team did for 2021 with the translation for the original collab event. I don’t mind waiting a bit longer either

    (Also kind of ironic because I got my new job on January and haven’t been keeping up with some of these updates lately either due to lack of time these days)


    1. This update is about Part 3, just the devs saying they are still working, since there was a loooong silence.


  6. hello have someone a save file with completed game or completed the second chapter before the time paradox stuff happens ? 🙂


  7. Hello, I saw somewhere that you had a discord but couldn’t find the link on the blog, can someone give me a link please ? (or tell me where it is). Thank you.


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