The trailer is finally out bois…

After so long bois the time has come TrT posted the trailer at last….

*I was not ready for this*
One of the Doku Doku members translate the trailer for us.
He will update the remaining dialogues later on.
Special Thanks to Translator Anon.

Well my bois… pray for my soul my time has come….

24 thoughts on “The trailer is finally out bois…

  1. Holy fuck. This made my entire month.

    On a separate note, How’s the 2.41 translation going? Are you near 100% with everything (i.e. sex scenes, etc)


    1. The time loop event is completly translated all the event and the sidequest of that event.
      For the H-scenes thanks to the trailer, we are going to finish the remaining scenes as soon as possible before part 3 comes out.
      And well we still got left the Skillswords still… but now it will be 800 girls…


      1. I hope the translation team has been built out. The days of Rogue and Dargoth are over, but at least you have multiple people translating now, right?



      2. Would it be possible to make a blog post once everything has been translated? Just so we have a ‘final’ version for 2.41 to use.

        Really appreciate all your work so far


  2. This come out so out of blue.
    Holy damn 800 new gals.
    God bless the translators and their dedication.
    Hope you guys have a Patreon or PayPal where I can donate to


      1. Well once part 3 comes out, you’ll have my support, anything to get to this gem of a game translated faster!


  3. alright, probably need 100 hours to clear all of these things in one walkthrough……. time to start planning.


  4. hey! first of all, a major thanks to you and the team for your work at translating the game! do you think you need some volunteer help for translating part 3 when it comes out? i dont speak japanese and have no knowledge of rpg maker, but i could help with some tedious things like proofreading


  5. Hey. I think 800 new girls to, erhm, meet, somehow eclipsed another important bit which is 270 new jobs and 220 races.
    Like, that’s huge. Just how many days more am I gonna spend leveling them all? And that’s not including additional content which is almost guaranteed to appear later. Hell, if they made three routes, why not go for the secret fourth route?


  6. Are the things that characters say when you enter a boss floor in the Labyrinth of Chaos (Regular and Carnage) going to be translated?


    1. It was like that for Part 1 and Part 2, they had not ETA and were released a few months after their trailers, so it’s likely going to be the same for Part 3


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