See you in 2023 BOIS!

All of us after this post
We are sorry, but the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will not be released this year. The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will be released in 2023. There is a lot more content compared to Part 1 and 2 combined, and the number of things to check, adjust, and revise will be very high. The script itself is equivalent to more than 50 books, and the total number of H-scenes in all chapters combined is more than 2,000, which is a Guinness World Record. However, thanks to the long time you have to wait, the number of event CGs is also very large, greatly exceeding the event CGs included in Part 1 and 2. In addition, thanks to the success of Part 1 and 2, we were able to allocate a significant amount of money for the music, and thanks to that, the BGM that embellishes your adventure has become wonderful as well. Thus, we are presenting the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG on an unprecedented scale… We are in the final stages of production, so please hold on just a little while longer.

Now, regarding what to expect after the release of the final chapter of MGQ RPG. We have reflected on the fact that Monster Girl Quest RPG has become exceedingly large in scale, so we plan to make future games on a medium scale in a compact production period. But even so, the games will still be long enough in the general sense of the meaning. There are currently two games in production. One of them is a game that takes place in the Cthulhuverse, and will feature situations similar to those in the short story below.

As you can see, the main character is an agent of a cult organization, and the game is about reviving an evil god (4 to choose from) worshipped by the organization. If you succeed in resurrecting the evil god you worship, the game will be cleared and you will receive a naughty reward from said god. However, if you fail in your mission, you may be raped by a female creature or a temptress, or you may even be sacrificed to a hostile organization that worships another evil god. If the hostile organization resurrects another evil god, the world will be destroyed. In that case, of course, the game is over and the protagonist will be raped and fall prey to the resurrected evil god. We are planning to make such a medium-sized game after the final chapter of MGQ RPG. As for the other game we’re working on, it’s still a secret.

Besides the two games that are already in production, there are two other games that we have in mind that we want to make. There are so many things we want to do, but we’re in a situation where we can’t do everything at the same time. However, we are determined to complete the four games mentioned above. And of course, all of these games will focus on reverse rape and milking the loser, and we promise to satisfy those with the same tastes with a variety of fresh ideas. But first, please wait for the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG, which will conclude this long adventure.

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall andProofreading by The Noble Shade.

11 thoughts on “See you in 2023 BOIS!

  1. I want to give yall the biggest freaken thank you for what yall are about to attempt. 50 books worth of text is no small task and I hope you guys take your time and finish strong. You got this!


  2. I’m guessing Q1 2023, but that could be overly hopeful.

    probably 2025/6 before it’s fully translated.

    Arzorx, given the structure of the game, are you planning to do translate each ‘route’ (Monster, Angel, Chaos) completely before moving on, or do everything at once?

    Also, hows the translation of the time loop H scenes looking?


    1. >Arzorx, given the structure of the game, are you planning to do translate each ‘route’ (Monster, Angel, Chaos) completely before moving on, or do everything at once?

      We plan to have some members translating all the routes maybe like 2 for each route. But we will have to wait and see how big is the script to finally decide or continue that plan and focus on one.

      >Also, hows the translation of the time loop H scenes looking?

      It´s almost donde there only 16 scenes to be translated they are going to be translated soon enough.


      1. hang in there arzor and team, its only 2022 for another 2.5 months.

        Apparently there’s more fans of mgqp in the English world than Japan. Testament to the good work u guys do bringing us monmusu goodness


      2. I´m so happy to announce that all the h-scenes are finally done.
        Took us a little more of time, but well here they are.

        Now let´s just wait for part 3 meanwhile.

        *Goes back to his slumber until he is needed again*

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