New blog post today.

The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is still being developed. Below is a Q&A to some frequently asked questions and comments we have received. This will be the last news update before the end of the year.

Q: Is the amount of text in the final chapter’s scenario (script) more than 50 books worth?

A: Not just the main script, but including all text in the game such as battle dialog, gifting, and other messages that add up to 50 books.

Q: What happens if I side with the Dark Goddess when I’m with Ilias or the Goddess of Creation if I’m with Alice during the great decision?

A: If you choose a different faction from the one you started with, your companions from that faction will abandon you and the companions from the other faction will join your party. For example, if you choose to side with the Goddess of Creation while Alice is with you, Alice and Morrigan will abandon you and Ilias and Eden will join your party. Finally, here are some relationship charts for the major characters of the Celestial Realm and Dark Realm. The Celestial Realm’s leaders have good relations apart from a couple exceptions. The Dark Realm’s leaders seem to have difficult relationships.

Shiki´s Chart

Xelvy´s Chart

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.