Monster Girl Collab

We apologize for the late announcement, but we are having a collab with Monster Girl TD!

▼Collab Title Monster Girl Quest! x Monster Girl TD

▼Collab Appeal Text The Monster Girl Quest x Monster Girl TD Collab event is underway! Play the new event “Monster Girl Quest! Trouble x Confusion” to collect event points and exchange them to get Four Heavenly Knights – Granberia as a companion!

▼Hosting Period 2/20/23(Monday) after maintenance ~ 3/13/23(Monday) before maintenance *Second half of the event is scheduled to begin on 2/27/23 (Monday)

Me waiting for part 3…

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall andProofreading by The Noble Shade.


2 thoughts on “Monster Girl Collab

  1. Part 3 is a myth. It will never happen… But all jokes aside, it does get a bit frustrating with how much other stuff they have been doing, while we’ve waited for so many years for Part 3… Didn’t Part 2 come out in 2017 in Japan? Has it really been 6 years?


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