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The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is still being developed. Below is a Q&A to some frequently asked questions and comments we have received. This will be the last news update before the end of the year.

Q: Is the amount of text in the final chapter’s scenario (script) more than 50 books worth?

A: Not just the main script, but including all text in the game such as battle dialog, gifting, and other messages that add up to 50 books.

Q: What happens if I side with the Dark Goddess when I’m with Ilias or the Goddess of Creation if I’m with Alice during the great decision?

A: If you choose a different faction from the one you started with, your companions from that faction will abandon you and the companions from the other faction will join your party. For example, if you choose to side with the Goddess of Creation while Alice is with you, Alice and Morrigan will abandon you and Ilias and Eden will join your party. Finally, here are some relationship charts for the major characters of the Celestial Realm and Dark Realm. The Celestial Realm’s leaders have good relations apart from a couple exceptions. The Dark Realm’s leaders seem to have difficult relationships.

Shiki´s Chart

Xelvy´s Chart

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


See you in 2023 BOIS!

All of us after this post
We are sorry, but the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will not be released this year. The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will be released in 2023. There is a lot more content compared to Part 1 and 2 combined, and the number of things to check, adjust, and revise will be very high. The script itself is equivalent to more than 50 books, and the total number of H-scenes in all chapters combined is more than 2,000, which is a Guinness World Record. However, thanks to the long time you have to wait, the number of event CGs is also very large, greatly exceeding the event CGs included in Part 1 and 2. In addition, thanks to the success of Part 1 and 2, we were able to allocate a significant amount of money for the music, and thanks to that, the BGM that embellishes your adventure has become wonderful as well. Thus, we are presenting the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG on an unprecedented scale… We are in the final stages of production, so please hold on just a little while longer.

Now, regarding what to expect after the release of the final chapter of MGQ RPG. We have reflected on the fact that Monster Girl Quest RPG has become exceedingly large in scale, so we plan to make future games on a medium scale in a compact production period. But even so, the games will still be long enough in the general sense of the meaning. There are currently two games in production. One of them is a game that takes place in the Cthulhuverse, and will feature situations similar to those in the short story below.

As you can see, the main character is an agent of a cult organization, and the game is about reviving an evil god (4 to choose from) worshipped by the organization. If you succeed in resurrecting the evil god you worship, the game will be cleared and you will receive a naughty reward from said god. However, if you fail in your mission, you may be raped by a female creature or a temptress, or you may even be sacrificed to a hostile organization that worships another evil god. If the hostile organization resurrects another evil god, the world will be destroyed. In that case, of course, the game is over and the protagonist will be raped and fall prey to the resurrected evil god. We are planning to make such a medium-sized game after the final chapter of MGQ RPG. As for the other game we’re working on, it’s still a secret.

Besides the two games that are already in production, there are two other games that we have in mind that we want to make. There are so many things we want to do, but we’re in a situation where we can’t do everything at the same time. However, we are determined to complete the four games mentioned above. And of course, all of these games will focus on reverse rape and milking the loser, and we promise to satisfy those with the same tastes with a variety of fresh ideas. But first, please wait for the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG, which will conclude this long adventure.

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall andProofreading by The Noble Shade.

April Update

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the latest update.

“We are currently focusing on development, and are sorry for the delay on updating the blog. The workload is enormous, we are spending a lot of time on production, and are steadly moving towards completion.”

[Alipheese the 15th]
At the very least, I shall let you rest in peace upon my bosom…!
[Queen Roach]
There’s no more point in arguing, a Queen does not surrender! Any further talk shall be done with our blades!
Lady Tamamo often rummages through the shrine’s donation box. What in the world could she be doing…?
You are not my goddess, Lady Ilias. My goddess struggled painfully, and her being has since perished.
But now there are three Edens here! Coming all the way out here was definitely worth it!

Regarding the translation of the time loop event, I am happy to announce that the tanslation is already done only remains to translate the h-scenes of the time loop only (the h-scenes of the main game were done long ago) and the skillwords, skills, etc.

(I am not dead is just that I started to work since january and I do not have enough free time to reply to the comments and update some stuff, but do not worry I will try to do it on weekends from now on)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


The sister model of Brynhildr believed to be her older sister, but further details are unknown. She acknowledges herself to be more capable than her sister model Hild, and has a more aggressive personality than her carefree younger sister. Her combat cabilities are extremely high, and she appears to have been designed to battle Apoptosis.

She has a sadistic personality and revels in sexually tormenting men. If raped by Sigurdriva, he will be wrung dry in no time by her intense waist movements.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

There was a post after all…

(ok TRT you got my attention with this one)

This is being reported after the fact, but the 2.41 version of Monmusu Quest Paradox has been published on DLSite.
The contents of the update are as follows.

・Alma Elma can be selected for the Night Festival dating event.
・The Night Festival dating event can be replayed by talking to Reaper.
・Illustrations added to the new Myusca and Nemea H-scenes.
・Additional tweaks and bugfixes

The FANZA mirror is also scheduled to be updated soon.

In addition, we are also introducing two new joint magazines.

・Violated by Monster Girls in Card Battles Joint Magazine 1: Fierce Battle Compilation
・Boys Become Prey to Squeezing Creatures Joint Magazine 3: Ecstasy Compilation

We have submitted both books to DLSite tody, and should the review process proceed smoothly, they should be available at the same time in about a week.
They will be priced at 1900 yen (excluding taxes), which is on the higher side compared to past joint magazines, but understand this is due to the significant increase in page count.

Summon monster girls in card battles!
Endure the pleasure attacks of the monster girls summoned by your opponent!
If you give in to the pleasure and climax, life points will get taken away!

The first edition of a joint magazine where card battlers get violated by monster girls, and both semen and cards are taken away!
This is a large volume featuring fifteen works of manga, an illustrated card list, and spans over 265 pages.

The third installment of the joint magazine where boys are violated by tentacle creatures and semen-squeezing organisms.

Contains 14 manga works, three novel works, and spans 353 pages.

If you want to check the link to all the artists just check the link of the official post.

Warning: I’m not responsible of what you are going to see in the previews of that doujins lmao.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Merge process completed to 2.41

After much toil and trouble, we have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.41)!

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.41.

And before you ask yes we got 2.41 with no trt blog post to notify us about so it really came by surprise when we check the official dslite site and see 2.41 was already out. Anyways just follow the tutorial as always and everything should work fine.

Finally the Patch is out

“After several days of toil, I am pleased to announce the translation has been successfully merged with 2.40!
You will now be able to use our translation with Version 2.40 of Paradox through the Ytinasni GameSelector+Translator method.

NOTE THAT MOST OF THE NEW CONTENT IS NOT TRANSLATED YET. This is mainly for people who don’t want to be constantly navigating Japanese menus all the time.
The translations will come gradually, so be patient.

Also, I should point out that the following plug-ins are currently disabled due to incompatability with 2.40.
-Skill Descriptions+
-Combat Log
-Status Analyzer
They will still be shown in the Config menu, but won’t do anything even if enabled. These features will be enabled again as soon as we can find fixes for these.

You can find the 2.40 compatable translation at the same Arzorx repository as before–just note that it will no longer work for 2.35 as of this writing.

― GeminiSunfall

But there is still chance you will find some bugs during your gameplay report them as soon as possible.

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update.

Well, Morrigan gets a new scene, so braces yourselves bois.

Today, we have submitted the update for the 2.40 version of the Middle Chapter (Part 2) to DLSite.
If it passes review without any problems, it should be available in the next few days.
The contents on the update are as we have posted on the blog thus far.

・Various new events have been added
→You can start these from Amira’s bulletin board in the Pocket Castle

・Reaper Battle Challenge (with extravagant prizes)
→Talk to the Reaper in Hades

・New H-scenes (including from the skeb event) have been added
→Includes new events, requests, etc

・New jobs and race added
The new jobs will be available following events.
The new races will be added to the corresponding companions

・Various new functions
Improved auto-combat, H-scene recollection, etc.

・Companion affection uniformity between saves
Affection of companions will be unified across all save data
If you have more than one save, the highest affection values will be applied across them

・Carnage Chaos Mode added
A high-difficulty version of the Labyrinth of Chaos has been added
The higher the difficulty level, the greater the rewards you can gain
Nothing beyond the 100th floor has been reported by our playtesters

・Changes to the Seals System
Changes have been made to the seals that can be found on secret equipment
If you equip multiple pieces of gear with the same seal in multiple slots, you will gain additional effects
Additionally, every seal will increase all stats by 10%

・New Chaos equipment and bosses
New equipment and bosses have been added to the Labyrinth of Chaos

・Various adjustments and bugfixes

Several new events have been added.
In addition, the time loop event, which is argubly the centerpiece of this update, is quite lengthy and elaborate
Make sure you don’t forget to save before starting this event, just in case.

A consiberable number of adjustments have been made to The Labyrinth of Chaos based on the feedback of our playtesters.
Enemy stat values have been adjusted considerably for balance, so that when taking them head-on, you should be able to tell they are considerably less unfair compared to before,
Conversely, their resistances to status ailments has been increased.

Additionally, the tactics and characteristics of bosses have been made more elaborate.
Some bosses may even use blatantly underhanded tricks.
However, the bosses will also have more weaknesses, so by knowing your opponent, you will be able to fight them more effectively than before.

***H-Scene Recollection Full Unlock

An H-Scene recolleciton funciton (which can be accessed through the title screen) has been added, but it is also possible to unlock all scenes through a simple process.

(You’ve found a secret switch! Do you want to enable Full Unlock Mode for Scene Recollection? (options are “Keep Normal Setting” and “Enable Full Unlock Mode”)

Go to the back of the first floor in the Iliasville Inn (AKA Luka’s House), and there will be a switch that unlocks the entire collection in the location shown in the image.
Since this is a place you can access within the first minute of gameplay, even new players will have no problems.
There are no particular penalties for fully unlocking the scenes like this, and it’s also possible to flip the switch again to undo it.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Vote on the next update’s dating event

The link was removed so you can’t vote anymore.
The reason is still unknown maybe TRR will post something explained what happen soon.
There will be a dating event in the coming Part 2 update. The characters you can choose from as your dating partner will include Alice, Ilias, and Sonya, but in addition to them, whoever places first in this user poll will also be selectable in this event as a dating partner. Please read the following points carefully before voting.”
-Only characters who are companions in Part 2 can be voted for.
-Alice, Ilias, and Sonya are already date options
-Voting deadline will be August 15th.
-You may vote once per day.
Any votes that ignore the above will be considered invalid. The character that places first will be included in the dating event. If we have time, there is a possibiity we might include the character who got the second-most votes. Please vote right away!
(To vote, just click the blue link provided in the post or this one

Here’s who is on the list you can select.
Miranda (Lizard Boss)
Lippy (Little Bug)
Lucretia (Queen Harpy)
Victoria (Valkyrie)
Soapy (Crab Girl)
Spider Princess
Melk (Slug Girl)
Cupi (Cupid)
Elisabeth (High Slug)
Alra Priestess
Sofia (Lamia Nun)
Black Alice
Cow Demon Queen
Alma Elma
Ratty (Rat Girl)
Witch Succubus
Reina (Harpy)
Odette (Misstauros)
Jellil (Jelly Girl)
Carol (High Minotaruos)
Angel Soldier
Haruka (Bestial Kitsune)
Izuna (Four-tailed Samurai)
Amara (Wolf Girl)

Lamiaroid and Archangel Mariel were also listed for some reason, despite not being recruitable in Part 2.
(EDIT: A lot of the character I named were “added” by people who voted Other. I suspect Mariel and Lamiaroid will be invalid votes)
There’s another option to vote for “other”, and vote for someone who’s not on this list–just know that if it doesn’t comply with the above rules your vote won’t count.

MOVE YOUR ASSES AND VOTE FOR MY QUEEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.