Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update.

Well, Morrigan gets a new scene, so braces yourselves bois.

Today, we have submitted the update for the 2.40 version of the Middle Chapter (Part 2) to DLSite.
If it passes review without any problems, it should be available in the next few days.
The contents on the update are as we have posted on the blog thus far.

・Various new events have been added
→You can start these from Amira’s bulletin board in the Pocket Castle

・Reaper Battle Challenge (with extravagant prizes)
→Talk to the Reaper in Hades

・New H-scenes (including from the skeb event) have been added
→Includes new events, requests, etc

・New jobs and race added
The new jobs will be available following events.
The new races will be added to the corresponding companions

・Various new functions
Improved auto-combat, H-scene recollection, etc.

・Companion affection uniformity between saves
Affection of companions will be unified across all save data
If you have more than one save, the highest affection values will be applied across them

・Carnage Chaos Mode added
A high-difficulty version of the Labyrinth of Chaos has been added
The higher the difficulty level, the greater the rewards you can gain
Nothing beyond the 100th floor has been reported by our playtesters

・Changes to the Seals System
Changes have been made to the seals that can be found on secret equipment
If you equip multiple pieces of gear with the same seal in multiple slots, you will gain additional effects
Additionally, every seal will increase all stats by 10%

・New Chaos equipment and bosses
New equipment and bosses have been added to the Labyrinth of Chaos

・Various adjustments and bugfixes

Several new events have been added.
In addition, the time loop event, which is argubly the centerpiece of this update, is quite lengthy and elaborate
Make sure you don’t forget to save before starting this event, just in case.

A consiberable number of adjustments have been made to The Labyrinth of Chaos based on the feedback of our playtesters.
Enemy stat values have been adjusted considerably for balance, so that when taking them head-on, you should be able to tell they are considerably less unfair compared to before,
Conversely, their resistances to status ailments has been increased.

Additionally, the tactics and characteristics of bosses have been made more elaborate.
Some bosses may even use blatantly underhanded tricks.
However, the bosses will also have more weaknesses, so by knowing your opponent, you will be able to fight them more effectively than before.

***H-Scene Recollection Full Unlock

An H-Scene recolleciton funciton (which can be accessed through the title screen) has been added, but it is also possible to unlock all scenes through a simple process.

(You’ve found a secret switch! Do you want to enable Full Unlock Mode for Scene Recollection? (options are “Keep Normal Setting” and “Enable Full Unlock Mode”)

Go to the back of the first floor in the Iliasville Inn (AKA Luka’s House), and there will be a switch that unlocks the entire collection in the location shown in the image.
Since this is a place you can access within the first minute of gameplay, even new players will have no problems.
There are no particular penalties for fully unlocking the scenes like this, and it’s also possible to flip the switch again to undo it.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


Vote on the next update’s dating event

The link was removed so you can’t vote anymore.
The reason is still unknown maybe TRR will post something explained what happen soon.
There will be a dating event in the coming Part 2 update. The characters you can choose from as your dating partner will include Alice, Ilias, and Sonya, but in addition to them, whoever places first in this user poll will also be selectable in this event as a dating partner. Please read the following points carefully before voting.”
-Only characters who are companions in Part 2 can be voted for.
-Alice, Ilias, and Sonya are already date options
-Voting deadline will be August 15th.
-You may vote once per day.
Any votes that ignore the above will be considered invalid. The character that places first will be included in the dating event. If we have time, there is a possibiity we might include the character who got the second-most votes. Please vote right away!
(To vote, just click the blue link provided in the post or this one

Here’s who is on the list you can select.
Miranda (Lizard Boss)
Lippy (Little Bug)
Lucretia (Queen Harpy)
Victoria (Valkyrie)
Soapy (Crab Girl)
Spider Princess
Melk (Slug Girl)
Cupi (Cupid)
Elisabeth (High Slug)
Alra Priestess
Sofia (Lamia Nun)
Black Alice
Cow Demon Queen
Alma Elma
Ratty (Rat Girl)
Witch Succubus
Reina (Harpy)
Odette (Misstauros)
Jellil (Jelly Girl)
Carol (High Minotaruos)
Angel Soldier
Haruka (Bestial Kitsune)
Izuna (Four-tailed Samurai)
Amara (Wolf Girl)

Lamiaroid and Archangel Mariel were also listed for some reason, despite not being recruitable in Part 2.
(EDIT: A lot of the character I named were “added” by people who voted Other. I suspect Mariel and Lamiaroid will be invalid votes)
There’s another option to vote for “other”, and vote for someone who’s not on this list–just know that if it doesn’t comply with the above rules your vote won’t count.

MOVE YOUR ASSES AND VOTE FOR MY QUEEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Regarding the 2.4 update

Sequential development is ongoing as we are developing an update for Part 2. Since the collaborations for “SHRIFT” and “The Three Charms” have been released, we speculate that this update will be ready about a month later. Please note that there are many additional contents in this update, so there is a possibility we might delay it.

Regarding Additional Events
In addition to the additional items mentioned last time, multiple sub-events will be added.
Also, the event of “Time Loop Incident” which is the highlight of this update is very long.
Multiple new H scenes are also included.

・Amabie Arises
Amabie finally sets out to save the people of the world. However, she’s getting cold stares from the people she meets…

Why are people giving me the social distancing treatment…? There’s no need to constrain ourselves, we can have high-risk contact…

・Cassandra Strikes Back
Cassandra finally causes trouble. What will Luka and the others do now that Cassandra has regained her former powers…?

My power got taken away… That Cassandra…

・A Girl Band is Formed?!
To get a prize from a certain tournament, you organize a girl band. What will the results be…?

We’re in the middle of practicing, so don’t go up on stage.

・Time Loop Incident
Luka is caught in an anomaly that is causing time to repeat itself. If he can’t find the cause, he’ll never escape from the space-time loop.

This is…exactly what happened last time?!
Repeating the same time…? Could something strange have occured in the soul network?
Delicious! This salty flavor!

(Editor’s Note: This sleepy portrait for Giga currently does not exist in the 2.35 files, it is indeed a new addition)

New Jobs and Races

9 new jobs and 10 new races will be added.

・Sorcerer -> Advanced Sorcerer job (TL note: this name seems like a placeholder or TTR doesn’t want to reveal what its called)
Was explained in detail in the previous blog post. It’s capable of learning certain enemy skills.

・フ???ー → フ??? (TL note: フ is the “fu” kana, so the name of this job will likely start with an “F”)
A job for weapon experts. We believe there are many people who have longed for this one.

・エ??? → エ??? Intermediate Job → エ??? Advanced Job ((TL note: エ is the “e” kana)
A job that appears to have been sealed in the past. Its style of fighting is in line with a certain character that does not fit well with the existing jobs, as you can probably imagine.

・シ?????? → シ?????? Advanced Job (TL note: シ is the “shi” kana)
A job for defense and support. We expect it will be useful even in the labyrinth of chaos.

・Roid race line, consisting of seven races including Advanced.
Certain Doll and Chimera companions that currently exist will now be separated into their own Roid race. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Chimeraroid race will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

・Giant race, including three advanced sub-races.
Monsters who take pride in having a huge body will be given a race called “Giant”. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Golem subrace of Dolls will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

Reaper Battle Challenge
Fight against the Reaper and see how much damage you can inflict in 3 turns! The defenseless Reaper will then tally the total amount of damage you dealt in those 3 turns. You may even get extravagant prizes based on how much damage you inflicted…?

Labyrnth of Chaos – Carnage Addition
“Carnage Labyrnth of Chaos” will be added for players seeking a challenge. It is fundamentally the same as the standard Labyrnth of Chaos, but its difficulty increases drastically. Accordingly, you will obtain more extravagant items the deeper inside you dive.

Secret Equipment Seals – New System
The seals system that has been used for secret equipment thus far will be reworked. Various seals have a chance of appearing on all secret weapons, armor, and accessories. By wearing multiple equipments with the same seal, the effects of that seal will be enhanced.
For example, if you equip a weapon and a helmet with “Seal of Gnome”, the effects of the one- and two-piece set bonuses for the Seal of Gnome will be obtained. If you arm yourself with a weapon, armor, headgear, shield, and accessory bearing the same seal, you can gain tremendous additional effects…

(1-set: Max SP/Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%, Activate “Gnome” at the start of battle.)
(2-set: Attack +30%, Critical Rate +50%, Critical Damage +100%)
(3-set: Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%)
(4-set: Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Strike)
(5-set: Converts Earth damage to Terra, Terra Booster 100%)

Currently, there is a bug in the H-scene data in the pubicly distributed version on the official website. The H-Scene viewing function will be renewed in the Part 2.40 version update, and will be possible to easily release in its entirety. Please wait a little while longer for the version update to be released.
{Editor note: we have no idea what this could be referring to.}

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

End of Recruitment Notice for Part 2 Playtesting

We are grateful for all of the applications we have received.
Thanks to everyone, we have received more than 40 applications.
We never thought we’d get so many people applying that we’d have to think about a selection process.
We have already notified the recruiter by e-mail, so any applicants who have not received an e-mail from us will be rejected.
We are truly sorry, but you must understand.
After this, we will cancel any further applications for Part 2 playtesting.

***Version 2.40 Additions
For the next version update, we will introduce some of the new additions

・Added new H-scene for Wing Harpy and Morrigan+Michaela-chan+Lucifina-chan (simultaneous torture)
・Collab characters from ROBF (Tarsa, Exectuioner, Ogretooth, Mysteltainn)
Their H-scenes will be rewritten and artwork redone.
・Nightmare(SQ), Nightmare(SR), and Demi-Nightmare
H-scenes will have rewritten dialog. Artwork will remain as-is.
・New “Scene Recall” function added
If you wanted to replay requests and rape scenes up to this point, the places to do so were scattered around and troublesome to browse through. With this new mode, all H-scene recollections, including requests and BFs, will be centralized in the Monster Library, so finding them should be much easier now.
・Added new “Sorcerer” Job
A concept introduced from the world of the collaboration work “The Three Charms”, it is a job that wields techniques used by monsters. By observing the skills used by monsters in battle, they are able to acquire (learn) them. In short, it is very similar to the Blue Mage job from the Final Fantasy series. There are over 108 various enemy skills that can be learned currently in Part 2. Some are very rare, and only used by bosses.
・Other details
Mimic Girls have learned a new skill, “Everyone’s Grudge”. This is a terrifying skill that strikes with the resentment of her fallen allies. The more that monster has been defeated, the greater its power will be. Players who have been bullying Mimic Girls might find themselves taking huge damage… Additionally, “Everyone’s Grudge” can be learned by the aforementioned Sorcerer.

Part 2 v2.40 Additional Event

Yahoo (^O^)
How are you doing, Kazuya-kun? (^w^)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Quick Update


Regarding this morning’s playtester recruitment article.
We’ve received a lot of applications at this point in time.
We are truly grateful for that, but please understand that the end of the recruitment phase will be very soon.
At the very least, we will be accepting applications throughout today (the 23rd).
If you are considering, please be aware of that.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Recruitment of middle chapter appde version test players

As we’ve stated before, we are recruiting testers for Part 2 v2.40 update.

The following people are eligible to apply:
・Men and women over the age of 18.
・Have clear data for Monster Girl Quest RPG
・Have been engaged in Monster Girl Quest RPG’s to a considerable extent (exceeded the 600th floor of Labyrnth of Chaos as a reference)

The contents of your task will be as follows:
・Check to see if there are any bugs in the gameplay elements added in the version update.
・Play the high-difficulty version of the Labyrnth of Chaos, and provide advice and feedback regarding balance ajustment, new mechanics, etc.
・When Part 3 playtesting begins in the future, priority will be given to you. Your reward will be in the form of a bank transfer of a prescribed amount.

For now, we’ll be limiting this to those who have a Japanese bank account. To apply, please send an e-mail to the following address:

Please be sure to put “Aspiring Playtester” (テストプレイ希望) in the title of your e-mail. If it does not have this, it will sent to deletion automatically. The application period will be until the number of applicants reaches a certain amount. When the application period is over, we will make another announcement on the blog. Please note that only the recruiter will contact you regarding the acceptance or rejection of your application. We do apologize in advance, but if you do not respond, you will be rejected. If you are confident in your mastery of the game, please submit your application.

[Amabie] “Why am I being given social distancing? You don’t need to hesitate, let us have fruitful, direct contact…”

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event 2

SMT intensifies

We said there would be news updates on an irregular basis because of preparations for the next update and the Skeb event and as a result, this has become a regular news update. This time, we are introducing a new apoptosis (+ the new artist responsible) for Part 3.

A high-ranking apoptosis that appears in regions where chaosization has progressed drastically. It appears to be a gene harvesting type, which solely focuses on collects genetic information from lifeforms. How it uses this massive amount of genetic information is entirely unknown. The emergence of an apoptosis of this level signifies the collapse of that world.

Ozawayoshi, who we are introducing for the first time, was responsible for the illustration. In addition, Ozawayoshi will also be participating in the Skeb event.

・Stealth Changing Line

Regarding the Skeb event, it’s as we’ve explained before. As for characters appearing in Part 3 (including those whose appear before Part 3 and become active therein), please understand that the Skeb images will be implemented in Part 3. Additionally, if you would like an illustration drawn before the Skeb event to be used in the main part of Monster Girl Quest RPG, please contact the artist.

We’ve mentioned that the next Part 2 update is 2.36, but because there are going to be so many additions, we will be calling this 2.40. In addition to the content we’ve mentioned prior, we are planning to implement a big new event. The release date will be after the collab scenarios for SHRIFT and The Three Charms have been publically released.

The following illustration takes place when Karen (Sonya’s mother) was adventuring. Is it true that this priestess’s lewd attire surprised the people she met…?

She is planned to appear only briefly in recollection, even during Part 3.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event

In preparation for the Skeb event, there will be irregular updates.
This time, we’re introducing a new Apoptosis that will appear in the final chapter.

・Amunario [Shade Note: Name might also be Amnalio; all names we give are subject to change]
A high-ranking Apoptosis that appears where chaosization has progressed drastically. It possesses immense power and ruthlessly eliminates foreign entities. If the target of her elimination is a male however, she will harvest their genes before erasing them. How she uses the collected genetic information is not known.
  *  *  *
Mizukuchi, who we’re introducing for the first time, created this illustration.
He is also in charge of several of the apoptosis appearing in the final chapter.
However, he will also be participating in the Skeb event as of his introduction.
In addition, Stealth-Changing Line will also be participating along with the following:

-Stealth-Changing Line

When making Skeb requests, please follow each artist’s rules.
In the near-future, we are looking for testers for the lastest version of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox RPG Middle Chapter (read: not the final chapter!)
The middle chapter version update introduces some new systems that will be included in the final chapter, and if we can get these thoroughly tested now, it will simplify the testing process for the final chapter’s release.
This time, we are planning to check and adjust the difficulty balance of Labyrinth of Chaos, so we ideally want our testers to be dedicated players.
We will also be asking for your feedback on the systems and balance, so if you think you can help, please wait for our recruitment later on.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Lancubus & Liicubus

・Lancubus & Liicubus

A pair of succubi who existed in ancient times.
They were incredibly powerful and lascivious, but were supposedly killed in the Great Monster Wars.
But in another world where the Dark Goddess won the Great Monster Wars, they never perished and they live all around the Monster Realm.
In Succubus Village, human men are traded around as sex slaves.
They are supposedly treated worse than livestock and consumed like food.

Raichi will be in charge of the sketchbook. He has already drawn illustrations of the Demi-Nightmare from the collaboration, and will be responsible for the illustration of multiple characters in Part 3 as well.
The next line is just a reminder about the Skeb event.
Shiki, Setouchi, and Raichi are currently participating.
Shiki has temporarily suspended commissions, and will resume them soon

Additionally, there is mentioning of the following:
There is a reminders of the comission rules from last time
Another reminder that 2.36 will be released alongside the SHRIFT and Three Charms collab updates.
New chaos equipment and abilities will be added, along with a revamp of the emblem random enchants. (This is for LoC)
Also planning to add a new convenience system that was intended to be released for Part 3. (though no mention of what it is)
New cut-in+H-scenes from the aforementioned Skeb event participants.
They have a lot of other things to do and are fixing the existing bugs as well.

And about the development.
Of course, the development of the final chapter is also progressing steadily.
Some have been saying the development of this chapter is taking too long…
The development of Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG’s first chapter began around the middle of Monster Girl Quest (the VN)’s production, and has been worked on simultaneously.
We did not start developing the RPG after the VN’s final chapter.
So the development of the RPG’s first and middle chapter have taken quite a long time.
The final chapter in particular has a lot of work to do specifically regarding the ■■■■ situation.
So please be patient for the long term.
Even after the completion of Monmusu RPG, we have so many more ideas for games than we can count on two hands, some of which are already moving forward behind the scenes.
Monmusu RPG has become too large of a game, and there’s a feeling that the workload has become too heavy.
We’d like to put out more light-to-mediumweight games in the future.
Of course, we’ve also scheduled various themes for a hobby joint-magazine and have already begun production for it.
That is why we’d like to thank you for your continued support.

Translation by GeminiSunfall, BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Slime Month

Regarding the next update to Monster Girl Quest Paradox! Chapter 2 (v2.36),
as we stated before, it will come after the publication of the collab scenarios with “The Three Charms” and “SHRIFT”.
We’ll be releasing new Legend Equips for the Labyrinth of Chaos and a reform to the system for “Mark of ————”.
We’re working various other things into the Labyrinth of Chaos, besides that.
What we’re saying here will only be useful to a subset of power players, but…
those going for completionism in the Labyrinth who collect equips bearing “Mark of ————” may find they gain various benefits after the update.
Also, there’s (a new job/new jobs) added, and little supplementary events.
Furthermore, we’re experimentally rolling out some useful functions planned for Chapter 3, such as the new berserk system.
Of course, we plan to fix the bugs about which we’ve received reports.

You might feel lonely with just an update about Chapter 2, so below we introduce a new (?) character for Chapter 3.
Now then, we’re going to be taking a bit of a break until the next blog update.

・Erubetie Kanade
This is the form of Erubetie, having taken in cells that she received from one of the Six Ancestors, Kanade.
Though she was a colony lifeform to begin with, the number of lives residing within her body has further increased,
and she now contains in that body a lifeform count of a planetary level.
That burden is extremely heavy, and she sometimes falls into a state where she is incapable of maintaining control.
It is said she’s shouldering a very critical role in the “World Unity Plan” that the Dark Goddess is implementing.

Also, regarding projects afterward, we are doing some additional recruitment.

***Work contents
・Creating animations for use in RPG Maker
We prepare assets for you to work with, so skill in asset creation is unnecessary.

***Application conditions
・Those who can send and receive emails with data of around 3MB.
・Men or women 18 years of age or older.
・We won’t ask for experience or background in this, but the experienced would be warmly welcome.

・This will be based on experience and ability.
・As much as possible, we will consult with you regarding what you need.
・Once assigned projects are completed, we’ll transfer money to your bank account.

Those who think, “This is for me!”, having put “Recruitment” into the title,
please contact us at the above address.
At the same time, please attach a sample of your work.
We’re waiting for your application.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.