Archangels Metatronne & Sandalphone

Metatronne & Sandalphone

After a hiatus, there was an update today on the dev blog.

Two of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven’s strongest forces. They always act as a pair, and excel at combination attacks. Individually, they’re said to have only half the fighting capbility of one of the Six Anccestors, but once they work together, their combat abilities aren’t just doubled. When Metatronne and Sandalphone combine their powers, they are also able to use powerful combination skills.

The energy-radiating attack, [Atomic Heaven], becomes possible when Metatronne and Sandalphone cooperate. Its power is comparable to Micaela’s [Sword of the Heavens] and Lucifina’s [Daystar]. Its firepower is the greatest among Heaven’s army, and the reason why such high-output is possible is because the two angels generate nuclear power. However, the nuclear reactors these angels are equipped with is unique, and was created by an unknown process.

In the Heavenly Realm, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted them with ruling the continent of Hellgondo. There are no cities on this continent which was once the Dark Goddess’s stronghold; only a cathedral remains there. Metatronne and Sandalphone are in charge of managing this area, and hunt down the remnants of the Dark Goddess’s army. There are also rumors that a top-secret research institute under the direct control of Ilias exists on the continent. The twin angels are said to be the heads of the institute. Many mysteries surround the twins, including endless rumors that they were the products of their own research.

The twin sisters never part from one another, and will even play with men together. Men captured by Metatronne and Sandlphone become their toys, and will be endlessly raped by the two of them.

Translation by Gemini Sunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Important Update Part 2.

I’m pleased to announce another update to our translation.
We were recently told that the Paradox Russian Translation team had deprecated the scrolling icon script as it was causing stack overflow issues. Basically a memory crash if you were in a battle for too long.
So while icons will persist on HP guages, they won’t scroll. Instead, we’ve implemented a scanner. In the battle menu, there’s a [Status] option, that will allow you to examine the status of any ally or enemy, positive or negative.

In addition to that, we’ve implemented expanded skill descriptions. When not in a battle, while you have a skill highlighted in the Skills menu, pushing [A] will bring up another window showing all the properties of that skill.

To enable this, go into your Config menu and toggle the “Skill Descriptions+” setting to “On” (It may appear on, but if you’re continuing from a save game, it’s actually off–toggle it off then on again. It’s on by default in a new game).
Note: you’ll need to enable it again every time the translator is run. So in the future, if it seems to not work, just turn it off and on again in the Config menu.

Using this, it’s confirmed something I’ve wondered about for the longest time.
Slug Vore is a skill that doesn’t work. TTR forgot to put predation conditions on it.

Compare to something like this.

Screenshots and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Important Update

I’m pleased to announce a major update for our translation. We’ve recently been in correspondence with the Russian Paradox translation team after we noticed their use of element icons in skill descriptions. As of an udpate a few weeks ago, element icons were removed from our skill descriptions because they were causing display issues, and we were hoping to extrapolate the Russain translation’s icon use. While we ultimately did not figure that out, they have graciously given us use of their plug-ins. Similiar to plugins and modifications that already existed in the translation, such as the extended skill description box, the syntax that enables the nameboxes (aka nameplates), and the affinity display, we’ve introduced some plug-ins that provide quality-of-life improvements.

•A bugfix that removes the lag incurred by damaging tiles (lava, poison swamps, etc.)

•An extension for the Monster Library that adds a status chance page, similar to the one used in your party status menu. In addition, enemy stats will now reflect the current difficulty you’re playing on.

•New Config menu options that allow you to display HP gauges+status markers on your enemies, as well as scrolling status markers that allow you to see more than 3 efffects on your party members. In addition to this, all skillwords for White Magic have been translated, and the info in the LoC Weapon/Skill manual has been expanded.

Example screenshots:

Translation and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


There was an update today on the dev blog, translation by Gemini Sunfall.

(Best Death Ever…)

The leader of the Six Ancestors, and a great monster who is highly trusted by the Dark God. She bears the characteristics of lamias, harpies, and dragons, and possesses tremendous physical and magical capabilities.
Although there is no clear superiority or inferiority among the Six Ancestors’ powers, there is balance and affinity between their specialties. Saja has the greatest overall fighting ability amongst the Six Ancestors, and is known for being the strongest among them. Her power is said to rival Heaven’s most powerful angels, Micaela and Lucifina.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Saja does not rule over a city. She is the confidant and guardian of the Dark God, and rarely leaves her side. The Dark God does not move from her castle on the Monster Continent, so Saja leads the Dark God’s armies as her adjutant. Saja has strict and level-headed personality, but she appears to dislike excessive cruelty. She is deeply loyal to the Dark God, and it is rumored that she could become her successor.

Saja has a strict and level-headed personality, but she appears to dislike excessive cruelty. She rapes defeated men and feeds upon them for her own enjoyment. As a yoma, it isn’t unethical for her to squeeze challengers to death. That is, she is only exercising her natural right as the victor.

※Due to circumstances, we will be taking a break from updating the blog next month.

Proofreading By The Noble Shade.

Archangel Lucifina

There was an update today on the dev blog, translation by Gemini Sunfall.


One of the original angel sisters first created by the Goddess Ilias.
Along with her older sister Micaela, she boasts the greatest power among all of the angels.
She constantly appeared on the front lines during the Great Monster Wars, slaughtering countless monsters.
Her alias, “Daystar”, instilled fear amongst all monsters.
She has since retired from battle, and is now living peacefully in the countryside.
Thus, she is not counted among the Seven Archangels, the strongest fighting force in Heaven.

However, no one has actually seen her in retirement, and there are whispers suggesting that the reality is different.
It is rumored that she had slain so many monsters, that she had become a fallen angel.
This aforementioned rumor however, was supposedly leaked by information control intentionally to [REDACTED] a few decades ago, at the Remina Research Institute [REDACTED] later, on the moon’s surface, [REDACTED]

So far, there have been no instances of Lucifina ever assaulting men.
She only takes pleasure in straight-up slaughter.
But in some cases, she may display an expected motherly side…

The rest of it at the end is about Nioh 2. Gemini Sunfall summarizes it like this:
Okay, to sum up the Nioh 2 stuff: “you’ve probably been hearing noise about this game recently.” Apparently, TTR has taken a liking to the female monsters in that game.
So they’re working on a little side-project.
This work will also include the ones that appeared in the first Nioh
So yeah, basically an ero-fanbook.
They mention names of some of the monsters that will be featured–I’m not familiar enough with Nioh to really say much on those.
Supposedly… they’ve already got these done? So they’ll be trickling these out whenever they feel like it.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)

Hiruko The Scylla Ancestor


One of the Six Ancestors, she is considered to be the ancestor to all tentacled monsters. She is rumored to be an aggregation of tentacles that assume a human form, and is able to transform, multiply, and divide at will. By creating multiple split bodies, it is possible for her to perform numerous activities at the same time. Her flesh is a predatory organ in of itself, and is capable of capturing and digesting other organisms. She is a self-proclaimed gourmand, but she actually has an incredibly bad diet, and isn’t picky about who she greedily preys upon. In addition to humans and monsters, she is said to have voraciously devoured countless angels during the Great Monster Wars, and is known for her brutality. Currently, the one she wants to eat the most is Eden.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Hiruko rules over Sabasa. However, Hiruko eroded all of Sabasa, and reduced the city itself into something else entirely. The whereabouts of Sabasa’s residents have yet to be confirmed, and it is uncertain what state they are in. Hiruko also plays an important role in the operation of the calamity star weapon [Demiurge]. It is rumored that most of the calamity star is being created from Hiruko’s body.

If Hiruko catches a man, she will play around with him before eating him. Her tentacles give complete pleasure to the man as they crawl around his gentials, leading the man to instantly ejaculate just from tasting the finest pleasure. In addition, the man’s penis will dissolve while wrapped inside the tentacles, and slowly assimilate with Hiruko’s body. The man will experience maddening pleasure and repeatedly climax as his penis is literally melted.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)

You thought I was gone HA! THINK! AGAIN!

(Well unless I get dryfish by this beauty maybe…)

For those who were worried about my absence this past month, don’t worry I’m fine. Just some problems with my internet connection (freaking internet company of this country) Nothing bad to report, so next time I dissapear like that, just remember I have problems with my internet connection and I’m back with some good news (well maybe for some).

Thanks to a friend that gifted me Monster Girl Quest Delicious!: Full Course, I started to work on the translation of this compilation that was launched yesterday while we wait for more news on Part 3 of Paradox. I have five scenes translated already. For all you vorefans, all Alma scenes and Alice scenes (my waifus) are completly translated and ready to go. Here you find the link to the repository with the files of this translation and a link to buy the game too. And with that I say goodbye for now but stay tuned for new updates in this repository.

Link to buy the game:

Repository Of Full Course Translation:

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Archangel Sariela

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about Sariela. This post can be found here:


One of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven’s strongest forces, she is the warden of Heaven’s prison. Always carrying around a huge scythe, her powers flow with darkness rather than holiness. She can also manipulate the fires of Hell itself at will, and is said to wield the power to rule over death. Ilias personally created this angel, but it is unknown why she wields this kind of power. An angel of many mysteries, it is even rumored that she can resurrect herself even if she is killed. She posesses great combat abilities and has an extremely ruthless personality. Speaking very few words, she quietly carries out her duties as the prison’s warden.

In the Heaven World, the Goddess Ilias has tasked her with ruling over the Gold region. Grangold is a prison city, where sinners from all across the world are sent to. In addition to managing it, it is said that Sariela’s mission is to carry out punishments. Therefore, she has the ability to monitor her surroundings with the third eye on her forehead, and posesses many torture techniques. Those who get sent to the prison city of Grangold will never be released, and no one has ever escaped from it since the Great Monster Wars.

As part of her role, Sariela also has the ability to torture male genitalia using her vagina. She makes full use of her vagina’s capabilities to subject rebellious sinners to cruel torture. Men who have been raped by Sariela fainted in agony as they screamed with remose for their sins.

The second half of the post goes on to say that they will still need more time to finish Part 3. The production pace is reportedly the same as the previous chapters, it’s just that there’s more content to Part 3. Supposedly there will be just as many new characters in this part alone as there were in Parts 1+2 combined. Some people have even suggested Part 3 should be broken up into two parts. But they declined the suggestion due to the amount of resources it takes to further split the game.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)