TRT'S public blog is moving

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about moving his public blog. This post can be found here:

Announcement: Our public blog is moving, which has taken good care of our circle and others, will be terminating service in May.
So, we’ll be moving this blog over to Ci-en from now on.

Henceforth, our public notices will proceed at the above address.

Now once again, we are recruiting people whom we can have work on system graphic and map graphics.
If you wish to be recruited, please send an email to the address below.
In the title, be sure to include the word “Recruitment” (応募), please.

So then, as always, please continue your favor toward us.

Post translated by BJBlack. 

The Four Major Spirits

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about The Four Major Spirits. This post can be found here:

Christmas update.
Today we introduce the four major spirits in the world dominated by the Dark God Alipheese.
The four major spirits of the Makai seem to be slightly different from what is known.

・ Ambrosia – Wind Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of blustering winds, who materializes in the form of an elf. She constantly wears a sneering expression on her face and never uses words to speak. Her only voice is the sounds of her squalls.

・ Loa – Earth Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of surging earth, materialized in the form of a clay doll. Able to freely manipulate mud to the extent that she could cover the entire world in it, she is also capable of enlarging or dividing herself. Innocent and friendly, she loves chatting and mischief.

・ Gatanozoa – Water Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of turbulent waters, who materializes in the form of an aquatic dragon. She has the personality of a raging stream, and speaks with rough mannerisms. She is incredibly competitive, and is supposedly familiar with every known martial art.

・ Grimoire – Fire Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of silent flames, who materializes in the form of a ghost. While she has a very cool-headed personality, she can incinerate anything with her merciless flames. She prefers quiet and solitude, and gets along very poorly with Gatanozoa.

In addition, there will be no update in January.
See you again in February.

post translated by Gemini Sunfall and edited by The Noble Shade.

And with that I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone.

Archangel Micaela

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about Micaela. This post can be found here:


The leader of the Seven Arcangels, Heaven’s greatest fighting force, and the General of Heaven’s Army.
She is proud of her preeminent fighting ability and magic power, and is renowned as strongest of the angels.
She also excels in her intellect; she is regarded as having the best eye for tactics in Heaven.
In her missions, she is ruthless and, without interposing the least mote of her personal feelings, strikes down the enemies of the Goddess.
Long, long ago, she was an angel of Genesis, born as a fragment of Ilias.
Her little sister, Lucifina, was born at the same time, and prided in her equivalent power, but [REDACTED].
Now, with Lucifina having [REDACTED], she has become Ilias’s most trusted confidante.

In Heaven, she administers the central Ilias Continent, where the Ilias Temple is.
On the Ilias Continent, the virtuous God’s People, singled out from the rest of Heaven, reside.
There, not the slightest hardship exists; it is a paradise overflowing with praise for the Goddess.
As the General, she is occupied all the time with destroying sinners, but in the history of recent years, she has missed many.
Decades ago, in the Remina Laboratory, Luci[REDACTED]
Thenceforth, the face of the moon was [REDACTED]

Micaela judges sinners without relent, delivering stern punishment.
If you lose to her in the end, until your vitality expires, you’ll be violated throughout.
Sinners eject their semen in her vagina, and perish with tears flowing.

And with that in case there are no new blog posts for the rest of the month, I wish you everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Map Editor Recruitment

There have been a few updates on TTR’s blog over the past week, but they’ve all been relating to their contributor recruitments.
There was another update today, with some new content and release date info.
(Translation by by bj black)

Map Editor Recruitment

With regard to the Map Editor applicants, we’ve just about gotten to the end.
On November 30, we’ll stop the recruitment, so be warned.
We’re awaiting your participation.

  • Introducing a little new feature

In the Battle Commands, an unfamiliar “Tactical Action”!
If you choose this…

[In the graphic, there are:
Normal Battle
Don’t Use MP
Attacks Only]

You can choose from tactics like the above.
On that turn, your party members will move in accordance with the tactic.
When you’re fighting with the lower ranks, you can make battles go smoothly.
In the final chapter, we plan on implementing several useful features aside from this.

Now, as to the publishing date of the final chapter… it’s still a good ways off.
Production speed itself hasn’t changed from the Beginning and Middle Chapters,
But the Final Chapter’s volume is expansive, so we’re going to use a lot of time.
There are a lot of image resources we need, and tuning and adjusting will take time, too.
Monmusu Quest is, no matter how you slice it, a product made by a small-scale operation.
Please understand.

Also, on our 18+ light novel site, Monster Girl Tales,
We plan to soon publish a new full-length novel.
This product has enough contents to fill out one or two paperbacks,
So, fans of that work, please look forward to it.
Rather than a continuation of the existing works, it will be completely new.

Information regarding the staff recruitment

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the staff recruitment. This post can be found here: (translated by bjblack)

A supplement regarding the staff recruitment

(B.J. – I’m glossing over the non-MGQP stuff really quick. It’s not a thorough translation.)

We’d like to answer some common questions about our staff recruitment.

*What productions will we be involved in?

The illustrations are for our next product. Aside from the firearms, you’ll be drawing “creature-type” stuff.
The maps are for Monmusu Quest Paradox, but we need you for fine-tuning maps, not making new maps (primarily).

*Can foreigners participate?

Basically, it’s all right. But we only speak Japanese, so only people who can converse in Japanese, please.

*I don’t want compensation, but I want to help.

We fundamentally can’t NOT compensate you.
As a responsible workplace, we must ask you to accept payment for your work.
But if your primary job disallows side jobs, let us know and we’ll try to work something out.

That’s all for that.
We’ve received a lot of applicants for illustrations, so we plan on concluding recruitment soon.
Selection will take some time, so please be patient.
(B.J. – Now it’s MGQP. I certify this is complete and accurate, as far as my fluency allows.)

So then, a few things about the final chapter of Monmusu RPG’s final chapter.
As it has been implied up to now, in the first half there is a big decision.
As a result of that decision, the story will be greatly changed, and the game will diverge toward two endings.
Of course, we think a lot of players will want to play both routes.
For that reason, after clearing it and opting to play again, aside from choosing, “start from the beginning,”
You’ll have the additional option to “start from just before the big decision.”
Then you’ll be able to start from immediately prior to the divergence.

Also, about the powerful equipment you can acquire in the Middle Chapter’s difficult Labyrinth of Chaos,
It’s being made that you can’t equip them during the final chapter’s story progression.
At the beginning of the chapter, it will all be automatically unequipped,
So please, Labyrinth players, don’t forget to prepare some normal equipment.
This restriction will be lifted when the story is cleared.
After clearing the game once, in your New Game Pluses, you can make use of Labyrinth equipment.
But, one last thing to warn you about.
In the final chapter, the adventure will become cutthroat, and there will be allies deserting and dying.
If you rely too much on a single character in your adventure, but that character is lost,
Consider that this could ruin your general fighting power.
As much as possible, if you take care and prepare many allies, you should be safe.
After the end, you can New Game Plus with the lost allies restored to you.

(Translation by BJBlack)

Also, since my last update, the following companions had their present dialogue translated by Gemini Sunfall:
Jaid, Liru, Harem, San, Morrigan

(Post edited by The Noble Shade)

Kanon The Plant Ancestor

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about one of the Six Ancestos; the plant, Kanon. This post can be found here:


The ancestor to all plant monsters, this monster bears the characteristics of every plant. This nature makes it easy for her body to regenerate itself, giving her the second highest vitality among the Six Ancestors after Kanade. In addition, she is able to incorporate plant life from her natural surroundings and control it with her own power. Thus, fighting against Kanon can be considered equivialant to fighting all the nature of the region. In addition, she possesses an ultimate form inspired by all plants across the world, which is basically a rampage form. However, It is said that Kanon rarely ever uses this form because she dislikes its ugly appearance. Even the Seven Archangels struggled in direct confrontation against her incredible offensive powers and vitality. On the other hand, she is said to be vulnerable to fire, poison, and changes in the environment.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Kanon rules over Grangold. She has very little awareness of her role as its ruler however, and seems to govern in an incredibly egotistical manner. Moreover, Kanon enjoys pleasure, and has an extremely cruel disposition. If it’s for her own enjoyment, she won’t care how many other lives are sacrificed to her. Far from favoring plant monsters of her own race, she appears to rather dislike them. For that reason, there are few plant monsters in Grangold, and it is a multiracial city. In addition, she is now preparing for the final battle against the Goddess Ilias from the Heaven parallel world. Kanon is also involved in the most interesting part of the development of the calamity star weapon, “Demiurge”. She appears to be lending her powers to maintain the environment necessary for operating it.

Kanon possesses a cruel nature, yet seeks pleasure and will play with men for her own amusement. If she catches a man, she will wrap him up and slowly dissolve him over a long time with her carnivorous plants. For the prey she enjoys most however, she may also perform sexual intercourse using her female genitalia, which she creates by transforming one of her squeezing flowers. The sweet aroma given off by Kanon will melt the mind of any man, immediately enticing him into delightful intercourse. At the same time, her ivy will crawl around the man and slowly erode his body. Like that, she stretches her roots into the body of her prey, gradually assimilating him into her. As he mates with Kanon, he will spend his last days being squeezed and having his flesh eroded as he gives all of his semen to her renowned plant vagina. In this way, many thousands of men have become prey to Kanon.

・Fallen Hero

There was once a hero who turned his blade against the Goddess and became a sinner. His soul was sealed, his body decayed, and his will ran amok. But when his power is brought together again… Will he become virtuous or wicked?

(Translation by GeminiSunfall)

The rest of it is just a reiteration of the “looking for help” part of the last post, with an additional call for artists that can draw modern firearms.

Since the last update, in addition to the typo fixes and script optimizations to Part 1 items, the following companions have had their present text translated:
Sully, Pumpkin, Cindy, Riot, Hild, Cylla (these being translated by Gemini Sunfall)
and Salamander (translated by Sparkles)

(post edited by The Noble Shade)

Looking for Help

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains information about how they are looking for people to finish the maps of the games (which may or may not be Paradox) and an announcement that there will be more announcements. This post can be found here:

Here is the translation of the post:

Announcement of Staff Openings

In our RPG Maker production, we’re looking for people to help us in the making of maps.
Details are on the page below:

Now, this weekend, we’ll be doing our regularly-scheduled blog update.
Along with Six Ancestors and Seven Arcangels, Black Alice has smiling characters to introduce, so please look forward to it.

(Translation by BJBlack)

Since my last post, in addition to the normal talk script cleanups and typo fixes, the team is still putting out translations for Present text. The following companions have had their present text translated:
Fell, Lona, Marion, Amy, Kazura, Rachura, Cow Demon Queen, Nina, Succubus, Natasha, Meru Meru, Eater, Luxuru, Dahlia, Deiji, Vitae, Vetala, Valto, Shinifa, Shadow, Oyuki, Arne, Rami

(post edited by The Noble Shade)

Archangel Uriela

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about one of the Seven Archangels; the Archangel, Uriela. This post can be found here:

Here is the translation of the post:

One of the seven Archangels, she possesses the greatest physical strength among them, and is known as the destroyer of all things.
She has numerous weapons of destruction mounted all over her body–all of them sacred relics created by the Goddess, and each one possessing the power of a legendary weapon.
Her combat abilities are only rivaled by Micaela, the leader of the Archangels.
On the other hand, her magical capabilities are extremely low and is quite lacking in intelligence, often acting out of impulse.
In direct hand-to-hand confrontation, she has the power to overwhelm any of the Six Ancestors, but her temperament causes her to frequently lose these opportunities.

Both the Goddess and the Dark God attempted to create their own ultimate biological weapon.
Both of them managed to complete their own prototypes, but they went out of control and the plans were cancelled.
Uriela was a product of Ilias’ ultimate biological weapon plan that she had started in the past.
It’s rumored that her design was reworked again to make her complete.
She had also receieved additional technology from a mysterious organization called the “Alliance of Wisdom”.
She is also said to be based on based on an autonomous weapon of war, but the details are not fully known.

Uriela is a warrior who loves fighting, and favors the strong.
While she despises the weak and incompetent, she respects the strong, even if they are enemies or monsters.
She has a certain sense of chivalry, and will never go against her promises.
She lives for battle, in spite of the fact she values her own existence, and she has not experienced a truly satisfying battle since the Great Monster Wars.
It is said that somewhere in her heart, she is saddened by the fact she is so powerful that she cannot find a worthy opponent.

In addition, she has been entrusted by the Goddess Ilias to rule over the Noah region of the Heaven world.
The Noah region of Heaven is a place where humans from all around the world who have been disqualified to be the Goddess’ citizens are amassed.
The place has become a de-facto underclass region, isolated from the rest of Heaven.
In addition, the monsters who were allowed to survive by submitting to the Goddess were also sent here.
For those reasons, battle angels led by Uriela are always on the lookout here, and will pluck the buds of rebellion before they can manifest.
The capital of the Noah region, Grand Noah, is home to the world-famous Colosseum.
Every year there is a combat tournament, and the victor is granted the opportunity to challenge Uriela.
She promises that she will grant any wish to one who can manage to best her in combat, but no one has managed to defeat her, and most victors choose instead to forfeit their right to challenge her.
Rarely does anyone choose to fight her, but none of them have managed to last more than five seconds in a fight with her.

In addition, Uriela takes great pleasure in playing with men.
She takes the most pleasure in sexually dominating strong men, and raping the sinner until the day they die.
Even her vagina is powerful enough to be considered a weapon of its own, and she can tighten and heat up her insides at will.
Once a man’s penis is caught inside Uriela’s vagina, they will be harshly violated.
(Translation by GeminiSunfall)

Barring typo fixes, the status of the translation is the same as last time.

(post edited by The Noble Shade)

Introducing Kanade

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about one of the Six Ancestos; the slime, Kanade. This post can be found here:

Here is the Translation of the post:

Since within Kanade’s body countless lives reside, their maintenance requires an enormous supply of energy.

So, Kanade is exceedingly greedy, constantly demanding human’s semen and flesh and blood.

Nonetheless, that won’t fly as an excuse to consume her territory’s whole population; her semen intake is handled by milking the men of the slave caste, and her meat intake (that is to say, her predation) is targeted only upon criminals.

For this reason, in Grand Noah what’s done to criminals is extremely severe, and applies even to minor offences.

An arrested subject brought to stand before Kanade, there to be her prey, is the prevalent state of affairs, it is said.

Once enveloped in Kanade’s viscosity, any kind of man will taste pleasure that makes his reason abandon him.

If his penis is swallowed by her slime, all the semen he has is offered up to Kanade.
And even while embraced with euphoria, she will envelope and dissolve him, digesting him so not even his bones remain.

  • The Rebel Army in Hell *
    In the Great Holy War long ago, the armies of the Dark Goddess defeated the Heavenly Army led by the Goddess Ilias.

But the remnants of the angels have survived until this day, leading a rebel army that wages a resistance to the bitter end.

Seeking to free those angels enslaved or imprisoned for experimentation, they’ve launched attacks on cities ruled by the monsters many times, but they don’t have any results to show for it.

In this world dominated by the Dark Goddess and the Six Ancestors, under overwhelming disadvantage, just continuing this resistance itself, is proof of the rebel army’s strength of spirit and the leadership of their commanders, you could say.

The leader of the rebel army is an angel once of the highest rank.
Just before the Goddess Ilias was destroyed, believing in the prophecy she left behind, “A certain fallen angel shall guide the light,”
She continues to throw herself into the resistance desperately into the rebellion, as she leads the surviving angels.
(Translation by bjblack)

Barring typo fixes, the status of the translation is the same as last time.

New TRT Blog Entry

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about his recent doujins that were announced a few weeks ago, with the price and the pages of them.

But the important thing for us is the last part of his blog that reads: “In September updates about MGQ will continue, probably introducing a new girl”. So let’s wait and see what surprises TTR has in store for us and that’s all for today, have a nice week and wait for the next blog post.


TTR blog post:

Doujin blog post entries

The status of the translations is still the same, but yesterday a new member join our forces to help us finish the remaining files, Gemini is working on fixing typos and some display problems and Shade is still working in the proofreading of all the files.

How To Manual Patch The Game With The Recent Tranlastions

It’s been some time since anything’s been said here, so I felt I might as well give an update on the progress our translation team has been making.

If you’ve been following our translation efforts since April, you may have noticed that everything pertaining to the main story, sidequests, and all of the other map text has been translated.  To put it simply, with the exception of a couple areas of flavor text, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is pretty much all translated now, and you can play the game from start to finish and even dive into the postgame without running into walls of moonrunes.

However, our work is not quite finished yet.

Some of the more observant players may have noticed parts of the translation to be of questionable quality.  And not just the final stretch of the game, but some earlier segments as well that Dargoth had translated.  To that end, the more competent and Japanese-versed translators among our team, yom and Upthorn, have been doing thorough playthroughs of the game to catch any awkward or unusual text and polish up the translation and writing to ensure the quality some have come to expect our of this project.  This is currently taking priority.

I also mentioned those exceptions of flavor text earlier.  To sum it up, here’s what still needs to be translated.

  • Labyrnth of Chaos gear enchant effects.  A lot of them are already translated, but some still are still in Japanese.  There’s also some untranslated boss text.  Soul is supposedly working on these.  Aside from those, the entire LoC is translated.
  • Panty Sensei.  Okay, technically the one sidequest that’s not fully translated, if you can call it a sidequest  Sparkles is currently working on translating this.
  • Giving Presents in the Pocket Castle.  We’ve actually begun work on this, though progress will be slow until the story translation is done being polished.
  • Skill Words (AKA, what characters say in combat upon using skills).  This hasn’t been started yet, I imagine this is going to be the last wall we climb before our work is truly complete.

And as far as Dargoth is concerned, he’s still missing-in-action.  He’s responded a couple times in one of the MGQ Disords, but until he actually does anything beyond a simple “I’m still here”, I can’t say he’s back.

So yeah, that’s the situation.  You can expect a more polished translation within the coming weeks for starters, so if you’ve been rather dissatisfied with parts of it (particularly near the endgame), you’ll be glad to know it’s getting fixed.

With all that out of the way, here is the translation patching guide once again!

Step 1: Have the latest version (2.23) of Monster Girl Quest Paradox

This is important: you must be patching a 2.23 game of Paradox.  You can tell what verison you have by the number that appears on the top-left of the title screen when you run the game.  If the version number is anything other than 2.23, you’re playing an outdated game and need to acquire the latest one.  If you’ve purchased this game before on DLSite, you can redownload the latest version without having to buy it again.

At this point, your MGQ Paradox folder should only contain the files you extracted from the .zip package it came in–nothing else, not even save files.  If you have save files, please move them out of the folder until you have successfully translated your game.

Step 2: Obtain the RPGMakerVXAce Translator

Now we need the program that will allow us to apply the translation, which is the RPGMakerVXAce Translator.  You can find it at Dargoth’s Bitbucket repository.

Click the Downloads tab, and you should find “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z” among the available downloads.  Save it, and extract its contents wherever you like–preferably in a new folder outside of your MGQ Paradox folder.

Step 3: Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe

There should be a file called “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe” among the files you extracted.  Run it, and it will prompt you to input the directory of your MGQ Paradox Game.exe file.  If you don’t feel like typing it all out, a simple method is to right-click Game.exe, click Properties, copy the file path shown there, and paste it into the prompt.  Press Enter, and let the program run its course–during this time, it will generate a bunch of files, most notably a Blobs folder.  This might also be a good time to mention you should have some disk space available–as the Blobs folder can grow quite large–mine is up to 10GBs in size, so that should be about how much disk space you should set aside.  You’ll need to set aside a few GBs more later once you actually run the translator a few steps later…

As the GameSelector nears the end of its process, a folder called Script should be generated.  This is where the game’s text script is located, and what really matters when it comes to translating your game.  Once the GameSelector is done, it should tell you to press any key to exit.  That means it’s time for the next step, which is…

Step 4: Replace the Japanese scripts with the translated ones

The Script folder contains all of MGQ Paradox’s text inside of it.  Right now, all of the scripts are in their oriignal Japanese state.  The way we translate our game is by replacing all of these Japanese scripts with the translated English scripts from the translation team. You can find all of the translated files at our bitbucket, which is in the following link:

Click the Downloads tab, and click “Download Repository” to acquire all of the scripts in a single zip package. Once you’ve download the script package, unpack the contents into the Script folder that was generated by the GameSelector.  Click Yes whenever asked to replace the existing files.

Step 5: Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe

Once you’ve replaced the Japanese scripts with the translated ones, it’s now time to translate the game by running the “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe”.  Just run it, and wait a while.  It will check all of your scripts first to ensure there are no errors (and there hopefully shouldn’t be any, or our translators have really screwed up), then begin compiling them.  You’ll know it’s done when you get the “press any key” line.

Your translated game will be generated in a folder called “out” along where your RPGMakerVXAce Translator is.  Look inside it, run Game.exe, and you should now be playing a (mostly) translated copy of Monster Girl Quest Paradox! If you had moved your save files out of the original Japanese Paradox folder, you may now relocate them into your translated Paradox folder to pick up from where you left off.

If you ever want to update your translation later on, you can skip the first three steps and go straight to Step 4, no need to generate another Blobs folder or anything.  Just download the latest script files, replace the old ones with the new, and run Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe again.

One final note: If you are continuing from a save file, note that your save retains map data from the time you saved your game.  Meaning, if you saved in an previously-untranslated location, the NPCs will still be giving you Japanese messages.  Don’t panic:all you have to do is exit the map, then re-enter for the game to “reload” the map script with the translated one.  Simple as that!

Guide made by the user Gemini Sunfall.

Video Tutorial guide made by Iliasroute ftw:

Important :
In case you have problems after this tutorial with a black screen when you try watch some h-scenes of the game and you only get a black screen. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault or fault of the program, the problem is that you don’t have part 1 cgs in part 2 and without that you can’t watch part 1 h-scenes in part 2.

To fix that, just copy the graphics folder of part 1 into your part 2 folder and replace easy as that and you will not get anymore black screens.

Welcome To my blog

Welcome to Arzor-X’s blog, here you will find the current status of the translation of MGQP, the latest new about MGQP when Toro Toro Resistance post something in his blog (I will try to translate the post before posting it here), and talk about other hobbies. The rules here in my blog will be only one: don’t post any link to pirate copies of the game. This is to protect this blog from strikes. If you need any links for the games you can ask me in discord for a link.

Discord ID:
Arzorx #4916