New blog post today.

The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is still being developed. Below is a Q&A to some frequently asked questions and comments we have received. This will be the last news update before the end of the year.

Q: Is the amount of text in the final chapter’s scenario (script) more than 50 books worth?

A: Not just the main script, but including all text in the game such as battle dialog, gifting, and other messages that add up to 50 books.

Q: What happens if I side with the Dark Goddess when I’m with Ilias or the Goddess of Creation if I’m with Alice during the great decision?

A: If you choose a different faction from the one you started with, your companions from that faction will abandon you and the companions from the other faction will join your party. For example, if you choose to side with the Goddess of Creation while Alice is with you, Alice and Morrigan will abandon you and Ilias and Eden will join your party. Finally, here are some relationship charts for the major characters of the Celestial Realm and Dark Realm. The Celestial Realm’s leaders have good relations apart from a couple exceptions. The Dark Realm’s leaders seem to have difficult relationships.

Shiki´s Chart

Xelvy´s Chart

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


See you in 2023 BOIS!

All of us after this post
We are sorry, but the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will not be released this year. The final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG will be released in 2023. There is a lot more content compared to Part 1 and 2 combined, and the number of things to check, adjust, and revise will be very high. The script itself is equivalent to more than 50 books, and the total number of H-scenes in all chapters combined is more than 2,000, which is a Guinness World Record. However, thanks to the long time you have to wait, the number of event CGs is also very large, greatly exceeding the event CGs included in Part 1 and 2. In addition, thanks to the success of Part 1 and 2, we were able to allocate a significant amount of money for the music, and thanks to that, the BGM that embellishes your adventure has become wonderful as well. Thus, we are presenting the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG on an unprecedented scale… We are in the final stages of production, so please hold on just a little while longer.

Now, regarding what to expect after the release of the final chapter of MGQ RPG. We have reflected on the fact that Monster Girl Quest RPG has become exceedingly large in scale, so we plan to make future games on a medium scale in a compact production period. But even so, the games will still be long enough in the general sense of the meaning. There are currently two games in production. One of them is a game that takes place in the Cthulhuverse, and will feature situations similar to those in the short story below.

As you can see, the main character is an agent of a cult organization, and the game is about reviving an evil god (4 to choose from) worshipped by the organization. If you succeed in resurrecting the evil god you worship, the game will be cleared and you will receive a naughty reward from said god. However, if you fail in your mission, you may be raped by a female creature or a temptress, or you may even be sacrificed to a hostile organization that worships another evil god. If the hostile organization resurrects another evil god, the world will be destroyed. In that case, of course, the game is over and the protagonist will be raped and fall prey to the resurrected evil god. We are planning to make such a medium-sized game after the final chapter of MGQ RPG. As for the other game we’re working on, it’s still a secret.

Besides the two games that are already in production, there are two other games that we have in mind that we want to make. There are so many things we want to do, but we’re in a situation where we can’t do everything at the same time. However, we are determined to complete the four games mentioned above. And of course, all of these games will focus on reverse rape and milking the loser, and we promise to satisfy those with the same tastes with a variety of fresh ideas. But first, please wait for the final chapter of Monster Girl Quest RPG, which will conclude this long adventure.

Translation by Translator Anon, GeminiSunfall andProofreading by The Noble Shade.

April Update

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the latest update.

“We are currently focusing on development, and are sorry for the delay on updating the blog. The workload is enormous, we are spending a lot of time on production, and are steadly moving towards completion.”

[Alipheese the 15th]
At the very least, I shall let you rest in peace upon my bosom…!
[Queen Roach]
There’s no more point in arguing, a Queen does not surrender! Any further talk shall be done with our blades!
Lady Tamamo often rummages through the shrine’s donation box. What in the world could she be doing…?
You are not my goddess, Lady Ilias. My goddess struggled painfully, and her being has since perished.
But now there are three Edens here! Coming all the way out here was definitely worth it!

Regarding the translation of the time loop event, I am happy to announce that the tanslation is already done only remains to translate the h-scenes of the time loop only (the h-scenes of the main game were done long ago) and the skillwords, skills, etc.

(I am not dead is just that I started to work since january and I do not have enough free time to reply to the comments and update some stuff, but do not worry I will try to do it on weekends from now on)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


The sister model of Brynhildr believed to be her older sister, but further details are unknown. She acknowledges herself to be more capable than her sister model Hild, and has a more aggressive personality than her carefree younger sister. Her combat cabilities are extremely high, and she appears to have been designed to battle Apoptosis.

She has a sadistic personality and revels in sexually tormenting men. If raped by Sigurdriva, he will be wrung dry in no time by her intense waist movements.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

There was a post after all…

(ok TRT you got my attention with this one)

This is being reported after the fact, but the 2.41 version of Monmusu Quest Paradox has been published on DLSite.
The contents of the update are as follows.

・Alma Elma can be selected for the Night Festival dating event.
・The Night Festival dating event can be replayed by talking to Reaper.
・Illustrations added to the new Myusca and Nemea H-scenes.
・Additional tweaks and bugfixes

The FANZA mirror is also scheduled to be updated soon.

In addition, we are also introducing two new joint magazines.

・Violated by Monster Girls in Card Battles Joint Magazine 1: Fierce Battle Compilation
・Boys Become Prey to Squeezing Creatures Joint Magazine 3: Ecstasy Compilation

We have submitted both books to DLSite tody, and should the review process proceed smoothly, they should be available at the same time in about a week.
They will be priced at 1900 yen (excluding taxes), which is on the higher side compared to past joint magazines, but understand this is due to the significant increase in page count.

Summon monster girls in card battles!
Endure the pleasure attacks of the monster girls summoned by your opponent!
If you give in to the pleasure and climax, life points will get taken away!

The first edition of a joint magazine where card battlers get violated by monster girls, and both semen and cards are taken away!
This is a large volume featuring fifteen works of manga, an illustrated card list, and spans over 265 pages.

The third installment of the joint magazine where boys are violated by tentacle creatures and semen-squeezing organisms.

Contains 14 manga works, three novel works, and spans 353 pages.

If you want to check the link to all the artists just check the link of the official post.

Warning: I’m not responsible of what you are going to see in the previews of that doujins lmao.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Merge process completed to 2.41

After much toil and trouble, we have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.41)!

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.41.

And before you ask yes we got 2.41 with no trt blog post to notify us about so it really came by surprise when we check the official dslite site and see 2.41 was already out. Anyways just follow the tutorial as always and everything should work fine.

Finally the Patch is out

“After several days of toil, I am pleased to announce the translation has been successfully merged with 2.40!
You will now be able to use our translation with Version 2.40 of Paradox through the Ytinasni GameSelector+Translator method.

NOTE THAT MOST OF THE NEW CONTENT IS NOT TRANSLATED YET. This is mainly for people who don’t want to be constantly navigating Japanese menus all the time.
The translations will come gradually, so be patient.

Also, I should point out that the following plug-ins are currently disabled due to incompatability with 2.40.
-Skill Descriptions+
-Combat Log
-Status Analyzer
They will still be shown in the Config menu, but won’t do anything even if enabled. These features will be enabled again as soon as we can find fixes for these.

You can find the 2.40 compatable translation at the same Arzorx repository as before–just note that it will no longer work for 2.35 as of this writing.

― GeminiSunfall

But there is still chance you will find some bugs during your gameplay report them as soon as possible.

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update

Regarding the Middle Chapter 2.4 update.

Well, Morrigan gets a new scene, so braces yourselves bois.

Today, we have submitted the update for the 2.40 version of the Middle Chapter (Part 2) to DLSite.
If it passes review without any problems, it should be available in the next few days.
The contents on the update are as we have posted on the blog thus far.

・Various new events have been added
→You can start these from Amira’s bulletin board in the Pocket Castle

・Reaper Battle Challenge (with extravagant prizes)
→Talk to the Reaper in Hades

・New H-scenes (including from the skeb event) have been added
→Includes new events, requests, etc

・New jobs and race added
The new jobs will be available following events.
The new races will be added to the corresponding companions

・Various new functions
Improved auto-combat, H-scene recollection, etc.

・Companion affection uniformity between saves
Affection of companions will be unified across all save data
If you have more than one save, the highest affection values will be applied across them

・Carnage Chaos Mode added
A high-difficulty version of the Labyrinth of Chaos has been added
The higher the difficulty level, the greater the rewards you can gain
Nothing beyond the 100th floor has been reported by our playtesters

・Changes to the Seals System
Changes have been made to the seals that can be found on secret equipment
If you equip multiple pieces of gear with the same seal in multiple slots, you will gain additional effects
Additionally, every seal will increase all stats by 10%

・New Chaos equipment and bosses
New equipment and bosses have been added to the Labyrinth of Chaos

・Various adjustments and bugfixes

Several new events have been added.
In addition, the time loop event, which is argubly the centerpiece of this update, is quite lengthy and elaborate
Make sure you don’t forget to save before starting this event, just in case.

A consiberable number of adjustments have been made to The Labyrinth of Chaos based on the feedback of our playtesters.
Enemy stat values have been adjusted considerably for balance, so that when taking them head-on, you should be able to tell they are considerably less unfair compared to before,
Conversely, their resistances to status ailments has been increased.

Additionally, the tactics and characteristics of bosses have been made more elaborate.
Some bosses may even use blatantly underhanded tricks.
However, the bosses will also have more weaknesses, so by knowing your opponent, you will be able to fight them more effectively than before.

***H-Scene Recollection Full Unlock

An H-Scene recolleciton funciton (which can be accessed through the title screen) has been added, but it is also possible to unlock all scenes through a simple process.

(You’ve found a secret switch! Do you want to enable Full Unlock Mode for Scene Recollection? (options are “Keep Normal Setting” and “Enable Full Unlock Mode”)

Go to the back of the first floor in the Iliasville Inn (AKA Luka’s House), and there will be a switch that unlocks the entire collection in the location shown in the image.
Since this is a place you can access within the first minute of gameplay, even new players will have no problems.
There are no particular penalties for fully unlocking the scenes like this, and it’s also possible to flip the switch again to undo it.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Vote on the next update’s dating event

The link was removed so you can’t vote anymore.
The reason is still unknown maybe TRR will post something explained what happen soon.
There will be a dating event in the coming Part 2 update. The characters you can choose from as your dating partner will include Alice, Ilias, and Sonya, but in addition to them, whoever places first in this user poll will also be selectable in this event as a dating partner. Please read the following points carefully before voting.”
-Only characters who are companions in Part 2 can be voted for.
-Alice, Ilias, and Sonya are already date options
-Voting deadline will be August 15th.
-You may vote once per day.
Any votes that ignore the above will be considered invalid. The character that places first will be included in the dating event. If we have time, there is a possibiity we might include the character who got the second-most votes. Please vote right away!
(To vote, just click the blue link provided in the post or this one

Here’s who is on the list you can select.
Miranda (Lizard Boss)
Lippy (Little Bug)
Lucretia (Queen Harpy)
Victoria (Valkyrie)
Soapy (Crab Girl)
Spider Princess
Melk (Slug Girl)
Cupi (Cupid)
Elisabeth (High Slug)
Alra Priestess
Sofia (Lamia Nun)
Black Alice
Cow Demon Queen
Alma Elma
Ratty (Rat Girl)
Witch Succubus
Reina (Harpy)
Odette (Misstauros)
Jellil (Jelly Girl)
Carol (High Minotaruos)
Angel Soldier
Haruka (Bestial Kitsune)
Izuna (Four-tailed Samurai)
Amara (Wolf Girl)

Lamiaroid and Archangel Mariel were also listed for some reason, despite not being recruitable in Part 2.
(EDIT: A lot of the character I named were “added” by people who voted Other. I suspect Mariel and Lamiaroid will be invalid votes)
There’s another option to vote for “other”, and vote for someone who’s not on this list–just know that if it doesn’t comply with the above rules your vote won’t count.

MOVE YOUR ASSES AND VOTE FOR MY QUEEN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Regarding the 2.4 update

Sequential development is ongoing as we are developing an update for Part 2. Since the collaborations for “SHRIFT” and “The Three Charms” have been released, we speculate that this update will be ready about a month later. Please note that there are many additional contents in this update, so there is a possibility we might delay it.

Regarding Additional Events
In addition to the additional items mentioned last time, multiple sub-events will be added.
Also, the event of “Time Loop Incident” which is the highlight of this update is very long.
Multiple new H scenes are also included.

・Amabie Arises
Amabie finally sets out to save the people of the world. However, she’s getting cold stares from the people she meets…

Why are people giving me the social distancing treatment…? There’s no need to constrain ourselves, we can have high-risk contact…

・Cassandra Strikes Back
Cassandra finally causes trouble. What will Luka and the others do now that Cassandra has regained her former powers…?

My power got taken away… That Cassandra…

・A Girl Band is Formed?!
To get a prize from a certain tournament, you organize a girl band. What will the results be…?

We’re in the middle of practicing, so don’t go up on stage.

・Time Loop Incident
Luka is caught in an anomaly that is causing time to repeat itself. If he can’t find the cause, he’ll never escape from the space-time loop.

This is…exactly what happened last time?!
Repeating the same time…? Could something strange have occured in the soul network?
Delicious! This salty flavor!

(Editor’s Note: This sleepy portrait for Giga currently does not exist in the 2.35 files, it is indeed a new addition)

New Jobs and Races

9 new jobs and 10 new races will be added.

・Sorcerer -> Advanced Sorcerer job (TL note: this name seems like a placeholder or TTR doesn’t want to reveal what its called)
Was explained in detail in the previous blog post. It’s capable of learning certain enemy skills.

・フ???ー → フ??? (TL note: フ is the “fu” kana, so the name of this job will likely start with an “F”)
A job for weapon experts. We believe there are many people who have longed for this one.

・エ??? → エ??? Intermediate Job → エ??? Advanced Job ((TL note: エ is the “e” kana)
A job that appears to have been sealed in the past. Its style of fighting is in line with a certain character that does not fit well with the existing jobs, as you can probably imagine.

・シ?????? → シ?????? Advanced Job (TL note: シ is the “shi” kana)
A job for defense and support. We expect it will be useful even in the labyrinth of chaos.

・Roid race line, consisting of seven races including Advanced.
Certain Doll and Chimera companions that currently exist will now be separated into their own Roid race. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Chimeraroid race will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

・Giant race, including three advanced sub-races.
Monsters who take pride in having a huge body will be given a race called “Giant”. No special events will be needed to unlock these, they will be available to the applicable existing characters. The Golem subrace of Dolls will continue to exist, and won’t be deleted.

Reaper Battle Challenge
Fight against the Reaper and see how much damage you can inflict in 3 turns! The defenseless Reaper will then tally the total amount of damage you dealt in those 3 turns. You may even get extravagant prizes based on how much damage you inflicted…?

Labyrnth of Chaos – Carnage Addition
“Carnage Labyrnth of Chaos” will be added for players seeking a challenge. It is fundamentally the same as the standard Labyrnth of Chaos, but its difficulty increases drastically. Accordingly, you will obtain more extravagant items the deeper inside you dive.

Secret Equipment Seals – New System
The seals system that has been used for secret equipment thus far will be reworked. Various seals have a chance of appearing on all secret weapons, armor, and accessories. By wearing multiple equipments with the same seal, the effects of that seal will be enhanced.
For example, if you equip a weapon and a helmet with “Seal of Gnome”, the effects of the one- and two-piece set bonuses for the Seal of Gnome will be obtained. If you arm yourself with a weapon, armor, headgear, shield, and accessory bearing the same seal, you can gain tremendous additional effects…

(1-set: Max SP/Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%, Activate “Gnome” at the start of battle.)
(2-set: Attack +30%, Critical Rate +50%, Critical Damage +100%)
(3-set: Defense +30%, Earth Booster +100%)
(4-set: Attack/Defense +30%, Earth Strike)
(5-set: Converts Earth damage to Terra, Terra Booster 100%)

Currently, there is a bug in the H-scene data in the pubicly distributed version on the official website. The H-Scene viewing function will be renewed in the Part 2.40 version update, and will be possible to easily release in its entirety. Please wait a little while longer for the version update to be released.
{Editor note: we have no idea what this could be referring to.}

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

End of Recruitment Notice for Part 2 Playtesting

We are grateful for all of the applications we have received.
Thanks to everyone, we have received more than 40 applications.
We never thought we’d get so many people applying that we’d have to think about a selection process.
We have already notified the recruiter by e-mail, so any applicants who have not received an e-mail from us will be rejected.
We are truly sorry, but you must understand.
After this, we will cancel any further applications for Part 2 playtesting.

***Version 2.40 Additions
For the next version update, we will introduce some of the new additions

・Added new H-scene for Wing Harpy and Morrigan+Michaela-chan+Lucifina-chan (simultaneous torture)
・Collab characters from ROBF (Tarsa, Exectuioner, Ogretooth, Mysteltainn)
Their H-scenes will be rewritten and artwork redone.
・Nightmare(SQ), Nightmare(SR), and Demi-Nightmare
H-scenes will have rewritten dialog. Artwork will remain as-is.
・New “Scene Recall” function added
If you wanted to replay requests and rape scenes up to this point, the places to do so were scattered around and troublesome to browse through. With this new mode, all H-scene recollections, including requests and BFs, will be centralized in the Monster Library, so finding them should be much easier now.
・Added new “Sorcerer” Job
A concept introduced from the world of the collaboration work “The Three Charms”, it is a job that wields techniques used by monsters. By observing the skills used by monsters in battle, they are able to acquire (learn) them. In short, it is very similar to the Blue Mage job from the Final Fantasy series. There are over 108 various enemy skills that can be learned currently in Part 2. Some are very rare, and only used by bosses.
・Other details
Mimic Girls have learned a new skill, “Everyone’s Grudge”. This is a terrifying skill that strikes with the resentment of her fallen allies. The more that monster has been defeated, the greater its power will be. Players who have been bullying Mimic Girls might find themselves taking huge damage… Additionally, “Everyone’s Grudge” can be learned by the aforementioned Sorcerer.

Part 2 v2.40 Additional Event

Yahoo (^O^)
How are you doing, Kazuya-kun? (^w^)

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Quick Update


Regarding this morning’s playtester recruitment article.
We’ve received a lot of applications at this point in time.
We are truly grateful for that, but please understand that the end of the recruitment phase will be very soon.
At the very least, we will be accepting applications throughout today (the 23rd).
If you are considering, please be aware of that.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Recruitment of middle chapter appde version test players

As we’ve stated before, we are recruiting testers for Part 2 v2.40 update.

The following people are eligible to apply:
・Men and women over the age of 18.
・Have clear data for Monster Girl Quest RPG
・Have been engaged in Monster Girl Quest RPG’s to a considerable extent (exceeded the 600th floor of Labyrnth of Chaos as a reference)

The contents of your task will be as follows:
・Check to see if there are any bugs in the gameplay elements added in the version update.
・Play the high-difficulty version of the Labyrnth of Chaos, and provide advice and feedback regarding balance ajustment, new mechanics, etc.
・When Part 3 playtesting begins in the future, priority will be given to you. Your reward will be in the form of a bank transfer of a prescribed amount.

For now, we’ll be limiting this to those who have a Japanese bank account. To apply, please send an e-mail to the following address:

Please be sure to put “Aspiring Playtester” (テストプレイ希望) in the title of your e-mail. If it does not have this, it will sent to deletion automatically. The application period will be until the number of applicants reaches a certain amount. When the application period is over, we will make another announcement on the blog. Please note that only the recruiter will contact you regarding the acceptance or rejection of your application. We do apologize in advance, but if you do not respond, you will be rejected. If you are confident in your mastery of the game, please submit your application.

[Amabie] “Why am I being given social distancing? You don’t need to hesitate, let us have fruitful, direct contact…”

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event 2

SMT intensifies

We said there would be news updates on an irregular basis because of preparations for the next update and the Skeb event and as a result, this has become a regular news update. This time, we are introducing a new apoptosis (+ the new artist responsible) for Part 3.

A high-ranking apoptosis that appears in regions where chaosization has progressed drastically. It appears to be a gene harvesting type, which solely focuses on collects genetic information from lifeforms. How it uses this massive amount of genetic information is entirely unknown. The emergence of an apoptosis of this level signifies the collapse of that world.

Ozawayoshi, who we are introducing for the first time, was responsible for the illustration. In addition, Ozawayoshi will also be participating in the Skeb event.

・Stealth Changing Line

Regarding the Skeb event, it’s as we’ve explained before. As for characters appearing in Part 3 (including those whose appear before Part 3 and become active therein), please understand that the Skeb images will be implemented in Part 3. Additionally, if you would like an illustration drawn before the Skeb event to be used in the main part of Monster Girl Quest RPG, please contact the artist.

We’ve mentioned that the next Part 2 update is 2.36, but because there are going to be so many additions, we will be calling this 2.40. In addition to the content we’ve mentioned prior, we are planning to implement a big new event. The release date will be after the collab scenarios for SHRIFT and The Three Charms have been publically released.

The following illustration takes place when Karen (Sonya’s mother) was adventuring. Is it true that this priestess’s lewd attire surprised the people she met…?

She is planned to appear only briefly in recollection, even during Part 3.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

New Apoptosis & Sketchbook Event

In preparation for the Skeb event, there will be irregular updates.
This time, we’re introducing a new Apoptosis that will appear in the final chapter.

・Amunario [Shade Note: Name might also be Amnalio; all names we give are subject to change]
A high-ranking Apoptosis that appears where chaosization has progressed drastically. It possesses immense power and ruthlessly eliminates foreign entities. If the target of her elimination is a male however, she will harvest their genes before erasing them. How she uses the collected genetic information is not known.
  *  *  *
Mizukuchi, who we’re introducing for the first time, created this illustration.
He is also in charge of several of the apoptosis appearing in the final chapter.
However, he will also be participating in the Skeb event as of his introduction.
In addition, Stealth-Changing Line will also be participating along with the following:

-Stealth-Changing Line

When making Skeb requests, please follow each artist’s rules.
In the near-future, we are looking for testers for the lastest version of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox RPG Middle Chapter (read: not the final chapter!)
The middle chapter version update introduces some new systems that will be included in the final chapter, and if we can get these thoroughly tested now, it will simplify the testing process for the final chapter’s release.
This time, we are planning to check and adjust the difficulty balance of Labyrinth of Chaos, so we ideally want our testers to be dedicated players.
We will also be asking for your feedback on the systems and balance, so if you think you can help, please wait for our recruitment later on.

Translation by GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Lancubus & Liicubus

・Lancubus & Liicubus

A pair of succubi who existed in ancient times.
They were incredibly powerful and lascivious, but were supposedly killed in the Great Monster Wars.
But in another world where the Dark Goddess won the Great Monster Wars, they never perished and they live all around the Monster Realm.
In Succubus Village, human men are traded around as sex slaves.
They are supposedly treated worse than livestock and consumed like food.

Raichi will be in charge of the sketchbook. He has already drawn illustrations of the Demi-Nightmare from the collaboration, and will be responsible for the illustration of multiple characters in Part 3 as well.
The next line is just a reminder about the Skeb event.
Shiki, Setouchi, and Raichi are currently participating.
Shiki has temporarily suspended commissions, and will resume them soon

Additionally, there is mentioning of the following:
There is a reminders of the comission rules from last time
Another reminder that 2.36 will be released alongside the SHRIFT and Three Charms collab updates.
New chaos equipment and abilities will be added, along with a revamp of the emblem random enchants. (This is for LoC)
Also planning to add a new convenience system that was intended to be released for Part 3. (though no mention of what it is)
New cut-in+H-scenes from the aforementioned Skeb event participants.
They have a lot of other things to do and are fixing the existing bugs as well.

And about the development.
Of course, the development of the final chapter is also progressing steadily.
Some have been saying the development of this chapter is taking too long…
The development of Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG’s first chapter began around the middle of Monster Girl Quest (the VN)’s production, and has been worked on simultaneously.
We did not start developing the RPG after the VN’s final chapter.
So the development of the RPG’s first and middle chapter have taken quite a long time.
The final chapter in particular has a lot of work to do specifically regarding the ■■■■ situation.
So please be patient for the long term.
Even after the completion of Monmusu RPG, we have so many more ideas for games than we can count on two hands, some of which are already moving forward behind the scenes.
Monmusu RPG has become too large of a game, and there’s a feeling that the workload has become too heavy.
We’d like to put out more light-to-mediumweight games in the future.
Of course, we’ve also scheduled various themes for a hobby joint-magazine and have already begun production for it.
That is why we’d like to thank you for your continued support.

Translation by GeminiSunfall, BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Slime Month

Regarding the next update to Monster Girl Quest Paradox! Chapter 2 (v2.36),
as we stated before, it will come after the publication of the collab scenarios with “The Three Charms” and “SHRIFT”.
We’ll be releasing new Legend Equips for the Labyrinth of Chaos and a reform to the system for “Mark of ————”.
We’re working various other things into the Labyrinth of Chaos, besides that.
What we’re saying here will only be useful to a subset of power players, but…
those going for completionism in the Labyrinth who collect equips bearing “Mark of ————” may find they gain various benefits after the update.
Also, there’s (a new job/new jobs) added, and little supplementary events.
Furthermore, we’re experimentally rolling out some useful functions planned for Chapter 3, such as the new berserk system.
Of course, we plan to fix the bugs about which we’ve received reports.

You might feel lonely with just an update about Chapter 2, so below we introduce a new (?) character for Chapter 3.
Now then, we’re going to be taking a bit of a break until the next blog update.

・Erubetie Kanade
This is the form of Erubetie, having taken in cells that she received from one of the Six Ancestors, Kanade.
Though she was a colony lifeform to begin with, the number of lives residing within her body has further increased,
and she now contains in that body a lifeform count of a planetary level.
That burden is extremely heavy, and she sometimes falls into a state where she is incapable of maintaining control.
It is said she’s shouldering a very critical role in the “World Unity Plan” that the Dark Goddess is implementing.

Also, regarding projects afterward, we are doing some additional recruitment.

***Work contents
・Creating animations for use in RPG Maker
We prepare assets for you to work with, so skill in asset creation is unnecessary.

***Application conditions
・Those who can send and receive emails with data of around 3MB.
・Men or women 18 years of age or older.
・We won’t ask for experience or background in this, but the experienced would be warmly welcome.

・This will be based on experience and ability.
・As much as possible, we will consult with you regarding what you need.
・Once assigned projects are completed, we’ll transfer money to your bank account.

Those who think, “This is for me!”, having put “Recruitment” into the title,
please contact us at the above address.
At the same time, please attach a sample of your work.
We’re waiting for your application.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Happy New Year 2021

First of all happy new year to everyone, let’s hope this new year will be better than the last one and that all your wishes came true in this year 2021.

I know it’s been a while since I posted something on the blog, but here I’m pleased to announce that the main story for the collab is now translated from Prologue to Chapter 12.

I’m currently working on some h-scenes, but the translation for the Lampas and Gilgorn scenes have been posted too. The rest of the post-collab content related are currently being transalted plus some typos fixes along the way.

And with that let’s see if Toro Toro post something this weekend or the next weekend.

Regarding the latest version v2.35

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the latest update.

Currently, the newest version, v2.35, is published on DLsite.
Because it’s mainly bugfixes, though it’s a bother, please update.

On the other hand with Fanza (DMM),
due to their review, a need to fix some images has arisen again;
we are truly sorry, but we’ll be taking a little more time.
In effect, the mosaics in the Fanza 2.35 version will need to be
thicker than the same version for DLsite.
Please be understanding about that.
We, for our part, find this outcome undesirable, but this isn’t up to my discretion.
Those of you purchasing from Fanza, we are truly sorry.
Now, for Monmusu RPG’s Chapter 3, We plan on selling only on DLsite.

As to this update to Chapter 2, we think v2.35 is a mostly bug-free condition.
After taking a little more time, we’ll release v2.36 with some gameplay adjustments and the Chaos Equipment updates,
and with that, we’re considering that it will be the final version of Chapter 2.

Now then, if it’s possible, our circle is planning to put out a doujinshi during this year.
The theme this time is “Semen-wringing Lifeform Collection,” so, it’s extremely niche/fetishistic, but we’re proud to say that those into this niche will find the contents wonderful.
It’s a doujinshi that only a rather small portion of people have requested, but those who are interested, please look forward to it.

We’re doing this semen-wringer collection after the succubus collection, but we’re thinking that we’d like to more interest-focused doujinshi hereafter.
Next time might be the “Kunoichi Collection” or the “Battle Fuck Collection”; something like that.
So that being how things are, please continue to patronize our circle.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Progress report 4-12-2020

Praise my trinity of sneks!

Just to inform that all the current files of the translations works in the recent version 2.35 at the date I post this blog entry, the files work in either 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34. But I will strongly recomend to wait a little bit more before updating, since there are still some old bugs hasn’t been corrected so far and one of the member of the team found a new bug that hans’t been noticed in the jap wiki so another update will come at this rate.

Chapter 6 Translation Progress: Started

Chapter 7 Translation Progress:
Map855 – In Progress
Map871 – Not Started
Map872 – Not Started
Map910(?) – Not Started
Map941 – Done

In my case I will work on the h-scenes of Mysteltainn, Fulbeua and Magatsu next week.

Progress file by Woenix:

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Progress report 24-11-2020

Praise my snek waifu!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is just to inform that all the current files of the translations works in the recent version 2.34 at the date I post this blog entry, the files work in either 2.32, 2.33 and 2.34. But I will strongly recomend to wait a little bit more before updating since according to the japanase wiki they are reporting new bugs on version 2.34 so another update will come at this rate.

Progress file by woenix:

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Quick update…

This post is just to inform that version 2.33 is out, but as soon I post this they already release version 2.34 with come on bois you know what exactly MORE BUGS THAN EVER WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Joking aside if someone of you have version 2.33 of the game our files works fine with no problems on that version, but for version 2.34 we will take a little more of time before testing the files for the merge process (or who knows maybe version 2.3X appears while we do that at this rate).

Progress so far:

Current Chapter 5 progress
Map852 (Succubus Village – Outdoors) – Done
Map853 (Succubus Village – Indoors) – Done
Map854 (Gold Volcano) – Not started
Map920 (Overworld Ch.5 portion) – Mostly done
CommonEvent0511 – Done
More to come…

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Merge process completed… Again…

But if you see my previous blog post here, you already know this files will be obsolete as soon as 2.33 or 2.3X comes out, but well here it is these files will work on version 2.32 of the game with the current progess of the translation so far.

Current progress:

Chapter 5
Map852 (Succubus Village – Outdoors) – Done
Map853 (Succubus Village – Indoors) – In Progress
Map854 (Gold Volcano) – Not started
Map920(Overworld Ch.5 portion) – Mostly done
CommonEvent0511 – Not started

From chapter 1 to 4 are translated minus some missing lines and some h-scenes has been translated as well. here a file with the current progress so far.

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Another buggy update…


Yesterday, the newest update, v2.32, was released on DLsite.
The update’s contents are as recorded in the previous blog.
Below are the additional marks for Relic Weapons.

・ Ame-no-Uzume’s mark
Magic, Magic Defense 10% up
Speed, Dexterity 30% up
Fan skill, Dancing, Singing power 50% up

・ Prometheus’s mark
Magic Defense 10% up
Magic, SP 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Magic science, Alchemy, Magic book power 50% up

・ Zamiel’s Mark
SP 10% up
Defense, Speed 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Gun, Makina power 50% up

・ Gilgamesh’s mark
Attack, Defense, HP, SP 30% up
Hero skill, Royal skill, Hero skill power 50% up

・ Seimei’s mark
Magic, Speed, Dexterity 30% up
Yin-Yang, Ninjutsu power 50% up

・ Drake’s mark
Defense, Dexterity, HP, SP 20% up
Attack 30% up
Gun technique, pirate technique power 50% up

・ Nightingale’s mark
SP 10% up
Magic Defense, Speed 20% up
Dexterity 30% up
Medical technique, Service power 50% up

As of now, we’ve confirmed that a portion of the Rare Abilities are not working.
We’ll deal with it with all haste, so please wait just a little while.
On the DMM side, too, we plan on a forthcoming update.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Another update…

Regarding the release of v2.32

Although it’s just a little update to the Labyrinth of Chaos,
because there are many bugs to fix, we’ll need you to wait a bit.
We’re thinking we’d like to release it within a week’s time.
We’ll do the preparations for a simultaneous v2.32 on DMM (Fanza) as well.
It’s hard to fix a definite time due to the host’s review, but we’ll certainly release it.
We apologize for the time we have taken.

・Fixes for bugs of all kinds
・Labyrinth of Chaos, maximum rare points upped a little
・Labyrinth of Chaos, collab bosses can appear as bosses on every floor
・Labyrinth of Chaos, artifact equipment can get several new rare abilities
・Labyrinth of Chaos, a new way to use the White Rabbit’s UPs is added

Further, as decided before, we’re ceasing the blog’s comment section.
Bug reports: if we can receive reports through the bug page (and such)
of the wiki made by supporters, we’ll lurk there and consult it.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Merge process completed

After much toil and trouble, I have successfully merged our current translation with the latest version of Paradox (2.31)! You can access all of these scripts here at ArzorX’s new bitbucket branch.

by GeminiSunfall.

So now you can use the current translation in version 2.31.
I’m updating the patch guide with the new link for the rest, the proccess is the same just follow the guide here or the video and everything will work fine.

Update bugfix

(TBH I knew this was coming. I knew a huge update like that won’t come without any bugs.)

Bugfix version published

In the collab scenario, we’ve discovered a bug (infrequently occurring) that stops progress.
We’ve uploaded an urgent bugfix version (v2.31) to DLsite.
Those of you who have the previous version (v2.30),
it’s a bother, but please download again from DLsite.

We plan to soon have the little update that ups the max Rare Points and
adds Rare Powers in the Labyrinth of Chaos.
Also, it seems there will be a service by way of apology from the White Rabbit.
Please wait just a little while longer.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

The update is finally HERE!

(Nemea HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Below, these are the main contents of update version 2.30.

・Added the ability to delete skills. Done by talking to Reaper in Hades.

・Added a function to register a party at the Pocket Castle maids
You can instantly call out registered parties (up to 3)

・Fixed bugs relating to physical evasion

・Changed the way that you recover SP from regular attacks and defense
It won’t be a fixed point recovery; you’ll recover a fraction of your max SP
Regular attacks go from 1 SP to 20% of Max; Defense goes from 2 SP to 40% of max

・Your Sexcraft skills’ power will be increased while you equip a fan or whip (like equipping sex toys up to now)

・Pleasure damage is added to all Whip Skills. It feels good to be whipped, you know?

・Pleasure skills can now critically hit

・The Rod Mastery effect now also applies to Magic Swords

・The Horny status effect now also causes the afflicted to inflict more pleasure damage

・A portion of the bosses come with the power to dodge critical hits
・Where jobs have “Holy” and “Dark” sides (like the Monster Swordsman, or the Dark Fist ), the Advanced job on the darkness side
also gets the unified benefits of Mastery and Dual Wield, like the Holy side already did.
・Adjusted the multiplication of bonus damage (ie, Plant skills on Poisoned or Paralyzed enemies, as well as related traits)
There was a mistake in the damage calculations up to now.

There’s also a little thing fixing the internal calculations of Species Slayer damage multiplication.
Up to now, it was handled in with other attributes, but now the calculations will be separate.
Elemental weaknesses and status-leveraging attacks still compound, so it’s still possible to really heighten your damage.
Because the Species Slayer abilities’ effectiveness has been raised all around, they now require more AP

Our plan of action:

I suppose now’s the time for us to remind you all of the roadmap we’re following for the now-released 2.30 collab update for Monster Girl Quest Paradox.

First and foremost, we are in the process of carrying over the translation into 2.30. I’ve already extracted the old 2.23 script and will be running a comparison check between those and the new 2.30 script. This will tell us exactly what has been changed in the existing script to help smooth out the process of merging as cleanly as possible.

For the time being, 2.30 scripts are not going to be available on the DokuDoku bitbucket. We will be making a new repository directory for 2.30 scripts that will be available once the script merge is complete. In the meantime, DO NOT TRY TO PATCH THE 2.23 SCRIPTS! You will just end up with game crashes.

We will update you all on when we’re done merging the scripts before we move on to the next big step of Patch 2.30 translation.

Translation by BJBlack, GeminiSunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Arcangel Raphaela

The Seven Arcangels: Raphaela

A saint lacking in impurity, even amongst Heaven’s elite battle force, the Seven Arcangels.
Priding in her extremely high magic power, it’s said her spell level is on a level with the Six Ancestors’ Tamamo.
The height of her knowledge is also the best within the Seven Arcangels; she is known as an extraordinary strategist.
By the standards of the Seven Arcangels and the Six Ancestors, her physical capabilities are not very high,
but with her colossal magic power and prodigious sorceries, her universal knowledge allows her to cover for it.
Also, it is said that her purity can even purify any kind of darkness.

In Heaven, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted her with the administration of San Ilia.
San Ilia being made the cleanest and purest city in Heaven,
only those selected as the highest class of godly citizens are allowed to live there.
To live in that city is the greatest honor there is in Heaven.
That Raphaela is entrusted with this administration, too, shows Ilias’s trust in her.

Raphaela is the most pure and innocent angel in all of Heaven.
Consequently, it certainly cannot be that she would do such a thing as violate a man capriciously—

On the collaboration side as well, production is progressing earnestly.
Please wait just a while more until completion.
Besides those bugfixes we mentioned in the blog earlier,
we plan to include useful functions, such as eliminating skills that you’ve acquired.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Everyone is here! status

Regarding the progress of the collab scenario

With regard to the release date of the collab scenario, it seems we’ll need to take a little more time.
There are many matters that we’ve never seen before coming up, and the encyclopedia checks have increased,
We’re using more time than we did up to this point in testing.
Things such as trying every way to die in every location, and bug checks;
there are many things to do in verifying all the matters at hand.
Soon, we’re moving into the stage where we can give the scenario to outside test players,
so we estimate that completion is not far off now.

The total playtime of the collab scenario should be about 12-15 hours.
If you’re particularly thorough, it might take a bit longer, though.
It’s becoming a scenario that’s densely packed with contents.
Please look forward to it as you wait.

In this scenario, several characters with the Nightmare characteristics appear.
Nightmare characters are unaffected by non-Pleasure attacks, and also use only Pleasure attacks.
And, a Nightmare’s attacks cannot be reduced by Pleasure Resistance.
With this specialization of Pleasure, they become extraordinarily fearsome opponents.
It might be a good idea to assemble a party that is skillful in Pleasure attacks.
One way of doing this, if you have Nightmare element users amongst your allies, is to bring them along.

・Scenario Start Conditions
At the start of the collab scenario, you’ll need to fulfill the following conditions:

*Clear Monster Girl Quest! Paradox Chapter 2 (either the Alice route or the Ilias route)
*Clear the Grandeur Sidequest (recruiting Saki as an ally)
*Clear the Yamatai Shrine Troubles Sidequest
*Clear the Succubus Village Sidequest

If you’re starting from a save where these conditions are met,
The White Rabbit will appear in the Pocket Castle, and the collab scenario will commence.

We’ve fixed some bugs, such as a case where your allies’ Dodge chance fails to apply.
Also, your Sexcraft skill are powered up with equipped with a fan or whip (just like sex toys),
dealing more damage to Horny enemies.
and similar changes to the details of the system are being added.

Translation by BJBlack and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Everyone is here!

I haven’t posted anything recently because I was waiting for a full confirmation of what this is all about, but now here it is.
Toro Toro Resistance made 3 posts about a future collaboration with other erogames and finally he announced today this will be a an update for part 2.
We will work in the translation of this new content. So have a nice day and remember stay home and protect yourselves from this virus.

Here is the description of how the collaboration will be:

・Some guest characters (guest heroines and such; the characters that the guest protagonists are strongly tied to) won’t have H scenes.
・This collab story begins after clearing Chapter 2, so you’ll need a finished save in Chapter 2 to play. Also, you’ll need to clear some side events (like the Succubus Village quest) before playing.
・During the collab scenario, it will be impossible to equip the Chaos Labyrinth’s special equipment (outside of the white-named equipment).


Through a mistake on the part of the White Rabbit, with gates connecting to other worlds,
In the world of Monmusu Quest, a mighty dream monster called the Lord of Dreams appears.
The Land of Dreams begins erosion, and the world begins to sink into a dream of pleasure.
Furthermore, the Lord of Dreams summons powerful comrades from seven alternate worlds.
These various fearsome entities from other worlds spread across the globe, menacing all the land.
In opposition to that, heroes from seven worlds gather.
Now, a world-transcending battle between the seven heroes and the Lord of Dreams begins—

Translation by BJBlack.

Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Here is the list of games:


The Three Charms

Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~



Succubus Rhapsodia

Parade Buster

Succubus Quest

Archangels Metatronne & Sandalphone

Metatronne & Sandalphone

After a hiatus, there was an update today on the dev blog.

Two of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven’s strongest forces. They always act as a pair, and excel at combination attacks. Individually, they’re said to have only half the fighting capbility of one of the Six Anccestors, but once they work together, their combat abilities aren’t just doubled. When Metatronne and Sandalphone combine their powers, they are also able to use powerful combination skills.

The energy-radiating attack, [Atomic Heaven], becomes possible when Metatronne and Sandalphone cooperate. Its power is comparable to Micaela’s [Sword of the Heavens] and Lucifina’s [Daystar]. Its firepower is the greatest among Heaven’s army, and the reason why such high-output is possible is because the two angels generate nuclear power. However, the nuclear reactors these angels are equipped with is unique, and was created by an unknown process.

In the Heavenly Realm, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted them with ruling the continent of Hellgondo. There are no cities on this continent which was once the Dark Goddess’s stronghold; only a cathedral remains there. Metatronne and Sandalphone are in charge of managing this area, and hunt down the remnants of the Dark Goddess’s army. There are also rumors that a top-secret research institute under the direct control of Ilias exists on the continent. The twin angels are said to be the heads of the institute. Many mysteries surround the twins, including endless rumors that they were the products of their own research.

The twin sisters never part from one another, and will even play with men together. Men captured by Metatronne and Sandlphone become their toys, and will be endlessly raped by the two of them.

Translation by Gemini Sunfall and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Important Update Part 2.

I’m pleased to announce another update to our translation.
We were recently told that the Paradox Russian Translation team had deprecated the scrolling icon script as it was causing stack overflow issues. Basically a memory crash if you were in a battle for too long.
So while icons will persist on HP guages, they won’t scroll. Instead, we’ve implemented a scanner. In the battle menu, there’s a [Status] option, that will allow you to examine the status of any ally or enemy, positive or negative.

In addition to that, we’ve implemented expanded skill descriptions. When not in a battle, while you have a skill highlighted in the Skills menu, pushing [A] will bring up another window showing all the properties of that skill.

To enable this, go into your Config menu and toggle the “Skill Descriptions+” setting to “On” (It may appear on, but if you’re continuing from a save game, it’s actually off–toggle it off then on again. It’s on by default in a new game).
Note: you’ll need to enable it again every time the translator is run. So in the future, if it seems to not work, just turn it off and on again in the Config menu.

Using this, it’s confirmed something I’ve wondered about for the longest time.
Slug Vore is a skill that doesn’t work. TTR forgot to put predation conditions on it.

Compare to something like this.

Screenshots and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.

Important Update

I’m pleased to announce a major update for our translation. We’ve recently been in correspondence with the Russian Paradox translation team after we noticed their use of element icons in skill descriptions. As of an udpate a few weeks ago, element icons were removed from our skill descriptions because they were causing display issues, and we were hoping to extrapolate the Russain translation’s icon use. While we ultimately did not figure that out, they have graciously given us use of their plug-ins. Similiar to plugins and modifications that already existed in the translation, such as the extended skill description box, the syntax that enables the nameboxes (aka nameplates), and the affinity display, we’ve introduced some plug-ins that provide quality-of-life improvements.

•A bugfix that removes the lag incurred by damaging tiles (lava, poison swamps, etc.)

•An extension for the Monster Library that adds a status chance page, similar to the one used in your party status menu. In addition, enemy stats will now reflect the current difficulty you’re playing on.

•New Config menu options that allow you to display HP gauges+status markers on your enemies, as well as scrolling status markers that allow you to see more than 3 efffects on your party members. In addition to this, all skillwords for White Magic have been translated, and the info in the LoC Weapon/Skill manual has been expanded.

Example screenshots:

Translation and Proofreading by The Noble Shade.


There was an update today on the dev blog, translation by Gemini Sunfall.

(Best Death Ever…)

The leader of the Six Ancestors, and a great monster who is highly trusted by the Dark God. She bears the characteristics of lamias, harpies, and dragons, and possesses tremendous physical and magical capabilities.
Although there is no clear superiority or inferiority among the Six Ancestors’ powers, there is balance and affinity between their specialties. Saja has the greatest overall fighting ability amongst the Six Ancestors, and is known for being the strongest among them. Her power is said to rival Heaven’s most powerful angels, Micaela and Lucifina.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Saja does not rule over a city. She is the confidant and guardian of the Dark God, and rarely leaves her side. The Dark God does not move from her castle on the Monster Continent, so Saja leads the Dark God’s armies as her adjutant. Saja has strict and level-headed personality, but she appears to dislike excessive cruelty. She is deeply loyal to the Dark God, and it is rumored that she could become her successor.

Saja has a strict and level-headed personality, but she appears to dislike excessive cruelty. She rapes defeated men and feeds upon them for her own enjoyment. As a yoma, it isn’t unethical for her to squeeze challengers to death. That is, she is only exercising her natural right as the victor.

※Due to circumstances, we will be taking a break from updating the blog next month.

Proofreading By The Noble Shade.

Archangel Lucifina

There was an update today on the dev blog, translation by Gemini Sunfall.


One of the original angel sisters first created by the Goddess Ilias.
Along with her older sister Micaela, she boasts the greatest power among all of the angels.
She constantly appeared on the front lines during the Great Monster Wars, slaughtering countless monsters.
Her alias, “Daystar”, instilled fear amongst all monsters.
She has since retired from battle, and is now living peacefully in the countryside.
Thus, she is not counted among the Seven Archangels, the strongest fighting force in Heaven.

However, no one has actually seen her in retirement, and there are whispers suggesting that the reality is different.
It is rumored that she had slain so many monsters, that she had become a fallen angel.
This aforementioned rumor however, was supposedly leaked by information control intentionally to [REDACTED] a few decades ago, at the Remina Research Institute [REDACTED] later, on the moon’s surface, [REDACTED]

So far, there have been no instances of Lucifina ever assaulting men.
She only takes pleasure in straight-up slaughter.
But in some cases, she may display an expected motherly side…

The rest of it at the end is about Nioh 2. Gemini Sunfall summarizes it like this:
Okay, to sum up the Nioh 2 stuff: “you’ve probably been hearing noise about this game recently.” Apparently, TTR has taken a liking to the female monsters in that game.
So they’re working on a little side-project.
This work will also include the ones that appeared in the first Nioh
So yeah, basically an ero-fanbook.
They mention names of some of the monsters that will be featured–I’m not familiar enough with Nioh to really say much on those.
Supposedly… they’ve already got these done? So they’ll be trickling these out whenever they feel like it.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)

Hiruko The Scylla Ancestor


One of the Six Ancestors, she is considered to be the ancestor to all tentacled monsters. She is rumored to be an aggregation of tentacles that assume a human form, and is able to transform, multiply, and divide at will. By creating multiple split bodies, it is possible for her to perform numerous activities at the same time. Her flesh is a predatory organ in of itself, and is capable of capturing and digesting other organisms. She is a self-proclaimed gourmand, but she actually has an incredibly bad diet, and isn’t picky about who she greedily preys upon. In addition to humans and monsters, she is said to have voraciously devoured countless angels during the Great Monster Wars, and is known for her brutality. Currently, the one she wants to eat the most is Eden.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Hiruko rules over Sabasa. However, Hiruko eroded all of Sabasa, and reduced the city itself into something else entirely. The whereabouts of Sabasa’s residents have yet to be confirmed, and it is uncertain what state they are in. Hiruko also plays an important role in the operation of the calamity star weapon [Demiurge]. It is rumored that most of the calamity star is being created from Hiruko’s body.

If Hiruko catches a man, she will play around with him before eating him. Her tentacles give complete pleasure to the man as they crawl around his gentials, leading the man to instantly ejaculate just from tasting the finest pleasure. In addition, the man’s penis will dissolve while wrapped inside the tentacles, and slowly assimilate with Hiruko’s body. The man will experience maddening pleasure and repeatedly climax as his penis is literally melted.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)

You thought I was gone HA! THINK! AGAIN!

(Well unless I get dryfish by this beauty maybe…)

For those who were worried about my absence this past month, don’t worry I’m fine. Just some problems with my internet connection (freaking internet company of this country) Nothing bad to report, so next time I dissapear like that, just remember I have problems with my internet connection and I’m back with some good news (well maybe for some).

Thanks to a friend that gifted me Monster Girl Quest Delicious!: Full Course, I started to work on the translation of this compilation that was launched yesterday while we wait for more news on Part 3 of Paradox. I have five scenes translated already. For all you vorefans, all Alma scenes and Alice scenes (my waifus) are completly translated and ready to go. Here you find the link to the repository with the files of this translation and a link to buy the game too. And with that I say goodbye for now but stay tuned for new updates in this repository.

Link to buy the game:

Repository Of Full Course Translation:

Proofreading By The Noble Shade.

Archangel Sariela

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about Sariela. This post can be found here:


One of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven’s strongest forces, she is the warden of Heaven’s prison. Always carrying around a huge scythe, her powers flow with darkness rather than holiness. She can also manipulate the fires of Hell itself at will, and is said to wield the power to rule over death. Ilias personally created this angel, but it is unknown why she wields this kind of power. An angel of many mysteries, it is even rumored that she can resurrect herself even if she is killed. She posesses great combat abilities and has an extremely ruthless personality. Speaking very few words, she quietly carries out her duties as the prison’s warden.

In the Heaven World, the Goddess Ilias has tasked her with ruling over the Gold region. Grangold is a prison city, where sinners from all across the world are sent to. In addition to managing it, it is said that Sariela’s mission is to carry out punishments. Therefore, she has the ability to monitor her surroundings with the third eye on her forehead, and posesses many torture techniques. Those who get sent to the prison city of Grangold will never be released, and no one has ever escaped from it since the Great Monster Wars.

As part of her role, Sariela also has the ability to torture male genitalia using her vagina. She makes full use of her vagina’s capabilities to subject rebellious sinners to cruel torture. Men who have been raped by Sariela fainted in agony as they screamed with remose for their sins.

The second half of the post goes on to say that they will still need more time to finish Part 3. The production pace is reportedly the same as the previous chapters, it’s just that there’s more content to Part 3. Supposedly there will be just as many new characters in this part alone as there were in Parts 1+2 combined. Some people have even suggested Part 3 should be broken up into two parts. But they declined the suggestion due to the amount of resources it takes to further split the game.

(Translation by GeminiSunfall and edited by The Noble Shade)

TRT’S public blog is moving

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about moving his public blog. This post can be found here:

Announcement: Our public blog is moving, which has taken good care of our circle and others, will be terminating service in May.
So, we’ll be moving this blog over to Ci-en from now on.

Henceforth, our public notices will proceed at the above address.

Now once again, we are recruiting people whom we can have work on system graphic and map graphics.
If you wish to be recruited, please send an email to the address below.
In the title, be sure to include the word “Recruitment” (応募), please.

So then, as always, please continue your favor toward us.

Post translated by BJBlack. 

The Four Major Spirits

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about The Four Major Spirits. This post can be found here:

Christmas update.
Today we introduce the four major spirits in the world dominated by the Dark God Alipheese.
The four major spirits of the Makai seem to be slightly different from what is known.

・ Ambrosia – Wind Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of blustering winds, who materializes in the form of an elf. She constantly wears a sneering expression on her face and never uses words to speak. Her only voice is the sounds of her squalls.

・ Loa – Earth Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of surging earth, materialized in the form of a clay doll. Able to freely manipulate mud to the extent that she could cover the entire world in it, she is also capable of enlarging or dividing herself. Innocent and friendly, she loves chatting and mischief.

・ Gatanozoa – Water Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of turbulent waters, who materializes in the form of an aquatic dragon. She has the personality of a raging stream, and speaks with rough mannerisms. She is incredibly competitive, and is supposedly familiar with every known martial art.

・ Grimoire – Fire Spirit of the Monster Realm
The ruler of silent flames, who materializes in the form of a ghost. While she has a very cool-headed personality, she can incinerate anything with her merciless flames. She prefers quiet and solitude, and gets along very poorly with Gatanozoa.

In addition, there will be no update in January.
See you again in February.

post translated by Gemini Sunfall and edited by The Noble Shade.

And with that I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone.

Archangel Micaela

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new information about Micaela. This post can be found here:


The leader of the Seven Arcangels, Heaven’s greatest fighting force, and the General of Heaven’s Army.
She is proud of her preeminent fighting ability and magic power, and is renowned as strongest of the angels.
She also excels in her intellect; she is regarded as having the best eye for tactics in Heaven.
In her missions, she is ruthless and, without interposing the least mote of her personal feelings, strikes down the enemies of the Goddess.
Long, long ago, she was an angel of Genesis, born as a fragment of Ilias.
Her little sister, Lucifina, was born at the same time, and prided in her equivalent power, but [REDACTED].
Now, with Lucifina having [REDACTED], she has become Ilias’s most trusted confidante.

In Heaven, she administers the central Ilias Continent, where the Ilias Temple is.
On the Ilias Continent, the virtuous God’s People, singled out from the rest of Heaven, reside.
There, not the slightest hardship exists; it is a paradise overflowing with praise for the Goddess.
As the General, she is occupied all the time with destroying sinners, but in the history of recent years, she has missed many.
Decades ago, in the Remina Laboratory, Luci[REDACTED]
Thenceforth, the face of the moon was [REDACTED]

Micaela judges sinners without relent, delivering stern punishment.
If you lose to her in the end, until your vitality expires, you’ll be violated throughout.
Sinners eject their semen in her vagina, and perish with tears flowing.

And with that in case there are no new blog posts for the rest of the month, I wish you everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Map Editor Recruitment

There have been a few updates on TTR’s blog over the past week, but they’ve all been relating to their contributor recruitments.
There was another update today, with some new content and release date info.
(Translation by by bj black)

Map Editor Recruitment

With regard to the Map Editor applicants, we’ve just about gotten to the end.
On November 30, we’ll stop the recruitment, so be warned.
We’re awaiting your participation.

  • Introducing a little new feature

In the Battle Commands, an unfamiliar “Tactical Action”!
If you choose this…

[In the graphic, there are:
Normal Battle
Don’t Use MP
Attacks Only]

You can choose from tactics like the above.
On that turn, your party members will move in accordance with the tactic.
When you’re fighting with the lower ranks, you can make battles go smoothly.
In the final chapter, we plan on implementing several useful features aside from this.

Now, as to the publishing date of the final chapter… it’s still a good ways off.
Production speed itself hasn’t changed from the Beginning and Middle Chapters,
But the Final Chapter’s volume is expansive, so we’re going to use a lot of time.
There are a lot of image resources we need, and tuning and adjusting will take time, too.
Monmusu Quest is, no matter how you slice it, a product made by a small-scale operation.
Please understand.

Also, on our 18+ light novel site, Monster Girl Tales,
We plan to soon publish a new full-length novel.
This product has enough contents to fill out one or two paperbacks,
So, fans of that work, please look forward to it.
Rather than a continuation of the existing works, it will be completely new.

Information regarding the staff recruitment

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information regarding the staff recruitment. This post can be found here: (translated by bjblack)

A supplement regarding the staff recruitment

(B.J. – I’m glossing over the non-MGQP stuff really quick. It’s not a thorough translation.)

We’d like to answer some common questions about our staff recruitment.

*What productions will we be involved in?

The illustrations are for our next product. Aside from the firearms, you’ll be drawing “creature-type” stuff.
The maps are for Monmusu Quest Paradox, but we need you for fine-tuning maps, not making new maps (primarily).

*Can foreigners participate?

Basically, it’s all right. But we only speak Japanese, so only people who can converse in Japanese, please.

*I don’t want compensation, but I want to help.

We fundamentally can’t NOT compensate you.
As a responsible workplace, we must ask you to accept payment for your work.
But if your primary job disallows side jobs, let us know and we’ll try to work something out.

That’s all for that.
We’ve received a lot of applicants for illustrations, so we plan on concluding recruitment soon.
Selection will take some time, so please be patient.
(B.J. – Now it’s MGQP. I certify this is complete and accurate, as far as my fluency allows.)

So then, a few things about the final chapter of Monmusu RPG’s final chapter.
As it has been implied up to now, in the first half there is a big decision.
As a result of that decision, the story will be greatly changed, and the game will diverge toward two endings.
Of course, we think a lot of players will want to play both routes.
For that reason, after clearing it and opting to play again, aside from choosing, “start from the beginning,”
You’ll have the additional option to “start from just before the big decision.”
Then you’ll be able to start from immediately prior to the divergence.

Also, about the powerful equipment you can acquire in the Middle Chapter’s difficult Labyrinth of Chaos,
It’s being made that you can’t equip them during the final chapter’s story progression.
At the beginning of the chapter, it will all be automatically unequipped,
So please, Labyrinth players, don’t forget to prepare some normal equipment.
This restriction will be lifted when the story is cleared.
After clearing the game once, in your New Game Pluses, you can make use of Labyrinth equipment.
But, one last thing to warn you about.
In the final chapter, the adventure will become cutthroat, and there will be allies deserting and dying.
If you rely too much on a single character in your adventure, but that character is lost,
Consider that this could ruin your general fighting power.
As much as possible, if you take care and prepare many allies, you should be safe.
After the end, you can New Game Plus with the lost allies restored to you.

(Translation by BJBlack)

Also, since my last update, the following companions had their present dialogue translated by Gemini Sunfall:
Jaid, Liru, Harem, San, Morrigan

(Post edited by The Noble Shade)

Kanon The Plant Ancestor

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about one of the Six Ancestos; the plant, Kanon. This post can be found here:


The ancestor to all plant monsters, this monster bears the characteristics of every plant. This nature makes it easy for her body to regenerate itself, giving her the second highest vitality among the Six Ancestors after Kanade. In addition, she is able to incorporate plant life from her natural surroundings and control it with her own power. Thus, fighting against Kanon can be considered equivialant to fighting all the nature of the region. In addition, she possesses an ultimate form inspired by all plants across the world, which is basically a rampage form. However, It is said that Kanon rarely ever uses this form because she dislikes its ugly appearance. Even the Seven Archangels struggled in direct confrontation against her incredible offensive powers and vitality. On the other hand, she is said to be vulnerable to fire, poison, and changes in the environment.

In the parallel world known as “Makai” ruled by the Dark God, Kanon rules over Grangold. She has very little awareness of her role as its ruler however, and seems to govern in an incredibly egotistical manner. Moreover, Kanon enjoys pleasure, and has an extremely cruel disposition. If it’s for her own enjoyment, she won’t care how many other lives are sacrificed to her. Far from favoring plant monsters of her own race, she appears to rather dislike them. For that reason, there are few plant monsters in Grangold, and it is a multiracial city. In addition, she is now preparing for the final battle against the Goddess Ilias from the Heaven parallel world. Kanon is also involved in the most interesting part of the development of the calamity star weapon, “Demiurge”. She appears to be lending her powers to maintain the environment necessary for operating it.

Kanon possesses a cruel nature, yet seeks pleasure and will play with men for her own amusement. If she catches a man, she will wrap him up and slowly dissolve him over a long time with her carnivorous plants. For the prey she enjoys most however, she may also perform sexual intercourse using her female genitalia, which she creates by transforming one of her squeezing flowers. The sweet aroma given off by Kanon will melt the mind of any man, immediately enticing him into delightful intercourse. At the same time, her ivy will crawl around the man and slowly erode his body. Like that, she stretches her roots into the body of her prey, gradually assimilating him into her. As he mates with Kanon, he will spend his last days being squeezed and having his flesh eroded as he gives all of his semen to her renowned plant vagina. In this way, many thousands of men have become prey to Kanon.

・Fallen Hero

There was once a hero who turned his blade against the Goddess and became a sinner. His soul was sealed, his body decayed, and his will ran amok. But when his power is brought together again… Will he become virtuous or wicked?

(Translation by GeminiSunfall)

The rest of it is just a reiteration of the “looking for help” part of the last post, with an additional call for artists that can draw modern firearms.

Since the last update, in addition to the typo fixes and script optimizations to Part 1 items, the following companions have had their present text translated:
Sully, Pumpkin, Cindy, Riot, Hild, Cylla (these being translated by Gemini Sunfall)
and Salamander (translated by Sparkles)

(post edited by The Noble Shade)

New TRT Blog Entry

Today, Torotoro Resistance posted a new entry in their developer blog. It contains new with information about his recent doujins that were announced a few weeks ago, with the price and the pages of them.

But the important thing for us is the last part of his blog that reads: “In September updates about MGQ will continue, probably introducing a new girl”. So let’s wait and see what surprises TTR has in store for us and that’s all for today, have a nice week and wait for the next blog post.


TTR blog post:

Doujin blog post entries

The status of the translations is still the same, but yesterday a new member join our forces to help us finish the remaining files, Gemini is working on fixing typos and some display problems and Shade is still working in the proofreading of all the files.

How To Manual Patch The Game With The Recent Translations

It’s been some time since anything’s been said here, so I felt I might as well give an update on the progress our translation team has been making.

If you’ve been following our translation efforts since April, you may have noticed that everything pertaining to the main story, sidequests, and all of the other map text has been translated.  To put it simply, with the exception of a couple areas of flavor text, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is pretty much all translated now, and you can play the game from start to finish and even dive into the postgame without running into walls of moonrunes.

However, our work is not quite finished yet.

Some of the more observant players may have noticed parts of the translation to be of questionable quality.  And not just the final stretch of the game, but some earlier segments as well that Dargoth had translated.  To that end, the more competent and Japanese-versed translators among our team, yom and Upthorn, have been doing thorough playthroughs of the game to catch any awkward or unusual text and polish up the translation and writing to ensure the quality some have come to expect our of this project.  This is currently taking priority.

I also mentioned those exceptions of flavor text earlier.  To sum it up, here’s what still needs to be translated.

  • Labyrinth of Chaos gear enchant effects.  A lot of them are already translated, but some still are still in Japanese.  There’s also some untranslated boss text.  Soul is supposedly working on these.  Aside from those, the entire LoC is translated.
  • Giving Presents in the Pocket Castle.  We’ve actually begun work on this, though progress will be slow until the story translation is done being polished.
  • Skill Words (AKA, what characters say in combat upon using skills).  This hasn’t been started yet, I imagine this is going to be the last wall we climb before our work is truly complete.

And as far as Dargoth is concerned, he’s still missing-in-action.  He’s responded a couple times in one of the MGQ Discords, but until he actually does anything beyond a simple “I’m still here”, I can’t say he’s back.

With all that out of the way, here is the translation patching guide once again!

Step 1: Have the latest version (2.41) of Monster Girl Quest Paradox

This is important: you must be patching a 2.41 game of Paradox.  You can tell what version you have by the number that appears on the top-left of the title screen when you run the game.  If the version number is anything other than 2.41, you’re playing an outdated game and need to acquire the latest one.  If you’ve purchased this game before on DLSite, you can redownload the latest version without having to buy it again.

At this point, your MGQ Paradox folder should only contain the files you extracted from the .zip package it came in–nothing else, not even save files.  If you have save files, please move them out of the folder until you have successfully translated your game.

Step 2: Obtain the RPGMakerVXAce Translator

Now we need the program that will allow us to apply the translation, which is the RPGMakerVXAce Translator.  You can find it at Dargoth’s Bitbucket repository.

Click the Downloads tab, and you should find “RpgMakerVXAce Translator 0.10c.7z” among the available downloads.  Save it, and extract its contents wherever you like–preferably in a new folder outside of your MGQ Paradox folder.

Step 3: Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe

There should be a file called “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.GameSelector.exe” among the files you extracted.  Run it, and it will prompt you to input the directory of your MGQ Paradox Game.exe file.  If you don’t feel like typing it all out, a simple method is to right-click Game.exe, click Properties, copy the file path shown there, and paste it into the prompt.  Press Enter, and let the program run its course–during this time, it will generate a bunch of files, most notably a Blobs folder.  This might also be a good time to mention you should have some disk space available–as the Blobs folder can grow quite large–mine is up to 10GBs in size, so that should be about how much disk space you should set aside.  You’ll need to set aside a few GBs more later once you actually run the translator a few steps later…

As the GameSelector nears the end of its process, a folder called Script should be generated.  This is where the game’s text script is located, and what really matters when it comes to translating your game.  Once the GameSelector is done, it should tell you to press any key to exit.  That means it’s time for the next step, which is…

Step 4: Replace the Japanese scripts with the translated ones

The Script folder contains all of MGQ Paradox’s text inside of it.  Right now, all of the scripts are in their orignal Japanese state.  The way we translate our game is by replacing all of these Japanese scripts with the translated English scripts from the translation team. You can find all of the translated files at our bitbucket, which is in the following link:

Click the Downloads tab, and click “Download Repository” to acquire all of the scripts in a single zip package. Once you’ve download the script package, unpack the contents into the Script folder that was generated by the GameSelector.  Click Yes whenever asked to replace the existing files.

Step 5: Run the Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe

Once you’ve replaced the Japanese scripts with the translated ones, it’s now time to translate the game by running the “Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe”.  Just run it, and wait a while.  It will check all of your scripts first to ensure there are no errors (and there hopefully shouldn’t be any, or our translators have really screwed up), then begin compiling them.  You’ll know it’s done when you get the “press any key” line.

Your translated game will be generated in a folder called “out” along where your RPGMakerVXAce Translator is.  Look inside it, run Game.exe, and you should now be playing a (mostly) translated copy of Monster Girl Quest Paradox! If you had moved your save files out of the original Japanese Paradox folder, you may now relocate them into your translated Paradox folder to pick up from where you left off.

If you ever want to update your translation later on, you can skip the first three steps and go straight to Step 4, no need to generate another Blobs folder or anything.  Just download the latest script files, replace the old ones with the new, and run Ytinasni.RpgMaker.Translator.exe again.

One final note: If you are continuing from a save file, note that your save retains map data from the time you saved your game.  Meaning, if you saved in a previously-untranslated location, the NPCs will still be giving you Japanese messages.  Don’t panic:all you have to do is exit the map, then re-enter for the game to “reload” the map script with the translated one.  Simple as that!

Guide made by the user Gemini Sunfall.

Video Tutorial guide made by Iliasroute ftw:

For those who keeps updating your translation frequently, you’ve probably noticed that the Blobs folder can get pretty big, mine was over 10 GB”

As mentioned, the Blobs folder generated by the GameSelector is pretty big, and it gets bigger every time the Translator program is run. We’ve recently discovered that the GameSelector only requires specific files, and we can utilize this for more efficient patching. Just follow these steps:

•Make a new folder to copy some items in. It needs to have the Game.exe and Game.rgss3a files from the Paradox directory, and the game.ini file from the out folder created by the translator program.

•Delete or backup your existing Blobs folder (and backup your saves too, just in case)

•Run the GameSelector.exe and input the directory of the Game.exe from the new folder you created at the prompt.

•Run the Translator.exe; you don’t even need to replace the Script folder at this point unless it’s in need of updating . And that’s it. The Blobs folder is now a more sensible 500-700 MB, you still run the game from the exe in the out folder, and you update the translation the same as usual, though the program should now run a little faster.

Important :
In case you have problems after this tutorial with a black screen when you try watch some h-scenes of the game and you only get a black screen. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault or fault of the program, the problem is that you don’t have part 1 cgs in part 2 and without that you can’t watch part 1 h-scenes in part 2.

To fix that, just copy the graphics folder of part 1 into your part 2 folder and replace easy as that and you will not get anymore black screens.